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Free x 3 Hypnosis Scripts for Safe Childbirth & Pregnancy [PDF]

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Free x 3 Hypnosis Script for Safe Childbirth & Pregnancy [PDF]
Free x 3 Hypnosis Scripts for Safe Childbirth & Pregnancy [PDF] $17.82 Original price was: $17.82.$5.94Current price is: $5.94.
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The First Trimester

Women who desire a safe and natural childbirth experience are discovering how hypnosis can be used to enhance bonding, prepare the body for labor and delivery, and promote health throughout pregnancy. This hypnosis session will guide you by providing suggestions for maximizing health during pregnancy and preparing for childbirth in a fun, safe, and natural way. Studies indicate many positive benefits of hypnosis during pregnancy and this session is your starting point for a safe and natural delivery.

The Second Trimester

During the second trimester of pregnancy, hypnosis can help you to achieve physical comfort despite changes to the body, and help promote the healthy growth of the baby. It can also help you to develop a spirit of joy as you face changes in your family. This session will guide you through the process of using hypnosis in the second trimester to maximize the health and happiness of you and your family.

The Third Trimester

Hypnosis in the third trimester of pregnancy is used to create a foundation for natural childbirth and guide you through this joyful and natural process, without complications. Our modern society calls it “labor pains”, but through hypnosis, you will see childbirth is truly meant to be. It is a joyful bonding experience that is safe, natural, and that the body already knows how to do. Hypnosis uses visualization techniques to guide you through the childbirth process and be successful in managing pain and discomfort. Hypnosis can even aid in the restoration of the body after childbirth.

#1 The First Trimester: Preparing Your Mind and Body


Many people ask me how hypnosis can be helpful during pregnancy and in preparation for childbirth. Hypnosis can be a useful tool because it teaches skills for managing anxiety, becoming aware of your changing body, and assisting in building positive perspectives on childbirth. It reinforces the reality that childbirth is a natural and safe process that can actually be very comfortable. The current perspective in society is to treat pregnancy in a medical setting, complete with doctors, hospitals, and medications. And, although medical consultation is certainly advised for anyone who is pregnant, some institutional perspectives can inadvertently cause one to anticipate and experience problems consistent with the expectations of the medical model.

As a result, women who are pregnant often anticipate discomfort and pain. Due to TV shows and movies, they may even expect to experience difficulties and trauma. However, pregnancy and childbirth is a totally normal, natural process. Your body intuitively knows how to have a baby. Hypnosis can be a valuable tool in helping you to accomplish your healthy goals by preparing you for childbirth in a safe and natural way.

This session is designed to assist you in learning the basics of hypnosis. It is an ideal starting point and you will feel refreshed, energized, and relaxed at its conclusion. Hypnosis is not a magical state. It is a natural state of mind that everyone enters into about seven times a day. In life, you are either awake, asleep, or somewhere in between. In a theta level of brain functioning, one is relaxed and open to new lessons and to using the creative part of the mind to move forward.

You may hear every word I say, or you may drift, dream, and float. Either way is okay. Hypnosis is simply a learning process where the subconscious mind experiences the lessons that are important. Whether or not one pays close attention to each word or lets the conscious mind relax and experience its own direction, the outcome is the same. You intuitively have the answers that are going to be most helpful to you. Hypnosis is a process that simply draws on these truths.



Suggestive Script

This is a time of change; and times of change are also times for learning. As you relax, open the intuitive part of the mind to allow yourself to gain from the process of hypnosis. In fact, in the last few minutes you have already learned how to relax the body and mind and become aware of things in a new way. This will help you over the next few months as your body changes, your child grows within you, and in the ultimate experience the birth of your child. As you relax physically, notice the feeling of this state.

Also notice that it was not me who created this feeling. Rather, you have created this feeling by simply following my directions. You now know that you have the capacity to return to this peaceful and serene state of physical and emotional relaxation, at any point in the future. It feels wonderful to learn this new skill. If at any time should anxiety, worry, or discomfort become part of your awareness, you know that you can instantly return to this exact state of calmness and serenity. You can simply recall the experience that you are having now and place yourself back into this state.

It is remarkable how good it feels and how easy it is to just be still in a world of personal change. I am going to give some suggestions for you to listen to with your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is that part of the mind that contains all of our knowledge and experiences. This is the part of the mind that will access your lessons throughout your pregnancy. These suggestions will help you to feel a sense of calm, help you control your body’s responses to physical changes, and experience health. Portrayals of pregnancy on television often give us negative hypnotic suggestions, telling us we will feel fatigue or sickness in the morning. They may even induce fear.

Let me assure you, these portrayals are not reflective of the body’s intuitive ability to lead you through pregnancy and childbirth with joy, health, and wellness.

Each night before you go to sleep, recall the feelings of joy you have had and reflect on the unity you feel with your child. Allow yourself to bond with your child by envisioning the growth of this baby inside of you and your growing feelings of connection. Certainly, this is an emotional process, but it is also a basic physical reality. You are joined to your child, nourishing and helping your child to become a wonderful part of your life. Every morning, wake up sensing joy as each day brings you closer to holding this special gift and bonding with your baby.

As you look in the mirror each day, see yourself not just as you have been in the past, but as you are now while preparing for this wonderful change. It is a change that feels safe, secure, and natural. It is okay to turn down the voice of anxiety in your mind because you understand that your body knows how to care for this pregnancy. Every creature in the kingdom is capable of a natural and healthy birth process. And you, like the billions of other women who have given birth since the beginning of time, can find peace and security in knowing that nothing is abnormal in this process. The regular changes that you notice are not symptoms of illness. Rather, they are signs of life, joy, and completeness.

Now, relax even more. Drift, dream, and float while realizing that your baby is also drifting, dreaming, and floating. You are joined with this child in a state of total relaxation. As you go deeper into trance, you may have feelings that you have never felt before. This is perfectly normal. You may also feel sensations in the body you have never felt before. These are simply signs of change and positive energy that you have gained through this learning process.

A lot of people find visualization to be useful for helping them to control physical feelings during the first trimester of pregnancy. Visualize a control panel with several radio knobs that each control your physical responses during pregnancy. The first knob controls your energy level. You can imagine yourself turning that knob to the right to gain the energy you need throughout each day. Excellent. And, just as easily as you can turn that knob to the right to increase your energy level, you can also turn it to the left to decrease your energy level. This is useful when you are ready to relax your mind and body at the end of the day. Very good.

The second knob controls your feelings of wellness. Anytime you notice a sensation of discomfort or illness, you can turn that knob to the right to increase your level of wellness.

This helps you to avoid the complications of morning sickness or discomfort. You can test this in your mind, right now. Visualize yourself turning this knob to the right and increasing your wellness. At this very moment, notice how well you feel. Wonderful.

The third knob controls stress and anxiety. As changes occur with your body, mind, or life situation, you can temper any feeling of anxiety or fear by knowing that you are engaged in a learning process. You can turn this knob to its highest level to bring forth a sense of joy, acceptance, and happiness to your spirit and temper any negative feelings of fear or anxiety. Very good.

In your mind, you can create any radio knob you need to. This allows you to gain control over every aspect of your life and your pregnancy. You can create a knob to increase your bond with your baby, the connection you have with your family, or even one to increase the health of you and your child. As you go deeper into relaxation, recognize that this is a time to care for yourself.

You will find that it is easier for you to make healthy food choices and eat portions that satisfy you and meet your need for nutrition, without over-eating. Plants intuitively know what nutrients they need from the soil and the atmosphere. You also have an innate ability to recognize your own nutritional needs, eating the right foods in the right proportions to maximize your health and the health of your new child. Any temptations to overindulge or to under-eat to compensate for weight gain will not be issues for you because you have learned to listen to your body and respond accordingly. As you continue to look forward to this joyful experience that you are preparing for, you will make healthy decisions to replace any old habits that have been self-destructive with new feelings of joy and celebration.

When you are done with this session, you will find that the color red abounds in the world around you. You will notice the color red everywhere. Perhaps you will notice it on a billboard, in a magazine, a fire hydrant, taillights, on somebody’s shirt. This new awareness of the color red will bring thoughts of your preparation for childbirth and the new skills you have learned. It will bring a smile to your face and a sense of inner calm and joy as you prepare for birth. Over the next few months, as you learn hypnosis, you will be taught the skills for deep breathing and creating visualizations that will help you experience success and go through the process of childbirth, naturally.

You have done very well today by learning the basic process of entering hypnosis and how to attain a state of deep relaxation. In the future, you will find it even easier to return to a state of relaxation and open-mindedness, to learn even more. You know that it will be helpful to practice these lessons because they will assist you in going through pregnancy with success, a sense of calm, and health.

I am going to give you a few moments of serenity to continue enjoying this feeling of hypnosis. Then, it will be time to reorient to the room. But for now, just enjoy the physical and mental place that you have created and take a moment for yourself.


It is now time to begin to feel reenergized. Feel the energy of joy, happiness, and the new lessons you have experienced. I am going to count from one to five. Continue to keep your eyes closed…


#2 The Second Trimester: Enhancing Awareness and Control


An awareness induction is recommended.


Suggestive Script

During the second trimester of pregnancy, hypnosis can be used to teach therapeutic breathing, increase awareness of the body, and to assist in preparing for childbirth. This is an exciting time of change and joy. By learning the skills of hypnosis, you can go a long way in maximizing your own health and the health of your baby.

Just as you are able to shift your awareness to any point, shift your awareness to a mental picture of the baby growing inside of you. This is a wonderful exercise because as you visualize the baby inside of you, you can attend to the needs your child has for nutrition, stillness, and emotional support. As you create that mental image of the baby floating, drifting, and being one with you, allow yourself to renew your commitment to health, wellness, and a natural and healthy delivery. As you breathe in, visualize the oxygen flowing into the deepest parts of the lungs. From there, see that oxygen enriching your blood supply and healthy nutrition being delivered to every extremity, muscle, and cell of your body.

Imagine those vital nutrients being transferred from you to your child through the umbilical cord and think about how the wonderful cells, bones, and systems are growing. It is a great feeling to know that you have control over your baby’s health, simply by making healthy choices, learning hypnosis, and choosing healthy foods. You can also care for your child by making sure you get enough rest by utilizing the principles of hypnosis to guide you into a deep, natural sleep.

As you enjoy the experience of pregnancy, you have an ability to become acutely aware of how the body works. You sense how blood flows through the body and how you can control every aspect of your health and the wellness of your child. These are skills that you will use during the birth of your child by visualizing a natural and safe delivery. You can see yourself easily engaging in the natural process of childbirth while recognizing that nothing in this experience is abnormal. Rather, it is a creation of nature to best unite you with the new life that is inside of you.

Words such as joy, peace, relaxation, acceptance, wellness, and comfort, represent a state of being. You have the ability to control and create. In preparing for childbirth, you have within you all that you need to experience these states. At this time of awareness through hypnosis, you can be drawn to that which is deep inside of you that can be used to promote these states. You can allow the skills that you need to arise to the conscious level of awareness. You can then use these skills to maintain wellness and health through each day of your pregnancy.

During this hypnosis session, you have learned the very valuable skill of shifting your awareness to every aspect of your pregnancy. This is wonderful. You can be confident that your pregnancy will go as planned and you can envision a healthy and natural outcome. Go ahead, in this safe place of awareness and relaxation, and envision how you want to experience childbirth. What the mind can create, the body can achieve. You have the ability to control the process of birth by controlling your environment and how you plan to experience this event. See yourself as you will be when the time is right to bring your child into the world. See yourself experiencing joy and satisfaction, knowing that you have made right choices and controlled the outcome for the benefit of your child.

This skill of hypnosis can also be used to manage any anxiety or stress. You can use deep breathing to increase your comfort level and decrease the pain that others have told you about.

Your experience is not the experience of others, so the outcome is entirely yours. You have the ability to experience childbirth in any way that is best for you and your child. Take in a deep breath now. Inhale and then exhale. Perfect. Again, take in a deep breath and hold it for a moment. Now exhale, relaxing even more and doubling the sensation of relaxation. As you exhale, you go deeper into trance. Perfect.

Now, I want you to project yourself into the future by seeing yourself holding your new baby, loving that baby, and feeding the baby for the first time. It is a wonderful sight in your mind and a wonderful feeling you have created. Perfect. In the moments following the anticipated birth, you will bond with the child. See yourself easily lactating and providing the baby with the nutrition of life. See your body naturally healing from any physical stress during the delivery and see yourself being energized by joy rather than fatigued from expectation. Perfect.

Again, you have the ability to control each and every outcome and aspect, which gives you comfort and peace during this second trimester of pregnancy. You are doing well, creating these images and experiencing hypnosis. I know this because you are participating in this session and helping yourself to learn even more about the process. These new lessons will continue to impart feelings of control, satisfaction, and peace.

Just as you have made it through the first trimester, you can make it through this joyful and exciting period of change. You have done so well and can easily continue making progress, growing this child within you. You will easily be able to care for your physical and emotional needs, preparing in advance for any difficulties by learning new skills, reading books, and sharing your experiences with others. And, as easily as you can shift your awareness from outside of yourself to inside, you can be aware of every action you can take to increase your comfort and success in childbirth and pregnancy. Each day, you will find that joyful energy and a spirit of wellness tempers any physical sensations of fatigue.

As the body changes, you will find natural strength within each muscle. Changes in your breasts will be accompanied by recognition that you are a positive life force in the experience of your new child. So many wonderful occurrences are taking place. As you create your outcomes by channeling positive chi into every aspect of life, you are learning new skills. It will be easy for you to practice the principles of therapeutic breathing and pay attention to the sensation of physical calm at each point in this pregnancy, including the day of birth. You can set your expectations high, knowing you have done so much good for your child already. Perfect.

Now, take a moment to listen to your inner voice of experience and become aware of any needs you have yet to meet to prepare for birth. Bring the solutions from within your experiences to your consciousness and act on these realizations over the next few weeks and months.

Again, the color red will become brighter, sharper, crisper, and clearer. It is something you notice everywhere you go. There is no reason for this, it is just so. When you see the color red anywhere, it will bring confidence and the spirit of wellness to you and your baby as you go through the days toward the joyous time of birth.


#3 The Third Trimester: Preparing for Labor and Childbirth



Suggestive Script

There is a technique that many professionals such as athletes, public speakers, and even medical doctors use in order to achieve their goals. Some of them might call what they do a secret, but it is really just a simple, effective way of using the mind to fully explore the future. It is much like daydreaming through a fantasy in order to prepare yourself to take the right actions later, to help achieve your desired reality. In other words, you can use the power of your mind to practice and prepare yourself mentally and physically for a wonderful birth experience. These skills can help you manage your breathing and control discomfort during contractions and childbirth and help aide your body’s physical recovery. You can essentially see and experience the process of childbirth in your mind, safely and from a distance, to explore the feelings and sensations of the experience. It is like a trial run so that you will know what to expect when the real time comes. As a result of this mental rehearsal, you will be better able to sail through the event with feelings of confidence and control.

Take another deep, cleansing, relaxing breath, in and out. Good. Now that you are relaxed and have this goal of learning what childbirth will be like in order to be prepared when the natural time comes, allow yourself to focus on your body.

Focus on the inside your body. Feel your heart beating and imagine your blood and nutrients pumping throughout your body, feeding the new life that’s inside you. Focus your thoughts on your stomach and your uterus, the current home of your growing child. The outer layers of the uterus are a warm, smooth, pink group of muscles. They wrap tightly around your baby, offering natural security and protection. Now, move your thoughts inside these muscles, inside your uterus. You can imagine your baby resting peacefully and floating comfortably in a serene sea of natural fluids, all curled up, cozy and warm. The inner walls of the uterus are lined with cushions of silky, soft membranes. The placenta, which creates and stores your baby’s nutrients, rests securely on the upper wall. The umbilical cord, the amazing cord of life, leads down to your baby. It pulsates with the natural rhythms of your body and feeds your baby, helping it to grow healthy and strong.

Now, move your thoughts forward in time to the day your baby will be born. That time is not now, but you can picture the future in your mind. You will know when that day comes because your body naturally knows. It will tell you when the time is right. It is important to remember that it is okay to forget what others have told you about labor and childbirth or what you may have seen on TV or in the movies. Your experience, like all experiences, will be unique to you. Like all experiences in life, it can be as wonderful as you want it to be.

It is also important to remember another of the professional’s secrets. Not only can we instinctively control our own body, such as choosing to sit, stand, laugh, or cry, but we can also control our body’s responses to natural sensations, such as pain and discomfort. What the professionals know and what you are now learning is that simply by taking a few deep breaths and willing the tension away, we can easily lessen feelings of pain and naturally ease away discomfort.

In the future, when the time comes for labor to begin, your uterus will begin tightening and loosening, on and off, throughout the day or night. This is a natural and wonderful thing, despite any mild discomfort you may feel, for it will mean that your body is preparing for your baby’s arrival. At first, the tightening sensations that some call contractions will be moderate. They may be startling to you at first, as your body begins preparing for the big event. However, you are expecting them. You know what they are and what they mean. Therefore, you can allow yourself to relax and feel at ease with this natural process.

Think for a moment about the majestic ocean and its soothing rhythmic waves. Imagine yourself standing just a little way out from the shore, in the water. The water around your legs and waist is warm and comforting, much like the sensations your baby is feeling while snuggled down inside your womb. The sun is shining, the seagulls are chirping, and all is beautiful. When the little waves come in, you can feel them roll in against your waist and the pressure of the water tightens around you a little. You have no fear because you know these waves cannot hurt you. They are just doing what they naturally do. The pressure holds you back just a little, for just a few minutes, and then the waves recede and roll back out into the ocean. The pressure leaves your body and you feel relaxed and invigorated.

As each wave of pressure rolls around you, the time will have come for your baby to begin its journey into this world. As you feel a sensation of tightening to your stomach and back, you will simply take slow, deep breaths and focus on your breathing. You can relax your mind as well as your muscles until the expected sensation passes and the waves naturally roll back out to the sea.

Take in a deep breath now. Breathe all the way in and all the way out. Very good. With each wave of contractions, even the smaller ones, your baby will be moving a little more into position. The muscles inside your body will be adjusting a little more and following the natural rhythmic process of getting ready for the big event.

When your body has told you that it’s time, you will check and make sure that your overnight bag is packed with things you will need or want for comfort. You will ensure that your transportation to the hospital is all lined up and ready to go. You will be strong, relaxed, and in control. You will know that you can make it through the birthing process with confidence because you know what to expect. It is nothing more than you can handle. As the time draws closer, the rhythmic tightening, loosening, pushing, and pulling of your stomach and back muscles will become stronger and more powerful. Even when these more powerful waves of contractions begin, you remain calm, confident, and in control. You have the ability to choose to sit, stand, or lie down to be more comfortable. You may or may not choose to hold a cushioned ball or a mini beanbag in your hand to squeeze as your muscles tighten.

You will relax and focus on your breathing. You will breathe deeply, slowly, comfortably, smoothly, and rhythmically. Take another deep, deep breath, all the way in and all the way out. Excellent. You are doing fine now and you will do fine when the time comes. You know that this is all just a natural process that is worth every minute. When the time comes, with each deep breath you take in, you will pull natural energy and a sense of Mother Nature’s serenity deep into your body.

This energy is a bundle of feminine strength that is designed just for this marvelous occasion. It will help fuel and restore your mind and body for each new wave of contractions, allowing you to remain calm and relaxed as you experience the wonders of childbirth. With each exhale, all tension, stress, and discomfort of these perfectly normal waves will simply melt away from you and roll away. You will be left feeling naturally refreshed, renewed, confident, calm, relaxed, and strong. You will be able to give birth to your baby when your body says the time is right.

You know that when that time comes in the future, the waves of birthing contractions will become stronger and stronger and your body will begin to open to make way for your baby to enter the world. You will expect this and continue to breathe deeply and calmly, inhaling more powerful, restorative energy. You will exhale all the stress, tension, and discomfort. The amazing muscles of your uterus will continue to gently nudge your baby down further and further, with each pulsing wave, into your cervix. As the time of birth draws near, your baby’s head will begin to press into your cervix, causing it to open more to make room. With each wave of pressure, it will expand further.

Your body opening inspires a sense of happiness and confidence because you know that it is one of the final steps before your baby comes into the world. When this time arrives, you will continue to breathe deeply through each wave and you will choose to relax your mind, body, and muscles. You will relax your cervix so that it opens even more for your baby. When the waves of contractions begin to come harder and faster, as they are supposed to when it is time for your baby to arrive, your uterus and cervix will work together to continue to push your baby down through the birth canal.

Imagine your baby is waiting inside of you for the final moments to arrive. It is warm and wet with life and waiting for your loving arms to hold it. When this time comes, you will breathe deeply and relax. Then, you will open yourself and let your baby come even closer out into the world. When this happens and your baby has finally reached your vaginal opening, you will begin to feel the skin tingling or perhaps a burning and stretching sensation. You will know that despite any discomfort, this is a good thing and you are in control. You will take a deep cleansing breath, inhaling powerful energy and exhaling all tension, stress, and discomfort. You will give your body the time and ability to open even further. When this time comes, you will feel your baby’s head begin to emerge. It will be wonderful, natural, and exciting as you continue to draw in more energy with every breath and exhale the stress, tension, and discomfort. Finally, your baby’s head will slip out and you will experience such joyous relief and pride. You will rest for a moment, as your baby begins to take part in the world.

When the time is right, your uterus will tighten again. The waves of productive pressure will return once more and you will inhale even more energy as you feel your baby turning into the proper position to make its way into the world. As you exhale the pressure, the shoulders come. Then, as you take another refreshing breath, your baby will slip out from your womb and join you in the world, at last. The past tension will instantly melt away and the joyous wonder of life that you have created will be held in your arms.

Now, slowly return your thoughts back to the present time. Your baby is still resting comfortably inside your uterus, not yet ready to be born. You now know how this wonderful, natural journey of childbirth will go in the future.


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