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Free x 4 Hypnosis Scripts for Losing Weight and Restoring Physical Health [PDF]

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Free x 4 Hypnosis Scripts for Losing Weight and Restoring Physical Health [PDF] $23.76 Original price was: $23.76.$7.97Current price is: $7.97.
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Hypnosis Session 1: Adding new things to life


People often ask if hypnosis is really helpful in losing weight and restoring physical health. If you have never experienced hypnosis yourself, perhaps you are skeptical of such a claim. Hypnosis isn‘t a magic bullet, of course. You won’t open your eyes after a session to find yourself one hundred pounds lighter. Hypnosis is not about magic, but about learning. In this session, you will learn new things, and as a result take new actions. In fact, this session is not about giving up anything. You do not have to give up old patterns after this session. Rather, it is about adding new things to life.

After years of doing addiction counseling, I have discovered that people often have a fear about giving something up or about their abilities to do so. I have also found that people often really don’t want to give up some of the old patterns of life. The reason for this is that even though they may be unhealthy, the old pattern serves some purpose.

What works is not giving something up, but gaining something. Therefore, the purpose of this session is threefold. First, it will teach you how to enter a state of hypnosis. Second, it will teach new habits for you to incorporate as a part of your new lifestyle. Finally, it will give you hope. Even though you may have tried and failed in the past, these sessions are not about trying to reach a magic number. Rather, they will help your body naturally become the ideal weight that you should be. Each individual is different and you intuitively know what your needs are. By focusing on adding new things to life rather than trying to take away old things, you will have a newfound ability to effortlessly accomplish what is most important to you.

Why is it important to learn how to enter a state of hypnosis? Hypnosis is a natural state, not a mystical one. We actually enter hypnosis each day without even thinking about it. Hypnosis is not like the things we see in Hollywood. You will not be a mindless drone. Nor will you mindlessly follow absurd commands. Rather, you will be able to use hypnosis to improve learning and to embed new lessons into your subconscious mind. Have you ever said to yourself, “I am going to lose weight”? Yet, a few weeks later you realized that you made that decision but still weighed the same, or even more? This is because you made a decision with the conscious mind, the part that is temporal and acts in the moment, rather than the subconscious mind.

In hypnosis, we are exactly the opposite of what Hollywood portrays. Like in meditation, we are more focused, goal-directed, and intuitively aware. Like an old-time cassette tape, you can record over the messages and the negative behavioral patterns of the past. This is why we will not be giving up anything in this first session. As you add new patterns and new lessons to your life, you will naturally and intuitively replace old patterns.

There are several new habits that you will add to your life in this first session. First, you will add food to your diet. You will add nutrient rich foods that are the source of natural energy and health. If you do this each day for a week, you will find that you will effortlessly eat less of the unhealthy things that may have been a part of your life. You will also add a new method of eating. The result will be recording over old patterns that, in the past, have been destructive. You will also add new activities to life and increase your daily physical activity. Most importantly, you will begin a wonderful journey that will transform into a new chapter of life.

The first step is to learn how to enter a state of hypnosis. For beginners, the easiest way to do this is to use guided relaxation. In fact, because guided relaxation is a great way to manage stress, it will be your first new skill for managing weight. Many of our unhealthy patterns come from emotional reactions to stress. Most people never take the time, like you are doing today, to learn how to practice this skill.

So, by going though this basic process you will have already added a tool that can be useful to you. Relaxation is a way of entering hypnosis because in a relaxed state we are open to new lessons and are comfortable considering new options. There is no right or wrong way to experience this. Begin by getting comfortable in your chair. In a few minutes, you will be very relaxed. However, you will always be attentive, able to hear my voice, and aware of your surroundings. You might hear outside noises, but these will not distress you. In fact, they will reassure you that you are exactly where you need to be, doing exactly what you need to be doing.

Now that you have found a comfortable place to still the body and the mind, begin by scanning your body. Anywhere you are carrying the tension of the day in your muscles, simply let those muscles relax. Pay attention to the small muscles of the brow and around the eyes. Let them relax as well. Often, tension is held in muscles of the jaw. You can even allow these muscles to relax.

As you relax, notice that your breathing becomes slower and more natural. As you listen to the quiet in the room or hear the distant sounds of others outside of the room, give yourself permission to enjoy this time of developing a sense of deep relaxation.

As your hands rest on your lap, let them feel very relaxed, very heavy, and very calm. Again, scan your body and relinquish any remaining tension. Relax any remaining tension held in the shoulders, back, or legs. Now, notice that your breathing is slower and calm. In just a few moments, your heart rate has even slowed.

This basic process of physical relaxation can also be used to still the mind. Do not worry if your mind has been wandering or thinking. After all, this is what minds do. Imagine yourself under a clear blue sky. You can imagine that you are in a place you have been to before, would like to go, or a place entirely of your own creation. In the sky, there is a single white puffy cloud, gently drifting towards the horizon. As it drifts, send all of your thoughts, cares, and concerns into that cloud. Watch the cloud move farther and farther towards the horizon, until it disappears all together. Now, both your body and mind are completely relaxed. If any other thoughts surface, just allow them to drift towards the horizon after that puffy cloud.

In this state of hypnosis, I am going to give you some direct suggestions. These are not suggestions that come from me, rather they are suggestions you have asked me to make by participating in this session. I am also going to share what are called indirect suggestions to help you to learn intuitively. I know you have a strong sense of what is good for you, because people who participate in these types of sessions usually do. As a result, learning intuitively will be easy for both your conscious and subconscious mind. The direct suggestions I am going to make will add to your life. I will also share with you some of my own personal experiences, for the path you are on is well-worn.

It is amazing how easy it is for someone to lose weight by adding something into their life, even by adding more food. By adding nutrient dense foods into your diet, your body will naturally and effortlessly respond in ways that are best for it. So by adding something into your life each day, you will be well on your way to a slimmer, lighter, and healthier you.

The first addition will be adding one pound of fruit and one pound of vegetables to your diet each day. It is amazing how by cutting up a bowl of fruit and a bowl of vegetables, one begins to crave health. Many who have done this have had that very experience. By adding a pound of fruit and a pound of vegetables into your diet each day, you will be just like the others who have made this beneficial change to their lives.

I grew up in Chicago and I remember, as a child, driving with my grandmother to Great Lakes Navel training station. While we were there, we would go to the PX to do our grocery shopping. Each week, on what I assume was my grandfather’s payday, we would shop for groceries. My grandmother would cut coupons for our weekly shopping ritual. I remember how long it took to shop and how many bags my grandmother would buy. When we got home, I would help her put the groceries away. We stored some in the kitchen and some in the deep freezer in our garage. I spent the rest of my adult life shopping the way I learned to shop with my grandmother, by making a weekly visit to the store and coming home with a week’s supply of groceries.

In 2004, I spent a great deal of time overseas. I had an opportunity to travel to Eastern Europe and to Asia, where I spent my time with local families rather than simply exploring as a tourist. In almost every place I visited on three different continents, the people shopped the same way for food. In every home I stayed in, the families went shopping each day for a small amount of groceries. While walking home in the afternoons, we shopped for dinner. We always selected fresh foods, fruits, and vegetables. We usually only purchased the quantity that we would need for that night. It seemed like we were always in the express lane, choosing a few items in a basket and checking out quickly, rather than shopping for a hundred items to last a week.

And, I noticed a difference. When I began shopping each day, the food was fresh and there was no need to purchase frozen prepared foods, which are usually processed and unhealthy. And so, I began to shop in this new way even upon my return to America. Each day, I stop at the market by my house, usually buying fruit for the next day and a few items for dinner that night. You will also find great benefit in adding a trip to the supermarket in your daily routine and choosing a limited amount of food on each trip. Simply, purchase enough to last for the next day or two.

Transitional Deepener


It may seem odd to lose weight by gaining so many things. This, of course, is the paradox of life. It really doesn’t matter if you look at a clock and see that is it lunchtime, dinnertime, or even time for a snack. By adding healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, any time is the right time for you. It is the right time to be confident in your additions to life, the right time to lose weight by gaining new habits, and the right time to enjoy being you.

Double Bind

During this week, you will not weigh yourself on a scale. The numbers are no longer important. Adding new experiences to life is what is important. Your body is intuitive and will either lose weight quickly or slowly, but healthy additions to life always result in change. Of course, the results of this addition will be achieving your goal of decreasing your weight and increasing your health.

I am going to take a moment to give you some direct suggestions. The suggestions do not come from me. Rather, they are things you have asked me to suggest by participating in this session. Immediately and without hesitation, you will take action on each of these suggestions, being reminded each day to act on them. How will you remember? It is easy.

Before we go any further, let yourself feel the emotions of success that you desire. Take a moment to visualize yourself as you know you will be, six months from now, a year from now, and even a few years from now. See yourself healthy and vibrant. You can even listen to the new “you” telling you how wonderful it feels to have shed so many old patterns. Feel the energy and emotion of success from the “you” that you would like to be.

Right here and now, let those future progressions exist inside of you. You see, anything we can create with our mind is already in existence within us. All of the wonderful feelings of success and the sight of the new you is already present, deep within you. It really isn’t hard to move towards health because we are not really creating or reinventing a new you. Rather, we are drawing the real you to the surface. Enjoy the feelings of confidence, health, vibrancy, excitement, and resolution.

Allow yourself to feel all of these emotions, and then quickly think of the color green. See the color green and imagine the room filled with green. Or, you could visualize a screen surrounding you with nothing but vibrant green. Over the next few days, whenever and wherever you see the color green, it will appear brighter, sharper, more vibrant, and more alive. It doesn’t matter if it is a traffic light, a t-shirt, a sign on the highway, an advertisement, or even the leaves of a salad. The color will stand out to you, in any context. At that very moment you will bring yourself back to where you are right now; successful, encouraged, healthy, vibrant, and resolute.

Sometimes you can listen with all of your attention and other times you can listen by just experiencing the process. Either way is fine. In the coming week, because of your attention to this transformation, you will find it easy to eat slower and chew all of your food. Intuitively, you know that this is healthiest way to eat because it promotes the absorption of all of the nutrients contained in each food. As you shop each day, choose new foods with new color and textures, to add to your choices. You find this be a fun challenge and a rewarding experience. Each and every day, add a salad to lunch and dinner. Eat the salad first, filling yourself with healthy, high nutrition foods.

Although these changes seem like common sense, or may even be things that you have practiced in the past, you will find that chewing food slowly, adding new foods, and eating a salad without oil or dairy dressing before lunch and dinner, will be key factors in your success. You will know a new peace and a sense of freedom by adding to your life in order to lose weight and restore your health.

Hypnosis Session 2: Breaking addiction and changing preferences

This hypnosis session will last about ten minutes. It is what I call a “skill building” hypnosis session. In my work with alcoholics and drug addicts, I learned that success could be experienced even by those addicted to the most powerful chemicals, by helping clients to manage any of the discomfort associated with withdrawal.

Now that you have made a significant change by adding new foods and new patterns of eating into you routine, it is time to begin cutting out foods that are loaded with chemicals or foods low in nutritional value. From this point forward, you will avoid any foods with Trans fat, enriched and refined flour, and extra sugar or salt. Some might think it would be difficult to quit eating ice cream, cake, candy, white bread, and fried or prepackaged food. However, by overcoming the physical discomfort associated with breaking the cycle of addiction to these obesogens, you will have a very easy time.

I do a lot of work with cigarette smokers to help them be successful. The biggest challenge is getting them to break the habit and refrain from smoking for three days. For people who do not use hypnosis, they find these three days to be the most difficult. However, my clients who learn and use hypnosis find that even if they do have cravings, they are able to let them disappear easily by using these techniques.

In this session, you will commit to the three day challenge to be the best you can be by breaking the physical addiction to these nutritionally deficient foods. You can eat all you want to during this time period, as long as the food choices you make are healthy. If you are hungry or have a craving, use naturally sweet foods like apples and other fruit to fill yourself with a sense of success. Eating foods that are high in fiber, like bananas, are also good at helping people to manage any physical cravings.

To begin this session, get comfortable in your chair. You have already become accustomed to the process of hypnosis, and so as you relax, focus on your breath. With each breath, relax more and more. Let any of your muscles become loose and limp, letting go of any stress. With each breath, exhale the old air and breathe in new life. It feels wonderful to make such important changes, doesn’t it?

Now, continue to relax your body and mind. Anytime you notice tension in the body, let it relax and melt away. Do you notice how when you intentionally relax muscles, the tension slips away and feels like it leaves your body through the heels and into the core of the earth? All of the stress and tension you carry simply melts away. Notice how your mind has also begun to relax. Return to the imagery of yourself under a clear blue sky, on a beautiful day. Notice a single white, puffy cloud in the sky, and how it slowly and leisurely moves off towards the horizon. As it becomes smaller and smaller, there will come a point where it simply drifts off into the distance. Now both your mind and body are completely relaxed. Perfect.

I am going to count backwards from five to one. As I do, let yourself go deeper into that state of serenity that we associate with hypnosis. Each number will double the sensation of relaxation and serenity. Five, four, three, two, one….

I am going to teach you a strategy for managing withdrawal. Notice how you have created a wonderful state of serenity, calmness, and relaxation. It is a state that is the opposite of stress, tension, or discomfort. You have done this very quickly, in just a few minutes, by coming to this session. Anytime you need to in the future, you can instantly return to this state of calm. You can even do this in the midst of stress, tension, or withdrawal.

One way to accomplish this is with something that we call an anchor. An anchor is like an association. We are going to create an anchor between this feeling of serenity and comfort and a specific action. As you relax, breathe slowing, calmly, smoothly, and rhythmically. Focus on your right hand, thumb, and index finger. Without moving your arm or even your wrist, touch those fingers together for a moment. Touch your thumb and index finger together, relaxing all of the muscles in your body, except these two fingers.

Now, tense only the muscles in your index finger and thumb, pressing them together tightly. Pay attention to the calm in your mind and body and the sensation of pressing the fingers together. Now, relax. Relax your fingers like the rest of your body and breathe, in and out, becoming even more relaxed. We have now created an association between this state of calm and the action of pressing your fingers together.

Press your fingers together again. Pay attention to your feelings of confidence, relaxation, and commitment. It is almost as if the point between those two fingers is a source of energy for success. Now, relax again. Perfect.

This anchor is very simple, yet quite powerful. Anytime over the next day, week, or month, if you find yourself feeling tension, stress, or withdrawal from low-nutrition food, just touch your fingers together. When you do this, you can bring yourself back to this point of calmness, serenity, and comfort. You will notice, like the puffy white cloud that floats off into the distance or like the tension that melts through your ankles and into the core of the earth, that any cravings that cause you distress simply disappear. They drift from your awareness and are replaced with an instant sense of calm and comfort.

You can do this anytime, without even closing your eyes and withoutlosing focus on the tasks before you. You will benefit from this simple exercise by noticing that cravings pass quickly and by being aware of your new knowledge. You know that by giving into cravings, you only restart the cycle of addiction. This is something that you now have the power to give up by easily passing up any of the old choices that have contributed to your weight or poor health. Immediately, upon touching your fingers together, you will replace any old patters with healthy snacks, or even the ability to enjoy a normal feeling of hunger, rather than the toxic hunger that old patterns used to bring about.

You have made much progress and this short session has been designed to give you a specific skill. Take another moment or two to enjoy this progress and to recognize that something as simple as touching your fingers together can be an anchor that helps to guide you to a new chapter in life.


It is time to reorient to the room around you. Pay attention to your breathing, the air around you, and the feeling of sitting in the chair. Before you open your eyes, take in a deep breath and feel the power of health and your ability to control each and every sensation you experience. Take in another deep breath, feeling enthusiastic and aware, almost ready to open the eyes. Now, stretch out any muscles that need to be stretched and open the eyes when you are ready. You feel alert, oriented, and ready to enjoy the rest of the day.

Hypnosis Session 3: Creating healthy habits, increasing physical activity, and enhancing self-esteem

In this session, we will focus on suggestions for healthy habits, increasing physical activity, and on your self-perceptions. You have learned a lot and have already experienced change that is helping you to reach your goals.

The induction I have chosen to guide you into hypnosis will help you to focus on your ability to shift your awareness to anything you choose. This will help you to implement those skills when captivated by an unpleasant emotion, feeling toxic hunger, or even in simply shifting your mood when it needs to be realigned. It might even help you to tune out the distractions in our busy world that sometimes just seem to add to the stress of life.

Again, it does not matter if you go into a deep and profound hypnotic state, only experiencing this process, or remain in a light trance, listening to each word. What matters is that you have decided to continue on this pathway of success.


Countdown Deepener

Some people fear weight gain, but as you have already experienced through hypnosis, you have the ability to control your body. You have the ability to relax, slow down your heart rate, and breathe slow, smooth, and rhythmic. You also have the ability to control your diet and increase your daily activities.

Although it is true that your body needs more physical activity to burn calories, you find that this is easy to accomplish. It is easy to accomplish because your body is now energized by oxygen, clean air, and restful sleep. It is not difficult for you to increase your activity level, go for a walk, or even go to the gym. Now, you have the energy and stamina to do these things. In the mornings, you will wake up refreshed and energetic, ready to take on the challenges of the day.

One of these challenges will be to exercise and burn calories through increased activities. It is not a difficult challenge to master, because deep within you is the desire to care for your body. You also know that you have total control over your body.

For some reason, I am always drawn to talk shows and TV interviews with people who have lost a tremendous amount of weight. Some of them are famous and some are not. What I find interesting is that almost all of these successful people, whether they used hypnosis, medication, or even surgeries, all have one thing in common. They have increased their daily activity level. Successful people like Jared from Subway, Richard Simmons, and Al Roker, all take regular walks. Some of these people have even attributed their incredible weight loss to walking, alone.

In the end, I think Jared’s success came primarily from walking to subway, rather the food choices he made. Walking is the most affordable and easiest exercise to implement. You are already doing it each day. Simply add steps each day. Take more steps today than yesterday, more steps tomorrow, and even more steps the next day. This will help you to quickly and easily increase your success, your fitness, and your health.

You have already completed previous hypnosis sessions, so I know that you are sincerely motivated to continue your success. Go to any sporting goods store, or even a large general store that sells sporting goods, and purchase a pedometer. This will be a tremendous investment in your future, yet will cost less than fifteen dollars. By getting a pedometer, which is a device that attaches to your clothing and counts your steps, you can accurately measure your steps and continue to reach your goal of walking more steps each day.

Losing weight and keeping it off is very important to you. From this point forward, you will be able to see the weight you want to lose melt off your body. You will find that losing two to four pounds a week is an easily attainable goal. You will develop new eating habits that bring you happiness and satisfaction.

In the past, you ate more than your body needed for its energy requirements. From this point forward, until your goals are reached, you will eat slightly less than what your body requires.

After reaching your goals, you will find yourself eating exactly the amount your body needs. Let your body tell you how much nutrition it needs. The body is intuitive, and it will be easy for you to listen to it. Feed yourself only what you need for energy and health and then simply stop.

Relax into a deeper state of hypnosis and let these suggestions begin to take hold in your mind. You no longer eat fast. Instead, you will slowly eat your food, allowing your body to feel fuller and more satisfied with each bite. You will find that eating is no longer a task, but an experience like watching snow falling. It is refreshing and peaceful. The anxieties you have about eating are gone. From this point forward, you can eat with confidence, knowing that you are choosing healthy foods and nutrients. You will choose portions that are appropriate and no longer have the desire to “clean your plate”. You will eat until you are satisfied. Then, you will simply stop and choose not to eat anymore.

Relax. Let your mind wander as you enjoy peace and tranquility. You are giving up old ideas and creating new associations with food. From this point forward, you will feel that food meets your nutritional needs and you will cease seeing food as an item of comfort in difficult times. Instead, during those difficult times you will draw upon your ability to concentrate and focus. You will create happy and positive images in order to overcome negative emotions. You will envision yourself in a circle of satisfaction, enjoying life as a thinner and healthier person.

From this point forward, you will give up old ideas and associations. You can see bread as a delicious food on its own, without the need for jellies and butter. Salads will be refreshing on their own and will not need the embellishment of condiments to become satisfactory.

Imagine that a blanket of snow has fallen, covering the ground. It is a deep snow, but as the daylight comes, it begins to shrink away. From this point forward, the portions of food that you serve yourself will also begin to shrink.

As you picture the snow melting away in the sun, imagine the pounds melting from your body.

Losing weight really is this easy. You are feeling refreshed with healthy food choices and you enjoy whole grain breads, lean protein, and leafy vegetables. This nutritional fare will give you a sense of renewed energy, enabling you to exercise more.

At first, you will simply walk each day. Then, you will move on to higher levels of physical activity, with each pound that is lost. Succeeding each week will reinforce your desire to experience more success. The reward you will give yourself is permission to continue losing weight, until you reach your goal.

Imagine yourself three to six months from now, creating a mental picture of how good you feel when the goal you have set becomes a reality. In your mind’s eye, see yourself happy, free, healthy, energetic, thin, attractive, and abundantly hopeful. From this point forward, you will see food as a tool to assist you in caring for your body. You will see buffets as an opportunity to make healthy choices, in the correct portions.

From this point forward, you will see healthy foods as something you enjoy. Your automatic pattern will be to sit down while eating and to eating your food slowly. You will choose smaller portions of food and feel full and satisfied after just a few bites. You will be able to visualize pounds melting from your body, just as the springtime sun melts the piles of snow that have fallen in the night. From this point forward, you will use your renewed energy to engage in meaningful activities that expend energy and burn calories.

  Hypnosis Session 4: Relapse prevention, motivation, and continued success

There is no doubt you have benefitted from the previous sessions and have already begun to feel the profound changes within you. This fourth session is a short session, designed to give you the tools for relapse prevention. It will also promote continued motivation towards success.

This session also provides positive affirmation exercises. This technique integrates very well with hypnosis. Positive affirmation is successful because self-talk changes our internal dialog and can reprogram a lifetime of self-defeating messages with the truth. The truth is that you are able to create your success, restore your body, and be physically fit.

By now, you are very familiar with the process of hypnosis, so get comfortable in your chair. Begin by focusing on your breathing and relax more with each breath. Scan your body. Anywhere you are experiencing any remaining tension, let that tension melt away. Let it disappear from your body, draining down, down, all the way down. Let it leave your body through the soles of your feet. Let that energy of tension be consumed by the core of the earth, leaving you deeply relaxed.

Although you know you could open your eyes or move your body, you will find it much easier to relax deeply. Let your muscles be heavy and your body be comfortable. Focus your attention on your breath. Notice how it has become smooth and rhythmic. Your heartbeat is calm and regular.

I am going to count backwards now. Five, four, three, two, one. Perfect.

You have made many changes by adding new things to your life and by reducing those things that were not helpful to you. You have found that the benefit of these changes is increased energy, a slimmer body, and a wonderful feeling of health.

It is now time to ratify this commitment that you have already taken action on and remove any possibility of returning to unhealthy patterns of eating. This moment is a special time to make a commitment to yourself to be good to your body, good to your mind, and good to your spirit by making these changes permanent. What you have embarked on is far different than a diet. Rather, it is a permanent change that treats your body exactly the way nature intended for your body to be treated.

Chances are that in your city there are places that you drive past that were once empty parcels of ground. Years later, people have moved and situations and changed. Now, these empty parcels have been replaced with vibrant signs of life, commerce, and human activity. You also have a vibrant new way of living, with new places to shop, new ways of seeing the world around you, and new feelings of health. When you drive by these places, it is clear that they will never return to the empty parcels of ground that they once were. They will always be vibrant centers of activity and life. The old has passed away. You have entered a new chapter of life. Without missing the past, only accepting what it once was, your new habits and new patterns are the new “you”. These new habits bring health, vitality, and success.

As you shed pounds, feel energetic, sleep better, and even save money, you intuitively prefer this new manner of living. You choose to grow in your knowledge of nutritional eating, reading books, and viewing websites that will help you to continue to expand beyond the knowledge of these sessions.

It is remarkable how you still experience the color green as being sharper, brighter, crisper, and clearer. You notice it more often, too. It brings with it a sense of empowerment and success. It is also amazing how returning to a point of decision, serenity, or success, can easily be accomplished by touching the fingers together. These things you have learned and practiced over the past few weeks will remain a part of your lifestyle, bringing a permanent sense of well-being in every aspect of life.

Affirmations are a wonderful part of a healthy lifestyle. We only act on what we believe. Therefore, telling yourself the truth is important to hear and it contributes to adapting new patterns of behavior. As you relax, I will share some affirmations with you. You can repeat these affirmations after I do, either silently or out loud, making them your own words and letting them become part of your life. The first three affirmations are about you as a person. The next three focus on your behavior. Finally, the last three focus on your future.

Repeat after me: 

I am worthy of caring for myself.

I am a healthy person.

I am a secure and significant.

Now, let’s look at three affirmations relating to your behavior: 

I choose foods that are high in nutritional value.

I look for ways to increase my activity each day.

I care for myself by planning my meals in advance.

Now, let’s focus on the future: 

I create health, each and every day.

I am able to create my own vision.

I am becoming who I want to be, each and every day.

At this point, you have experienced a lot of change. You can take time for yourself each day to practice setting goals, focusing your energy, and experiencing success. You can congratulate yourself for doing very well and making so many changes. It is good to review these positive affirmations and make them a part of your lifestyle. You can even create your own affirmations.

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