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Free Self-Hypnosis Script for Social Anxiety Relief [PDF]

Original price was: $5.94.Current price is: $2.97.

Self-Hypnosis Script for Social Anxiety Relief
Free Self-Hypnosis Script for Social Anxiety Relief [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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This script helps you feel at ease before and during social situations.

“I choose to feel relaxed and comfortable before and during all social situations and occasions.

“Through the power of self hypnosis, I reprogram my mind and body to feel relaxed and comfortable before and during all social situations and to see myself as a social person.

“I dissolve all fears about being social as I acknowledge that those fears are imaginary. They are not based on reality.

“I once worried how I might appear to others, and I imagined that people might not like me or approve of me or accept me. The imaginary thoughts turned into anxious feelings, and I avoided being social and connecting with others. To rationalize my fears, I might have told myself that I am not a social person or that I  don’t need people to be happy. But that also is imaginary and untrue.

“I choose now to break through the imaginary cage of fear and solitude I have created. I want to feel relaxed and social so I can be more happy and successful in my personal and professional life. 

“I choose to believe that people like me and approve of me. I enjoy the company of other people, whether they are friends, family, associates or even strangers.

“I replace the lie I told myself about being a loner. I replace it with the truth that I am a social person. While it is perfectly acceptable to enjoy periods alone, I recognize that all human beings are social creatures. Interacting with fellow human beings is healthy, stimulating and brings greater happiness and fulfillment. I accept and embrace that I am a social person with social needs and desires. With every passing day I think of myself as a healthy, happy and social human being.

“From now on, I think of myself as friendly and approachable. 

“I replace imaginary fears by imagining something better … about how others perceive me. I choose to imagine that others like me just as I am. They like the way I look. They like the way I talk. They like the way I act. 

“From now on, before and after any social occasion, I choose to believe that people like and respect me. And as I imagine that people think well of me, I feel a wonderful sense of freedom to enjoy participating in social events.

“I am well liked by everyone at social events.

“I imagine standing on the inside of a small, gray prison cell. It is very cold, musty and lonely. I hear noise and laughter coming from beyond the cell. I look through the small barred window of the cell door and see a warm and inviting room of people having a party. They are engaged in conversation and enjoying their company. As I feel a sense of desire and determination to join the party, I reach for the cell door to see if it’s locked. My hand passes right through the door, and I realize the door and the cell are not real. They are illusions I have created!

“As I remind myself that I want and deserve to enjoy myself socially, the gray  cell disappears entirely and I am free to enjoy the party. As I move forward a few steps, I feel that others can now see me and they greet me with warm smiles. They welcome me into their circle of conversation. They ask me how I am doing. They are interested in my opinions about many things. They find me interesting and personable.  And it is a marvelous feeling to I connect with others.

“Approaching and speaking to people is easier for me now, because just as I was once concerned about what people might think of me, I realize that others care much more about what I think of them. They want me to like them and accept them too. So we are all equals!

“I remain myself at all times. And I show genuine interest in anyone I encounter.  

“Eye contact is an easy way to improve a connection with someone.  Therefore, I take opportunities to make comfortable eye contact with anyone I communicate with in person. When I am questioned about something, I offer my opinion freely. When other people talk, I pay attention and nod to them occasionally to  acknowledge I understand them. And, as I show other people

courtesy and respect in conversation, they do the same for me.

“I relax before and during all social gatherings. Whenever I am invited to any social gathering, I immediately repeat the phrase to myself, ‘I look forward to that.’ When I repeat that phrase, I remember I am a social creature and look forward to being with other people.

“As I prepare to enter any social gathering or meeting, I remember that I have dissolved the imaginary wall between me and others. I can feel free to join in conversations and share myself with others. I can allow others to share themselves with me.

“If I ever feel anxious or tense before any social gathering, I draw a deep breath as I tense my shoulders, pulling them up toward my head. As I do this, I furrow my brow and feel all the pressure…all the worry…all the anxiety…that I’ve placed on myself (perform this action now).

“As I release the breath (release the breath), I also let my shoulders drop and  release all tension in my face and brow (relax the face and shoulders). And as I do that, I imagine I’ve released all of the pressure…all the worry…all the anxiety…that I once placed on myself. I say to myself now ‘Social and comfortable.’

“I repeat that to myself once, twice or three times until I feel my body, my emotions and my thoughts becoming comfortable and calm. When I am finished, I feel just fine about the social gathering and look forward to interacting with people.

“And because the pressure is off . . . I can allow myself to simply connect with people and let them respond to me naturally. From now on, I choose to relax in all social situations whether with friends, acquaintances or strangers. As I feel calm and comfortable in any conversation, my mind and memory works normally and beautifully and I speak with poise and clarity.

“I socially connect with people with ease and poise.”

(The Wake-Up)

“I will emerge gently and easily from hypnosis now by counting from one to  five. With each number, I emerge twenty percent. When I reach the number five, I will return to everyday awareness.

“One . . . emerging twenty percent, beginning to awaken from hypnosis now. (speak a little louder and stronger)

“Two . . . forty percent now, as I become fully aware of my body and environment. (speak louder and stronger)

“Three . . . sixty percent . . . I look forward to the positive results from this hypnosis session.  (speak louder and stronger)

“Four . . . eighty percent, emerging peaceful and happy. (strongly assert your intention to emerge)

“FIVE . . . FIVE . . . FIVE . . . One hundred percent now! Wide awake and fully alert!!!”

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