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Free Hypnosis Script for Somniphobia (Fear of Dying During Sleep) [PDF]

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Free Hypnosis Script for Somniphobia (Fear of Dying During Sleep) [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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Hypnosis is a useful tool to help those with sleep disorders to regain a sense of control and rest. After all, the word hypnosis comes from the root word hypnos meaning sleep. Without seeking a solution to sleep difficulties, many sleep-related concerns can develop. This may include problems in which a person tries to stay awake physically, longer than the mind can stay awake. This often results in a hypnotic state where hallucinations, sensations of being out of the body, or other distressing symptoms can emerge. Of course, these symptoms are not harmful. However, they can generate even more fear, thus perpetuating the cycle. This script is designed to help you to regain control over sleep; a natural part of life that restores, heals, and brings us the energy we need.

Sometimes, people develop a fear of sleep because of medical symptoms. Other times, this fear develops because of hearing stories of people dying in their sleep. In reality, sleep does not cause death. Sleep is a vital, healing force. When one dies in their sleep, it is because a medical problem unrelated to sleep emerged. This is not dying because of sleep. A person can learn to overcome a fear of sleep by increasing their awareness of this reality. Sleep does not cause death; sleep creates healing.

Even in the face of logic, this feeling of fear is held on by many. This hypnosis session is designed to help you to do several things. First, it will help you to gain a sense of control over your sleep. I will give you both an auditory process for awakening yourself at anytime and a visual cue to help you accomplish this. Once these are learned, you will be able to alert or awaken yourself at any point. It is something you can use to let yourself sleep deeply with confidence, knowing that you have an ability to reorient yourself and emerge from sleep at any time.

This session will also contain stories to help you to learn new ways of feeling safe and putting yourself into a deep and comfortable sleep that you can control. It will include some direct suggestions for setting aside your fears. By the time we finish this session, you will be able to leave with confidence and enter a new chapter of life that is free from anxiety and fear. You will have the knowledge that with each moment of life and with each breath, you are safe and secure.

Hypnosis is not the same thing as sleep. It is an experience of deep relaxation that will allow you to focus on learning a process of how to sleep better. Hypnosis is perfectly safe. Throughout the session, you will always hear my voice and you will always be present. You will also feel a sense of health, as the body naturally and effortlessly rests.


You can begin by closing the eyes, if you like. Although you will be very relaxed, you will never be asleep. Throughout this process, you can move, cough, swallow, or readjust to create a greater sense of comfort. If your eyes aren’t closed yet, close them for a few moments and recognize that these things won’t disturb you. They will simply help you to become more comfortable and more relaxed. In addition, know that at any time you can open your eyes and reorient to the room if it will help you to feel safer. All you will need to do is count from one to three, in your mind, and you will find it is easy to open the eyes. In fact, try that now. Count to three in your mind and open your eyes…

See how easy it is to open the eyes? You are doing perfect and I am here with you to show you how to do this. In sleep labs and research centers around the country, they spend time teaching people how to sleep and how to control their fears about sleep. That is exactly what we are doing here, today.

Now, close the eyes again. Notice any part of the body that is carrying the tension of the day. Often, one who has not been getting enough rest or has been feeling anxious will store that tension in specific muscles. It could be the muscles of the brow or the eyes. It could be stored in the joint of the jaw, the shoulders, or the back. Take a moment to release that tension and just let those muscles relax. It feels pretty good to release that tension, doesn’t it?

Now, imagine that right in front of you is an imaginary wall with a light switch. Imagine easily being able to reach it and having the ability to flip this switch. By flipping it to the “on” position, you will instantly be able to reorient and be awake. Flipping the “on” switch will enable you to open the eyes and return to a comfortable place in the chair. And, by turning it off, you can instantly allow yourself to close the eyes and return to this relaxed state.

In fact, you can try that now. Imagine flipping the switch on and opening the eyes, comfortably paying attention to me, to yourself, and feeling safe in your chair. That was easy, wasn’t it? Throughout this process, if there is anytime you want to become fully aware of this room and your body, no matter where we are in our session, you would be able to choose to either count from one to three in your mind and open your eyes, or imagine flipping the light switch on. You can even do this when you are asleep, at night.

Are you comfortable with this process? If at anytime you are not, or if you have a question, you can count to three or turn on that switch and ask me anything. I will be here with you the whole time to help you enter this new chapter of life. This new chapter is one in which you will learn to sleep with security and safety.

Now, close your eyes and focus on your breath. With each breath, breathe air into any part of the body that is tense. Let that tension melt away and let the muscles become loose and relaxed. As you relax, focus again on your breathing and how each breath turns into an exhalation somewhere deep in the lungs. You neither have to try to speed up nor slow down your breathing. Our body knows how to breathe without our conscious direction. So, simply use the breath as a focal point for your attention.

The art of mindfulness is about paying attention to this moment; not the one that is gone and not the moment that will arrive, but this one right now. By focusing on the breath, you are brought fully into the awareness of this moment. Notice how this moment feels with the body relaxed and with me here with you. Notice yourself, just breathing in and out, with the eyes closed. You are doing perfect.

Anytime you feel anxiety or fear in life, even when you are not trying to sleep, take time to focus on the specific moment. You can do this by breathing in and out and focusing on your breath. If you do this several times a day you will begin to develop the skill of returning to the moment, bringing a tremendous sense of freedom. After all, yesterday is gone, tomorrow is a mystery, and all we have is the present. The present is a gift to you. In the present we find security, breath, safety, and that we are exactly where we are supposed to be at this moment in the universe.

I am now going to guide you through suggestions that will help you to develop a sense of control when sleeping. Let yourself drift, both physically and mentally, into a deeper state of relaxation. I will be here with you. You will not be asleep, just deeply relaxed. You are doing perfect. Let any remaining tension in the body relax. Relax the muscles of the neck and shoulders, the upper arms, and even the tiny muscles of the fingers. As they relax, note how heavy they are and how, as the muscles in the eyes relax, the eyelids become heavy.

Now, think of warmth just like that on your skin on a bright and warm day. As your hands feel very heavy, allow them to feel very warm, as well. There is now warmth and heaviness in your hands. Say to yourself, “My hands are warm and heavy. My hands are warm and heavy.” In fact, you can let that warmth be an experience from head to toe, feeling warm but never hot. Feel that warmth relaxing the muscles of the toes and feet. The lesson here is that you can create sensations within yourself. This isn’t just limited to warmth and heaviness. You can also create experiences of life and energy.


And now, relax even further. With each mindful breath, set aside any outside thoughts. Simply, return to the breath if thoughts do come. Just let your thoughts be thoughts, without attaching meaning to them and without seeing them as fear. Just be safe where you are and see these thoughts as simply thoughts. You can let them arrive in the mind and then depart, without paying any attention to them.

As you relax, forget to pay any attention to any thoughts that come. Go deeper and deeper into a state of relaxation. In this state of deep relaxation, you have already learned many things. I am here to guide you as you learn. You have done a great job, letting go and learning. In a moment, you will be able to release, now and forever, any fears or anxieties that are either known or unknown.

To begin, imagine that you are outside on a perfect day, under a clear blue sky. Imagine yourself in a wonderful place that you have been before, a place you want to visit, or even of a place entirely of your own creation. Now, bring all of your attention to a single white, puffy cloud. Watch it float leisurely and lazily through the sky. Watch it as it slowly moves off towards the distance. You can cast anything, known or unknown, that is keeping you tied to your fear, into that cloud. You become ready to let these things go forever. Of course, there will come a point where that puffy, white cloud drifts off into the horizon. It will be at that point that the mind and body are relaxed. You will not be asleep, just deeply relaxed. In this state, we are the most open to learning new things and finding new ways of being healthy.

First, I am going to share with you what is called an indirect suggestion. In fact, I am actually going to read a short poem to you. As you relax in mind and body, experience the message and the truths contained. Simply allow yourself enjoy the poem and this time. Although it is only a short poem, it is a poem that you can experience now. When you rise from this session, you can directly experience it in you own life. It goes like this:

Allow yourself to become

Intimately connected

With all your parts.

So free, to have options

And to use those options

Freely and creatively.

To know that whatever

Was in the past,

Was the best we could do.

Because it represented the best we knew.

It represented the best in our consciousness.

As we move toward knowing more,

Being more conscious,

We also then become

More connected with ourselves.

And in connecting with ourselves,

We can form connections with others.

Countdown Deepener

Direct Suggestion

I am also going to give you some direct suggestions. Of course, these are not suggestions that come from me. Rather, they are suggestions that you have asked me to make by coming here today. They are suggestions that you can easily and quickly act upon, finding that at the end of our session you will no longer return to sleepless nights. Instead, you will enjoy secure and real sleep that heals and helps the body.

As you climb into bed each night, you will focus on your breath, using that as a point of attention. You find that anytime you are distracted by any thought, fear, or worry, focusing on a simple breath will allow the intrusive thought to disappear. In your sleep, you can either count to three or use the mental light switch any time you choose. Just as in this session, using one of these methods will let you open your eyes and reorient to the room.

As you practice a moment of mindfulness each night, you will bring yourself back to this state of deep relaxation that you have created here. You find that from this point it is easy to drift into a deep, natural, and healing sleep. You will also find that each morning you will awaken five minutes before the alarm by listening to your internal clock. You will wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the new day!

Anytime you awaken in the middle of the night, let any thoughts, dreams, or images that exist, just be present. Let them be, without attaching judgment or meaning to them. Simply, focus on the breath and let them disappear into the night. Allow yourself the freedom to be secure in knowing that now is not your time for death, but your time for life. We know this because your vibrancy and desire to live is paramount to any irrational fears that may have existed.

Begin your sleep each night with an affirmation that you repeat to yourself three times, “I am safe and secure. I control my body and my mind.”


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