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Free Glove Anesthesia Hypnosis Script for Pain Management and Pre-Surgical Preparation [PDF]

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Free Glove Anesthesia Hypnosis Script for Pain Management and Pre-Surgical Preparation [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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Introduction for the hypnotist

In the world of hypnosis education and treatment, the concept of glove anesthesia is not a new one. The name is derived from helping a client to create a sensation of anesthesia in a specific part of the body. In the case of glove anesthesia, this sensation is created in the hand as if one were wearing an anesthetic glove.

Being able to create anesthetic phenomena through hypnotic suggestion is a useful tool in medical hypnotherapy, including pain management, pre-surgical preparation, or even as a profound convincer of the ease and depth of hypnotic processes.

Each person is unique and different people respond differently to processes and suggestions. Some clients have a more profound response than others. For a client who is not very kinesthetic, they may initially only feel some of the sensations suggested. That is okay, because successive sessions usually bring a greater level of experience.

Often, those who struggle to feel kinesthetic suggestions such as heaviness, warmth, or coolness, become frustrated when they do not experience a dramatic response during their first attempt. However, developing hypnotic response is like any other human activity. Time and practice are required to experience the full benefit.

Luckily, many people experience profound response to the suggestions for glove anesthesia. In fact, it has been my experience that far more experience profound results. They easily experience the full impact of this exercise, often in a single session. The lesson is that everyone can experience hypnotic phenomena. Some will need more practice than others, but all can learn from the process by practicing this technique on a regular basis.

Glove Anesthesia Session

During this session, you will be able to create a learning experience for yourself where you can discover your potential for controlling your own body and the sensations you experience. By sitting in a chair, you will be able to avoid falling asleep. After all, hypnosis is not sleep. Rather, it is a state of deep physical relaxation coupled with increased self-awareness. By uncrossing your arms and legs and resting your hands on your lap or the armrests of the chair, you will be ready to begin.

Start by closing your eyes and by scanning your body for any places where you are holding the tension of the day. If you notice tension in your brow, shoulders, or back, release that tension and let those muscles relax. Bring your attention to your breath. Notice your chest rise and fall with each breath and notice the tempo and quality of your breath. If you need to adjust for comfort to breathe more easily, that is perfectly okay. In fact, at anytime during this session if you need to move, itch, or adjust for comfort, it will not disturb you. It will simply help you to become more comfortable and relax even further.

Breathing is the only thing that we do from the first moment of life to the end of our life. It is interesting how most of us go through life without ever really focusing on a breath. As you breathe in and out, focus on your breath and note what it feels like to have your breath drawn in through your nostrils. Note that point where an inhale turns in the lungs and becomes and exhale. You do not need to try to slow down or speed up your breath. Just pay attention to each breath; in and out. By focusing on the breath, you are able to focus inward and put aside the distractions of the day. Simply take a few minutes to better your own life by learning something new and experiencing new things.

I am going to take the next few moments to guide you through a series of relaxation exercises. We will focus on relaxing the body and then the mind. During this process, you might find your mind wandering or thinking. That is perfectly okay. It certainly does not mean that you cannot experience hypnosis. After all, thinking is what minds do. However, if you should find it a distraction, simply return your focus to the breath and you will find how easy it is to regain your focus.

We often carry the tension of the day in the brow, the eyes, and the little muscles of our face and jaw. Pay attention to those muscles, especially those in the brow and around the eyes, and let them relax and release any tension they may hold. Notice that by unclenching the jaw, you can relax the muscles of the cheeks and chin. Although quite simple, this exercise of relaxing the muscles in your face can go a long way towards helping you to release any tension during a busy or stressful day.

You can relax the tension in your neck and shoulders by letting your chin drop towards your chest, taking the weight of your head off of your shoulders. Or, you can allow the chair to support your head. Let the natural heaviness of relaxation flow through the upper body, finding it quite comfortable to take a few minutes for yourself to practice something new.

Now, let the experience of relaxation extend through the upper arms and the forearms, noticing the natural sensation of heaviness that relaxation brings. As you extend this sensation of relaxation into your hands, notice the feeling of heaviness in the palms and fingers as you let each muscle release any remaining tension.

As you continue to relax, note your breath. Smooth and rhythmic, each breath brings with it a healing sense of relaxation. Notice how the breath has naturally become calm and relaxed and how the muscles of your back and chest can relax with each breath.

As you extend the sensation and awareness of relaxation into the muscles of the buttocks and thighs, sense the feeling of heaviness that relaxation brings. Now, relax the muscles of the lower legs, the calves, the ankles, and shins. Feel any remaining tension leave the body as even the toes relax. In fact, you can wiggle or spread the toes, letting even the tiny muscles of each toe relax.

Pay attention to how this experience of relaxation feels. With each breath, notice how the heart rate becomes calm and regular. You have done a great job by creating a sensation of relaxation, heaviness, and a feeling of calm. As easy as it is to create these sensations, you can begin to use these skills to create other feelings and sensations.

Notice your eyelids. Each eyelid is controlled by tiny micro muscles that open and close many times throughout each day. Notice how good it feels to let them relax and be heavy. Notice your hands and how good it feels to let them rest on your lap, heavy and comfortable. Notice how the feet and toes feel when they are totally relaxed, heavy, and comfortable.

As easily as you can relax the body, you can also relax the mind. To this point, you may have been focusing on physical relaxation, yet found the mind wandering. Did you focus on your breath, using it as a point to bring your attention inward when you noted it wandering or thinking? To fully relax the mind, simply focus on the breath, setting aside anything either known or unknown that is keeping you from fully benefiting from this experience. With each breath, note how wonderful it feels to set aside the day and increase your self-awareness. Let each breath double the sensation of relaxation. Each breath can take you to a deeper state of creativity and a profound awareness of your internal experiences.

In this session, you are never asleep, only deeply relaxed. Breathe in and out, with each breath smooth and rhythmic. Now, bring your attention to your hands. You created a feeling or sensation of heaviness in them by relaxing and letting yourself experience this process. And, although both are hands, each one is different. Perhaps your conscious mind is aware of the difference between the hands. One might feel heavier and more relaxed than the other. Or, perhaps one feels lighter or simply different than the other hand. You can try to discern the difference with the conscious mind if you would like to, or you can stop trying to figure it out and just let your subconscious mind guide you. Note that the left hand is the one you are attentive to and finding that to be the right choice for you. Or, perhaps you are drawn to the right hand. You find that by choosing that one, there is only one hand left. Of course, either way is fine. Even if you do not yet notice a difference, simply decide which hand will remain relaxed on the lap and which hand will be doing the work in this exercise.

Lift up the hand that will be doing the work and use the index finger to point to a spot on the back of the resting hand. Go ahead and touch the back of one hand with the working hand. Simply tap that spot several times on the back of the passive hand. Tap the same spot several more times and notice the sensation of being lightly tapped by one hand on the back of the other hand.

Now, let both hands rest. Continue to pay attention to the spot on the back of the passive hand where the feeling or sensation of being tapped is present. In that place where you were tapping, which is the size of your finger tip or the size of a dime, use the creative part of your mind to experience the sensation of no sensation. As easy as you can relax your muscles, create heaviness, or regulate your own heartbeat, you can allow yourself to become aware of the sensation of no sensation on this small spot on the back of your hand.

Imagine that the spot on your resting hand where the sensation of no sensation is present becomes larger and expands to the size of a quarter. Continue to let that awareness of the sensation of no sensation become larger, expanding to the size of a half-dollar and even to the size of an old-time silver dollar. It is remarkable how the creative part of the mind can focus on something that we might have overlooked before. What was overlooked is our capacity to focus on the absence of sensation or the sensation of no sensation at all.

And now, allow yourself to extend this awareness of the sensation of no sensation to the entire back of your hand. Just like the relaxation that started in your brow that was eventually experienced in all of your limbs and fingers, allow the sensation of no sensation to travel through each finger. Allow it to engulf your entire hand in a comfortable awareness of the sensation of no sensation. No longer does your hand feel heavy or light. You are no longer aware of anything but the sensation of no sensation. It feels wonderful to be able to create this awareness, doesn’t it?

Using the arm to move your anesthetized hand, bring your hand to any other part of the body where you would like to transfer this awareness to. You could simply move it to the top of the other hand or touch it to your knee. Perhaps, touch your other elbow or even a place in your jaw that feels uncomfortable. Note that by simply moving this hand and letting it touch this other place on your body, the awareness of the sensation of no sensation is easily transferred.

Now, move your arm and your hand back to where it began, resting on your lap. Note this awareness of the sensation of no sensation in both your hand and the place you have touched.

Of course, none of these experiences of awareness that you have created today come from me, rather they have come from that place inside of you that regulates your own experience. This means that anytime you need to change the way you feel, you can pay attention to the breath, a state of relaxation, or even the sensation of no sensation, anywhere in your body.

Of course, by touching a part of the body that is stressed or in pain, you can find relief. The same process can also be applied to emotional pain or discomfort. If, at anytime you find your heart or spirit is hurt, you can even create the sensation of no sensation in that place. This gives you time to begin emotionally healing and the ability to mange emotions or feelings that may have been too painful to manage.

Over the next few days and weeks, revisit this exercise several times to practice the process of increasing your awareness. Increase your awareness of comfort. You can alter your perceptions and experience new things, including the sensation of no sensation.

Now it is time to come back to this moment and place by reorienting to the room around you. Pay attention to your hands relaxing and notice a sense of lightness in them. Notice the feeling of lightness in the feet and in the eyelids. Of course, you know you could open your eyes right now, but wait a moment and continue to enjoy this state that you have created.

Now, I will count from one to three. With each number, become more alert and more awake and ready to experience the rest of the day.One, take in a deep breath, letting oxygen reach every cell of the body….Two, choose to retain a sensation of comfort in you body, mind, and spirit, while stretching out any muscles that need to be stretched….Three, feeling fantastic, open your eyes….You feel ready to use this new awareness each and every day, in any way that is beneficial to you.

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