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Free Self-Hypnosis Script to Save More Money [PDF]

Original price was: $5.94.Current price is: $2.97.

Free Self-Hypnosis Script to Save More Money [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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This script will help you to conserve money to accumulate wealth.

“I conserve and save more money.

“I develop a money-saving mindset so I accumulate more wealth. I appreciate the value of money and dissolve childlike desires for immediate gratification. As I freely choose to spend less money on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, I automatically save more money. The more I save, the more money becomes available for financial security and for things I want and need. Those things I wanted and needed are worth patiently saving for.

“I take control of my spending habits now. I accept and embrace the mature responsibility of handling my money wisely. And as I do that I discover I am quite good at saving money. I realize that saving money makes me feel like a powerful and responsible adult, because responsible adults take charge of their finances. They decide carefully before spending money and they save money whenever possible.

“From this day forward I become acutely aware of my purchasing behavior. As my awareness increases, my freedom to change my behavior also increases. So as I observe myself about to spend money on anything at all, I have a window of opportunity to rethink the purchase. I carefully consider all of my purchases, both large and small, because I know that every dollar I put aside contributes to my happiness and well-being.

“My subconscious mind automatically prompts me to save money whenever and wherever possible. As I consider any expenditure, this question will arise in my mind, ‘Do I really need to spend my money on this?’ When it arises, my mind becomes clear of emotional bias so I can evaluate rationally.

“If the expenditure is wise or necessary, I continue the transaction confidently. If I determine the expense is unwise or frivolous, I immediately discontinue the transaction and feel a surge of satisfaction that I have saved money.

“I imagine myself wheeling a shopping cart in a grocery store. I have a list of items I need to purchase. As I walk down the aisle, I see many food and beverages with colorful, attractive packaging. As I reach for a product that is not on my list, the question comes quickly to my mind: ‘Do I really need to spend my money on this?’ My thinking instantly becomes clear and free from emotional impulses. I decide the product is not on my list and is, therefore, unnecessary. I put the frivolous product back on the shelf and feel a wave of pride and satisfaction. I discover that this freedom and self-control feels much better than purchasing a thing I don’t need. And I realize that saving money is fun!

“Whether it’s cutting out coupons or waiting for sales, I seek ways to save money. Even millionaires seek good sales and bargains, so saving money in no way makes me a miser or a cheapskate. Saving money makes me smart and responsible. The more money I save, the more I can choose to spend on family, friends or charities if that’s what I want. The more money I save, the more generous I can be without harming my financial well-being. 

“I imagine myself a month from now as I review my bank account statement. I notice the reduction of expenditures and a modest increase in the balance. I have taken a positive step toward a secure and better future and that feels good. It makes me want to save even more money in the months that follow.

“Now I pretend a year has passed and I feel positively elated as I review my bank statement. The account balance is higher than it has ever been and I realize that I have amassed a sizable amount of money. I am filled with a sense of financial security and freedom. I now have a greater abundance of money and I am proud of myself for saving it. The money is there to serve me however I choose. I even consider saving up for something I have wanted for a long time and it feels so good to know I have the mindset of a saver.

“I realize I would never exchange these feelings of financial well-being and security back for careless and frivolous spending. No way! I want to keep feeling the pride and happiness that saving and accumulating money give me. So I will continue to save money whenever and wherever possible.

“When this self hypnosis session ends in a few moments, I will emerge with a money-saving mindset. The old devil-may-care attitudes and behaviors about money  will be gone and in their place will be feelings of self-control and power. Because saving more money not only makes me feel good about my finances, it makes me feel good about myself. And when I feel good about myself, I experience the kind of wealth that comes from deep within and brings me true satisfaction.”

(The Wake-Up)

“I will emerge gently and easily from hypnosis now by counting from one to five. With each number, I emerge twenty percent. When I reach the number five, I will return to everyday awareness.

“One . . . emerging twenty percent, beginning to awaken from hypnosis now. (speak a little louder and stronger)

“Two . . . forty percent now, as I become fully aware of my body and environment. (speak louder and stronger).

“Three . . . sixty percent . . . I look forward to the positive results from this hypnosis session.  (speak louder and stronger)

“Four . . . eighty percent, emerging peaceful and happy. (strongly assert your intention to emerge)

“FIVE . . . FIVE . . . FIVE . . . One hundred percent now! Wide awake and fully alert!!!”

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