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Free Hypnosis Script for Test-Taking & Academic Performance [PDF]

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Free Hypnosis Script for Test-Taking & Academic Performance [PDF] $7.94 Original price was: $7.94.$3.97Current price is: $3.97.
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Many people ask me how hypnosis can be useful for academic performance or test-taking. Hypnosis has long been used in three ways to help students be successful. It can create a sense of accomplishment and empowerment to allow a student to fully step into their higher-self and utilize the potential within them. It has also been used to teach specific skills for managing anxiety that may come when taking a test or under time pressures. In addition, hypnosis is also a tool for blocking distractions by allowing students to clear a pathway to accessing previously studied material. In this hypnosis session, all three of these issues will be addressed, allowing you to achieve your optimum level of academic performance.



Often, people who first experience hypnosis mistakenly believe that it is the same thing as sleep. However, notice that you are not asleep, just relaxed in body and focused in mind. In fact, in this state you could easily choose to let the mind drift into a daydream or focus on a thought, a feeling, or visualization. During our session, utilize the choice to stay focused, exploring the ideas and following these processes.

You are, of course, an exceptional student and you have been for a long time. However, no one ever reaches their highest potential because we are all able to raise the bar of performance a bit higher with each previous achievement. For example, a high bar jumper does not start at the height of a previous world record holder to begin his practice. Rather, he starts jumping at low distances and increases the bar by millimeters in each successive performance.

Currently, the world record holder for high jumping is a man from Cuba named Javiar Sotomayor. His record is 8.046 feet (or 2.45 meters). However, even he has broken his own record on multiple occasions, first setting the record in 1988 and then besting it in 1989 and again in 1993. With each success, there was a period of time that record was the world’s greatest, but the ability to outperform came again.

If you were conducting a science experiment on resistance and had an aerodynamic race car that had a large, square piece of plywood mounted to the front, it simply would not go very fast. Even though it is a race car, that large piece of plywood would slow it down. Of course, the answer to speeding up the car is to remove the non-aerodynamic plywood. This will let the natural curves of the racecar easily slice through the air, reducing its drag co-efficient and helping the car to maximize its potential. It is easy to see how a large piece of plywood mounted to the bumper of a car would be a useless hindrance.

What have you mounted on your academic performance? Perhaps it is fear, anxiety, and stress? These things really shouldn’t be a part of your test scores. They serve no purpose and hinder performance. Just like a pit crew could remove a large piece of plywood mounted to a race car, I bet you have the resources to go into an exam without tension, stress, or anxiety. Your toolbox of success certainly contains the equipment necessary for you to sit through an exam without an extra piece of plywood mounted to you.

As you continue to relax your body and focus your mind, return your attention to your breath. Note this moment with mindful intention. Notice the way the breath feels as you inhale and even notice the temperature of the air, itself. In this moment, as long as you are breathing, everything is exactly as it should be. To avoid fusion to the piece of plywood… I mean, anxiety, you can use this simple strategy during any exam.

When you note that you have a feeling like anxiety, fear, or worry, just note it. Say to yourself, “that was an anxious thought”, or label it as a worrisome feeling. Instead of attaching it to your bumper, just let it pass as you return your attention to your breath. Take no action on those feelings. Just let them exist while you stay in the moment and return your attention to your breath. By practicing mindfulness each day, this pattern of response will become automatic. You will discover that you can intuitively and easily master each moment, achieving your highest level of performance on every exam.

There are some things you have learned in this session that you can take with you. When I began guiding you though this process, you may recall relaxing the muscles of the body. Although this is a simple strategy, it is a very useful for managing the physical distress of anxiety and fear. Before any exam, you can take a few minutes and just note any tension in your body. We often carry stress in our muscles and if we note it and release it, just like you dropped your shoulders and relaxed the jaw, it will not become bigger. You will not feel a sense of agitation or jitteriness before an exam.

In fact, try that now to practice. Scan your body and note any tension. Simply, label it as tension and let those muscles go. Note your brow and jaw and unclench the teeth if you note any tension there. Let them relax. Focus on your hands and feet, letting them be relaxed and heavy. This process is one you can practice at any time before an exam or even during an exam to take away the jitteriness and replace it with calm.

Because you have come here today and taken the time to learn new things, it is clear your performance on exams will increase and that you will easily recall previously learned material. Have you noticed how your body has been relaxed, but as you have paid attention to this process, your mind has been quite focused. This state that you have created is an optimal state for clarity of mind. Of course, you know that this leads to easy retrieval of important information, without distraction. Now you even have a new skill for dealing with distraction, by simply returning your attention to your breath and letting a thought or a feeling just be a thought or a feeling. You don’t have to be carried away by your thoughts. So, you can say to yourself:

“I am an excellent student.”

“I find it easy and natural to become focused.”

“I am calm when I breathe.”

Posthypnotic Suggestion

Imagine a clock hanging on the wall with a black minute hand, a black hour hand, and a red second hand. The clock always moves clockwise and has given you a message that time is running out. However, that message is based on faulty premise that time is relevant to you. As an excellent student, you have beaten the clock in virtually every exam you have ever taken. Therefore, the clock really holds no meaning, as you are always given enough time. So, simply replace the old message with a new message that reminds you, when you glance at the clock, that it is time to be mindful of this second. Pay attention to your breath, feel the pencil in your hand, and the answers in your mind. Say to yourself, “In this moment, I have the resources for success”. You find that the clock is no longer a cue for anxiety, but it is replaced with a message to be mindful of the moment, as if time stands still in any exam.

Improving Memory for Tests




Suggestive Therapy

The mind already possesses the knowledge it needs to recall facts, figures, and information. There is a story about a wonderful teacher who helped his students to do better on exams. The teacher noticed that when students read passages from important books and were immediately asked questions about the readings, some students had difficulty answering the questions.

However, when the teacher asked the students unrelated questions, such as where they were last night, what they had for breakfast, or what kind of car they owned, they were able to immediately answer every question. The teacher tried an experiment by asking questions about everyday life that were easy to answer. She peppered these questions with questions about the reading material. In every case, the students were able to recall both the superfluous answers and the required questions, without hesitation. The reason this worked is simple. When relaxed, the mind is able to access all of the information stored in it.

This hypnosis session will teach you how to relax the mind and answer questions, without hesitation, by becoming physically and mentally comfortable. Anytime you find yourself hesitating on an examination question, simply think of the type of car you drive or would like to drive. Imagine yourself looking at the vehicle from a distance, sitting in the driver’s seat, or even the sound of the engine starting. Just think of it in any way you prefer.

At the moment that you create this recollection of an everyday experience, you will be able to refocus on the exam question and recall the answer correctly and without hesitation. This principle works because you are using the part of the mind that accesses recall. Simply clear the pressure off of the mind and move your awareness to something easy. Then, return your awareness to your exam. This is a great way to achieve new results and higher test scores.

Instead of thinking about a car, you can think about your favorite shirt, recall a favorite family member’s birth date, or anything else that is pleasant, comfortable, and most importantly, very familiar to you. Then, simply return your awareness to your test question and answer it, because you already know that answer is in your memory. You will also be able to handle exams without stress, by using the skills acquired in this session. You can take a deep breath, relax your muscles, or de-focus from pressure, by taking a break in your mind and returning to this profound state of openness and confidence that you are currently experiencing.

Be still for another moment and allow your mind to recall all that you need in order to do well on your exams. You know that because you have studied and practiced, you already possess the knowledge and memory needed to pass the exam.

You have the information.

You have recall.

You have confidence.

You have control.

You have focus.

You have the ability to test and perform well.

As you hear each of the following words, recall a positive situation or experience that you relate to each.










Again, be still for a moment and allow your mind to recall all that you need in order to do well on your exams. You know that because you have studied and practiced, you already possess the knowledge and memory needed to pass the exam. You will do well.

You have the information.

You have memory recall.

You have confidence.

You have control.

You have focus.

You have the ability to test and perform well.


Overcoming Test-Taking Anxiety and Stress


At every level, students have benefited from hypnosis for reducing test-taking anxiety and helping them to prepare for every kind of test imaginable. Studies show that reducing anxiety can have as much impact on test-taking performance as any other aspect. You are about to learn the skills of self-hypnosis that can assist you in reducing physical and emotional tension prior to taking examinations. With these skills, tests in school, vocational tests, entrance exams, and board and licensure exams will be experienced in a new way. You will be able to approach each exam with confidence, empowerment, and success.

Hypnosis is a great tool for reducing test-taking anxiety. It will work to help you reduce anxiety because hypnosis is an educational process that teaches easy-to-use skills for physical relaxation. In many cases, the physical sensation of anxiety produces even more anxiety. This compounding effect can be broken with simple strategies.

Everyone who experiences hypnosis learns the physical skills of managing anxiety automatically, just by engaging in the process and following the directions. Hypnosis can also help you create new patterns of emotional response. I am going to give you suggestions that will help you to see test-taking from a new perspective. This will permit you to confidently and calmly enter any situation where you are taking a test. These skills can also be used apart from test-taking, in any situation in life where you want to create confidence and handle situations without anxiety.

I am going to guide you through a process of hypnosis that uses progressive muscle relaxation.

This is important, because learning the difference between tension and relaxation will be a helpful experience for you. Are you ready?

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