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Free Hypnosis Script for Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking and Stage Fright [PDF]

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Free Hypnosis Script for Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking and Stage Fright [PDF]
Free Hypnosis Script for Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking and Stage Fright [PDF] $7.94 Original price was: $7.94.$3.97Current price is: $3.97.
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People ask me all the time if hypnosis can help with stage fright or improve public speaking. It has been said that public speaking is one of the most common fears that people have. True or not, this session offers solutions to help you overcome your fear of public speaking and enter into any situation with confidence and power. Hypnosis works to help people end stage fright by doing three things. First, it teaches the skills of physical relaxation and allows you to control your internal fear response, calmly approaching any situation in front of an audience. Second, it reprograms your subconscious association with fear in front of crowds and replaces it with a true belief-set. This belief set is based on you inner ability to succeed. Third, hypnosis provides confidence to powerfully deliver your message in front of any group and in any situation.

In this session, I will teach you proven strategies for overcoming fears and you will be able to use these in any situation where you are speaking before the public. Hypnosis is not difficult to learn. It is not magic and it is not something that I am going to do to you. Instead, it is something that I am going to teach you to utilize.

Everyone can experience hypnosis. Each and every day, we cycle between various levels of alertness, calm, attention, and levels of daydreaming or inattention. Hypnosis is simply a skill-set for using these natural trance processes to create dynamic and lasting change. The idea is for you to use the information from this session to approach any situation differently than you have in the past. Even if you have had experiences where you have been embarrassed or fearful, through the techniques we cover today you can experience confidence, calmness, and success in the future.

The first stage of this process will involve simple tools for developing a sense of physical calm.

Then we will turn our attention to some mental exercises that many have found to eliminate stage fright completely.


Autogenic Relaxation is recommended.

Suggestive Therapy

In only a few moments, you have created a state of deep calm and relaxation. You have even altered your perceptions by feeling warmth and heaviness. These are our first lessons that demonstrate that you have control over your body and its response to any situation, at any time.

Now, allow yourself to enter an even deeper level of trance, doubling the sensation that you have created, with each number.







Although you can always hear my voice and follow my instructions, during this learning process allow the creativity of your mind to both hear and experience these tools. Realize that what you can practice here, you can manifest on stage. Hear again my words that what you can practice here, you can manifest on stage, before any sized group.

Many people develop a fear of public speaking based on previous experiences where they have been embarrassed, frozen, or even made fun of before a group. For some, these experiences have been recent. For others, they were in the distant past. However, right now you are here in the safety of this room and time has passed since this unpleasant experience. The past, as uncomfortable as it may have been, is exactly that… the past. You are now beyond your past and experiencing this in the present. You are moving towards a future where the past is no longer present and your goal can easily be achieved.

As you relax, think of a large wall clock with big numbers. Think about the kind of clock that might hang in a classroom or an industrial building. See the time at noon, at three, at six, and then nine. In your mind, speed up those hands circling the dial many times, bringing you to the present. See the hands at two, four, six, and eight. Even see those hands at one, three, five, seven, nine, and eleven.

With each turn of the dial, go deeper into a sense of security, as you find yourself in the present, having given up the old idea of past experiences. There will come a point where the clock becomes a blur and the numbers are no longer important. Your attachments to those past experiences are far in the distance, as you deeply experience calm, here and now. It is quite an experience to give up old associations and enter the present filled with calmness and security, isn’t it?

Take a moment to notice your breathing. It is calm, smooth, and rhythmic. You may have forgotten to remember the clock that, moments ago, we identified and then lost focus of. The hands blurred as time moved and you simply stopped paying attention to it. This ability is the ability to defocus. Anytime you are in front of a group and begin to feel the edge of panic, you can use this same skill of defocusing. Take your eyes off of the crowd and blur the image of the people, if even for a moment. You can even imagine the turning hands of a large clock, moving faster and faster to blur the crowd. It is amazing how simply blurring your focus and continuing your presentation or thought can now be done without panic and without anxiety.

It is time to remove the “what ifs” and replace them with new thoughts. “What-if” statements are statements that we make to ourselves that precede panic. In fact, without them many people would never experience panic. Perhaps you have said to yourself, “What if I freeze? What if I fail?” You might have even said, “What if I panic or sweat?” What if you never told yourself such thoughts? What if you replaced every “what if” with a new statement such as “I am,” and told yourself things like, “I am calm.” Are you calm right now? Of course you are. You are in the safety of your surroundings, listening to me.

Continue breathing smoothly and relaxed. Your eyes are closed and you are calm. This is a wonderful state. Say to yourself, “I am calm,” and be calm. Replace thoughts like, “What if I panic?” or “What if I freeze?” or any other “what if” statement with an “I am” statement.

Tell yourself:

I am confident.

I am clear.

I am focused.

I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing to communicate, share, and speak.

I am able to confidently communicate.

Say this to yourself, several more times:

I am able to confidently communicate.

I am able to confidently communicate.

Allow yourself to not only say this, but to feel it as well. Right here and right now, as you listen, feel yourself being one who confidently communicates, performs, and speaks. Feel it in your mind, in your heart, and in every cell of the body. As you breathe in, breathe breaths of confidence and put yourself in the state you desire, as a confident communicator. As you do this, pay attention to your right foot. Say to yourself, “I am a confident communicator,” and pay attention to your right foot. As you feel that confidence, anchor that foot to the ground. Associate that anchor to your state by paying attention to your confidence and your foot. Feel your foot like a lead weight that is stuck to the floor, powerfully anchored to the ground.

Your whole body is relaxed, but that foot is anchored to the floor. Try to lift it and find that it becomes more and more stuck. Anchored to the ground, your foot becomes more and more stuck the harder you try to move it. Now, stop trying. Go deeper and deeper and let yourself double the sensation of relaxation.

Anytime you are before an audience, anchor that right foot to the ground and feel this state of confidence and calm that you have created. Should you find your thoughts wandering, your body moving towards the edge of panic, or any discomfort, if even for just a moment, anchor that right foot to bring yourself instantly back to this state of being a calm and confident communicator. At that point, you will be able to move your foot, yet still remain a confident communicator.

Relax even deeper.






Have you ever seen a movie about old battles between men on horses with swords, spears, and shields? Of course you have. The shield served a very important function. It protected those at risk during battle. Like these horsemen, you can create a shield to protect yourself from embarrassment, hurt, or rejection. In the old days, shields were made of wood, iron, or other metals. However, your shield can be made up of something even more powerful…. your higher self. Your higher self is that part of you that is capable, able, and confident. You can construct your shield from that part inside of you that is heroic, passionate, and powerful.

This shield of your own higher self is mightier than anything that is negative and has protected you to this point in life, in a variety of situations. See yourself as you are, holding that shield. Perhaps even decorate it with symbols, colors, or shapes that represent your higher self and the ideals within you.

When you speak, when you perform, or when you present, imagine this shield on the front of your podium or on the curtains behind you. You could even imagine that it is invisible to the audience, but safely hemming you in behind its protective form. Do you notice how confident you feel now that you are safe from distraction, embarrassment, or other unhelpful feelings?

Say to yourself:

I am emotionally strong.

I am resilient.

I am a confident and capable communicator.

I am sure that you are a person who chooses their own destiny in life. I know this is true because you have chosen to participate in this session. Therefore, I know that you are also able to seize control over any situation by recognizing that even though your fear once gave control to others, by participating in this session you have regained control. In fact, like your ability to feel heaviness, warmth, or even calmness, you now control each and every situation in front of an audience, even those situations where you formerly gave control to others by allowing yourself to be controlled by fear.

Let’s take a moment to visualize and use the creative part of the mind. Most people find this easy to do, but if you struggle with creating mental pictures, you can experience the feeling or listen to the sounds of the instructions that I give. Imagine yourself getting ready for your next presentation or performance and realizing that as you prepare in the days or hours preceding this event, you are calm and confident. See yourself without a problem or concern, getting dressed for your event and comfortably and calmly traveling to this event. See yourself as you want to be, entering this event and taking a few moments to prepare before it is time to begin. Notice how calm and confident you are.

See yourself projecting into this imaginary situation and stepping into the moment that you will begin your presentation. You greet the audience with your name, a first line or action, and see yourself confidently communicating and performing without ever entering a state of panic, fear, or embarrassment. See yourself as you want to be, smooth and rhythmic, poised and effective. See yourself completing this event, finishing your presentation, and stepping aside upon completion, having remained as you know you can be.

Feel what this will feel like and even hear the audience responding positively, as that higher self that has protected and guided you congratulates you for your success. It feels good to be you and to have completed this presentation or performance, easily and calmly.

The human mind is fascinating. Everything that exists in this world had to be an idea first. You had the idea to come to this session and overcome your fear, in order to become a confident communicator. Like the idea for inventing the light bulb, the wheel, or the clock, your idea has become your reality. You just imagined a scenario of success, which is an idea. You created it in your mind. As you create in your mind, so it is in your life. I want to give you some other ideas. These are ideas that are based in research.

The things we research can be fascinating and one thing we have discovered is that citrus juice, such as orange juice, lowers our blood pressure. For up to 40 minutes after drinking orange juice, we produce fewer stress hormones in the body. Each time you perform, you will use this to your advantage by drinking a citrus beverage and experiencing the benefits research has shown.

Research has also shown that scents like lavender and vanilla can reduce anxiety. Plan to purchase some incense or perfume with lavender or vanilla and prepare for any presentation by exposing yourself to these scents. If you have any allergies or cannot find such scents, it is amazing how our bodies have the ability to simulate vanilla or lavender just by thinking about it. You can even try that now by breathing in. With each breath, notice that with just the thought of either lavender or vanilla, you are able to associate this with calm and peace.

You have done a lot in this time and have overcome your fear of performing or public speaking.

Before you open your eyes and reorient to the room, I am going to share one more technique with you. This one comes from a famous actor that once experienced stage fright. Before every show, this actor imagined that everyone in the audience was a clone of a loved one who was supportive and affirming. Perhaps he imagined his spouse, a family member, or a trusted friend. In any situation, you can do this too. Just allow yourself to feel enveloped by the affirming support and care of that person who is your biggest supporter. You can make this your reality and be embraced by your audience in the same way your biggest supporter supports you.

And now, before we reorient and return to a state of alertness, give yourself a moment to realize that these changes have already taken place. You are now a confident communicator. Allow yourself to breathe in satisfaction, empowerment, and just enjoy the success you have created today. Over the next week, make these concepts a part of your life. Take time to enjoy all of these feelings of success, in each of your practice sessions.


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