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Free Hypnosis Script for Enhancing Golf Performance [PDF]

Original price was: $5.94.Current price is: $2.97.

Free Hypnosis Script for Enhancing Golf Performance [PDF]
Free Hypnosis Script for Enhancing Golf Performance [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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Golf: Enhancing Focus and Confidence

Sometimes, people wonder if hypnosis can really improve someone’s golf game. However, you already know the answer because you have become calm and relaxed in hypnosis. You know that inside of you there is the ability to focus on each swing and control your muscles, breathing, arc, and every element of your golf game. In fact, in the past you have done well by playing some very good rounds of golf. You can draw on these successes in the future by envisioning yourself hitting the ball well, with the proper form and follow through, each time you step to the ball in the rough or on the fairway. Mental imagery is a big part of golf, and at this moment you can mentally review every action you already know how to take to achieve success.

Picture some of your best tee shots. Review what you did in the moments that preceded stepping up to the ball. Review the moments that you checked your grip and stance. Now, review your swing and follow through and note each correct thing that you have done. These are the skills you already possess. You do not need to learn anything new to do well; you simply need to incorporate these actions into every golf game you play. You know that you are capable of this level of performance because you have achieved it in the past.

Imagine a difficult shot that you have made from the rough or a sand trap. Again, imagine your focus and your frame of mind. Review all of the actions you took to make the shot that you were so proud of. Instead of focusing on what is wrong in your game, you now have the ability to replicate that which is good in your game. Draw from these past experiences to do well in the future. Your confidence is increased from the knowledge that you already have what you need to achieve your goals.

From this point forward, with every swing you can effortlessly, calmly, and confidently succeed at your goals. Anytime you lack confidence, simply bring yourself back to this point where you are now. It is this state of calm confidence that you can utilize whenever the need arises. Then, step to the ball and follow through with ease. You have undertaken a bold step today; one that you can be resolutely proud of.

I am going to count from one to five and as I do, you will become more alert and energetic. You will feel a sense of serenity and accomplishment like you have never experienced before. From this point forward, through the rest of the day, you will be able to handle stressful situations with calmness.

One, becoming more awake…

Two, health and energy flow through every fiber and cell of your body…

Three, more alert now…

Four, you are almost awake, but feel calm…

Five, fully alert now…

You are fully awake, refreshed, and energized! You know that in every day and in every way, you are becoming better and better.

Golf: Perfect Putting

In this state of serenity, you are able to become aware of anything you want. You can focus on to your body, your imagination, your desires, or your experiences. Golf is a game of focus. Many professional golfers will tell you that the game is 99% mental. I am speaking to your subconscious now and you are aware of these words. You enjoy golf and have experienced success in your game. Not every putt is perfect, but you have had the experience of making a long putt with ease and even occasionally surprising yourself.

In the past, you have certainly enjoyed the moment when a putt appeared impossible to the other golfers, but you measured the break perfectly. You tapped the ball with just the right amount of speed and watched as it landed in the center of the hole. Every putt can be like this for you. You can do this by moving your awareness to a point where you cast away doubts, concerns, or stressors. You simply have to focus, like you are easily doing right now, on the perfect putt.

It is easy to move your awareness to your game and away from distractions. You can move your awareness at any time. As you putt, you will become aware of your increased confidence and aware of your ability to do well on each green. You know that this awareness is possible because you have succeeded in the past with some very difficult putts. Becoming consistent is one of the keys to successful putting. You can now putt with consistent success because you are able to move your awareness to your body and relax the muscles that need to be relaxed to succeed. You are able to move your awareness to your focus and confidence. These lessons create the successful experiences you desire and that you can now act upon consistently.

It is easy for you to simply dissolve distractions. Like a scene change in a movie or TV show, every distraction will simply melt way and dissolve as you approach the ball. From this point forward, when you putt your focus will be relaxed and on target. It will feel comfortable moving your focus to success and it will be something you can do with ease because this is a natural state for you. Envision that perfect putt. Watch yourself step onto the green with your putter in hand and easily make the putt that you need to. Each time you approach the ball in the future, bring yourself back to this perfect place of focus and confidence.

Awareness is a wonderful thing. You have the ability to become aware of all that is important to bring this experience in hypnosis to every aspect of your life, especially your concentration and focus. You have the ability to create relaxing focus for yourself and to experience this focus at any time, with all five of your senses.

As I count to three, you will become more aware of the room around you and of the satisfaction that you can feel. You will find it easier to experience hypnosis again in the future and to apply these lessons to all of your experiences. One, with your eyes closed, simply move your awareness to a more alert state. Two, you can open your eyes if you would like to or keep them closed for another moment, as you begin to feel more energetic and refreshed. It is as if you have experienced a very pleasurable and invigorating moment. Three, you are wide awake. Open your eyes and enjoy your day.

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