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Free Hypnosis Script for Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) [PDF]

Original price was: $5.94.Current price is: $2.97.

Free Hypnosis Script for Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) [PDF]
Free Hypnosis Script for Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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As you relax more deeply with each breath you breathe, every positive and beneficial idea on this recording flows into the deepest and most powerful parts of your mind and brain, and your powerful inner mind locks every positive idea into place and makes it true for you. Every breath you breathe while listening to this recording causes you to relax more deeply, and every breath you breathe causes your inner mind to magnify and strengthen every positive and beneficial idea on the recording over and over and thousands of times over.

Your beautiful meadow is an inner sanctuary, It is a place where every part of your mind is welcome and respected. Your inner meadow is a place where you can meet every part of yourself to resolve difficulties or explore creative solutions to any problem in your life. You simply relax into your beautiful meadow and go even deeper with every breath as your inner mind accepts and implements every good idea on this recording.

Bruxing… clenching and grinding your teeth… is a habit. It is a habit that has been automated and locked into your subconscious mind, most likely as a well-intended but ineffective way of reducing stress or expressing aggression. All habits are learned behaviors. Even subconscious habits are learned behaviors. Anything that the mind has learned can be unlearned and corrected. In your beautiful meadow, your inner mind is reviewing its habit of grinding your teeth. Your inner mind is understanding the damage that tooth grinding is doing. And your inner mind is coming up with new and effective ways of dealing with stress and aggression. Every time you listen to this recording, or any stress reduction recording, your inner mind amplifies and strengthens the process of understanding and eliminating tooth grinding from your life. Your inner mind is finding positive and effective means of dealing with stress. And you are eliminating bruxing permanently from your life. 

Since bruxing is a subconscious habit, there is a part of your subconscious mind that is in control of the habit… a part of your inner mind thinks it is helping you in some way by causing you to grind your teeth. This part of your mind is not your enemy. It is a part of your mind that is trying to help you, probably to relieve stress or aggression. But the bruxing part of your mind has simply made a mistake. The bruxing part of your inner mind isn’t talking with the rest of your mind. The grinding part of your mind has never realized that the tooth grinding itself is far more harmful to you, and far more stressful than anything it is designed to fix. It is time to help the bruxing part of your mind reconnect with the rest of your mind to find effective ways of relieving stress and rechanneling aggression.  

Imagine that you could talk with the bruxing part of your mind. Imagine the tooth grinding part of your mind as if you could talk with it right here in your safe and beautiful inner meadow. Imagine that you could connect a computer-to-computer cable to your inner tooth grinder… a cable that is capable of transmitting vast amounts of information, conscious and subconscious alike, to your inner grinder. Just take a moment to imagine your inner tooth grinder here in the room with you NOW… (Pause 10 seconds)

As you allow yourself to be in contact with your inner tooth grinder, you begin sending over everything you know about the negative consequences of bruxing, at the speed of thought across that mental cable. You send the bruxing part of your mind information about the physical harm and discomfort bruxing causes and about the financial impact of grinding and about harming your teeth and jaws. You send your inner bruxer information about the negative impact tooth grinding has on the people around you, especially anyone who has to listen to you at night. Show your inner grinder how bad it feels to have a negative habit controlling you. Every part of your conscious and subconscious mind sends every bit of information you have about the negative consequences of tooth grinding over the mental cable to your inner bruxer. And every part of you, conscious and subconscious alike, tells your inner bruxer how incredibly much you want to leave this negative and self-destructive habit in the past. You inform your inner grinder that you wish to find effective ways to relieve stress. You inform your inner grinder of your immense desire to truly transform aggression… not turn it against your own body. Over the next few seconds, there is a vast flow of conscious and subconscious information flowing to your inner bruxer… (Pause 10 seconds)

As all that new and true information fills your inner bruxer, you also send a wave of thanks and self-forgiveness because you realize your inner bruxer was never trying to cause all this difficulty. Your inner bruxer was trying to help you, and simply made an error about what helping you really means. So you thank your inner bruxer for what it was trying to do. And you recognize that if your inner tooth grinder reconnects with the rest of your mind, it can play an important and meaningful role in your life.

Next, you show your inner bruxer that you are not the same person you were when you first started bruxing. Perhaps, way back then, grinding your teeth was the best thing you could do. But you are different now. You have learned many more effective and positive ways of dealing with stressful situations and stressful people. Your conscious and subconscious mind sends over a vast amount of information about all the many effective and creative ways you now know for relieving stress and tension. You show your inner bruxer, at the speed of thought, all the effective new stress relief techniques and powerful life skills you are continuing to learn. And you show your inner bruxer, that it can be an important part of your integrated mind. If it chooses to reconnect with the rest of you, your inner bruxer can take on the job of helping your learn even more effective and creative ways to relieve stress and live life fully. Your inner bruxer can also take charge of finding creative ways to truly let go of aggression, or channel aggressive energies into creativity that makes life better for everyone… (Pause 10 seconds)

As your inner bruxer takes on the new role, it also gets a new title. Bruxing is a thing of the past and it fades into the past. When you were little, you had training wheels on your bike, but now you drive a car. In the same way, bruxing fades into your past, just like training wheels, and your inner bruxer now becomes the driver of your new and creative methods of relieving stress and transforming aggression. This creative and helpful part of your mind now informs you of the new title that makes sense for it. And as that new title locks into place, you feel a wave of healing energy as every part of your mind, including this newly renamed creative part of you, melts and merges together into a single, intercommunicating wholeness, never to be separated again… (Pause 10 seconds)

As you feel that wonderful wave of reconnection, bruxing fades from your life. Things that upset you, hurt your feelings or angered you in the past no longer bother you. The things that stressed you in the past roll off you like water off a duck’s back. The things and people that annoyed you in the past are so much more in perspective now… you never sweat the small stuff and your realize 99% of everything is small stuff. You are calm and relaxed almost all the time and you take life in stride because you know that you have all the resources you need to meet any challenge that life brings you, and thrive. Your inner mind is now finding new and fulfilling ways of creatively reacting to every challenge in life.

You especially enjoy breathing deeply and peacefully. Whenever the old habit of grinding your teeth even begins to start, your inner mind now gives you three deep, relaxing breaths in a row. As you exhale those deep breaths, the tension flows out of your jaw; and your head and neck relax. The tooth grinding fades away before it even begins. And every time your subconscious mind sends those relaxing breaths instead of clenching and grinding, it becomes 10,000 times easier and more automatic to take the relaxing breaths the next time.

Practice now. Remember and imagine some person or event from the past that stressed or annoyed you. Let that situation fill your mind. Remember how in the past, that situation would have led to clenching and grinding. Now, take a deep breath…(Pause)…  and as you let it out, feel yourself relax more deeply. (Pause)    Take the second deep, relaxing breath in. (Pause)… Let it go, and feel even the muscles of your face and jaw relax… (Pause)… Take in the third deep, relaxing breath… (Pause)… and as you let it go, everything comes into perspective. You relax deeply knowing that the old situation has no power over you. And the entire urge to grind simply fades forever into the past.  Your powerful inner mind now automates this entire process. Anytime something stresses or annoys you, you automatically take 3 deep relaxing breaths. You feel a wave of calm, and you feel a deep and powerful confidence that no matter what is going on, you have everything you need to meet the challenge and thrive. And all desire to clench and grind, and all the clenching and grinding itself, fades entirely into your past, replaced by your mind’s new and dynamic dedication to finding fulfilling and creative solutions to every challenge in your life.

And now it is time to return to your normal state of awareness, bringing amazing and gratifying changes with you. All the old pattern of clenching and grinding is fading away, and the newly reintegrated parts of your mind are creating positive and powerful new ways to truly transform the stresses of the past. You can return to your beautiful room, this place of powerful inner transformation, any time you want, by listening to the recording, or simply closing your eyes and thinking about your peaceful inner sanctuary. Your inner mind signals its acceptance of the positive and beneficial ideas on this recording by continuing your peaceful breathing… just the way you are. And every breath you breathe causes you inner mind to magnify these positive ideas over and over, and make them totally true for you.

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