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Free Hypnosis Script for Bedwetting (Nocturnal Enuresis) [PDF]

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Free Hypnosis Script for Bedwetting (Nocturnal Enuresis) [PDF]
Free Hypnosis Script for Bedwetting (Nocturnal Enuresis) [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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The number one truth that I want every part of you to know is this. Bedwetting always gets better. No one has ever gotten to be 50, or even 30 and still wet the bed. Everyone eventually solves the bedwetting problem in their own time. This recording is to help you move up the time that you get bedwetting out of your life. You are going to solve it eventually. Let’s just make it sooner rather than later. Your inner mind is open to accepting every positive suggestion on this recording and putting them into practice so that bedwetting fades out of your life forever in the fastest healthy time possible starting today.

As you rest in the meadow, begin to picture and imagine your problem with bedwetting as if it were an object. That is, imagine an object that symbolizes the bedwetting for you… the bedwetting itself and all the problems it causes you. That object symbolizes all the reasons for the bedwetting, whether you consciously know them or not, whether they are physical causes or emotional reasons. It doesn’t matter whether you consciously know the reasons or not. Your inner mind knows the reasons. And this object symbolizes them. Your object symbolizes the frequency and severity of the bedwetting problem. And it also symbolizes any gains or benefits that you get because of the problem, such as attention. In short, the object represents and symbolizes every aspect of the problem of bedwetting in your life. Just take a moment and imagine an object that symbolizes your bedwetting problem for you. (Pause 10 seconds)

And as you imagine that object, be aware of its color, its size, and its shape. Feel the feelings that are part of the object. And tell your subconscious mind that you truly want to remove that object and all it represents from your peaceful meadow, and from your life forever, starting right now.

Carry, push or drag that ugly, heavy, useless bedwetting object to the edge of your meadow, where there is a road going by. This long, winding, sometimes beautiful, road is the road of your life. Realize how long you have been carrying this miserable, worthless bedwetting object along the road of your life. It has been so long. And the time has finally come to set yourself free of that heavy, wet, miserable, burden.

I want to invite you to set the bedwetting object down on the side of the road away from your meadow. The bedwetting has never belonged in your meadow. That’s right, for a little while, just put that soaking, miserable object by the side of the road and let go of it. When you set the object down, you are setting all that it represents aside as well. You are showing your mind that you want it to let go of bedwetting and set you free. Notice how light and free it feels to set this burden down. You feel so light that you could just drift away.

So go with that feeling of lightness, and allow yourself to float up above the meadow, and above the road of your life. Floating upward like a helium balloon, rising so high that you begin to see the entire road of your life down below you. Floating so high that you can’t make out any specific events on the road of your life, but you can see the entire road… from before you were born to beyond the doorway to heaven. Floating so high that the bedwetting object down below is nothing more than a tiny speck alongside your beautiful road and meadow. And notice that your meadow isn’t a small place. It is an infinitely vast meadow that is always touching the road of your life, always present for you. And it stretches far beyond your field of view. No wonder your meadow is so peaceful and the bedwetting object has no place there. Your meadow is a place of infinite peace.

As you float in the calm light, high above the road and meadow, begin to time travel into your future. You do that by floating forward above the road of your life. I don’t know exactly how far you need to go, but I know that somewhere, not very far ahead of you on the road of life, there is a place where that crummy bedwetting object is completely gone. Just a little way ahead in your life, there is a time where the miserable bedwetting object has completely disappeared. I don’t know exactly how far ahead it is. I just know that place where the bedwetting is gone is not very far ahead. Remember, bedwetting always eventually cures itself. So I know there is a place where you are free in your future. Just keep floating forward until you are over that place where the object is either vanished completely or totally transformed into something light, beautiful and life sustaining. Remember that all bedwetting eventually cures itself, so I know there is a place just a little way ahead on the road of your life where the problem is already solved.

You feel a strong invitation to go down and meet your own future self, the you who lives up ahead in that future where you are totally free of the burden and embarrassment of bedwetting… A time and place where that bedwetting object has been completely removed from the road of your life. You accept the invitation to meet your dry, healthy, confident future self. And you begin floating down to the road of your life to meet your own dry future self. The very first thing you notice is that your future self is waiting to greet you. It’s your future, so your future self knows you are coming to visit.

And you are amazed that your future self greets you with 100% total and complete love and acceptance of you just as you are in this moment… bedwetting problem and all.  It is such an amazing feeling, and you let your heart open to accept the love and total acceptance. That total acceptance is for two reasons. First, your future self cannot even exist without you being exactly who you are in this moment. So your future self loves and accepts you just as you are. And second, your wise future self has rediscovered that you are a child of God, or of a creative and infinite universe, and greets you as the child of God that you are.

And you ask your future self: “how does it feel to be me, here in the future, where the miserable bedwetting object, and all it represents, are gone from my life forever?” And as your future self tells you and shows you how good it feels to be healthy and dry and free. You open your heart and allow those good feelings to totally fill you. It feels so good that words cannot express it. Just open your heart and allow those good feelings to fill you. And as you allow those vast feelings of freedom and dryness and confidence to flow from your future self to you, you let your deepest healing subconscious mind to study those good feelings. And your inner mind begins doing whatever healthy things are required to bring you these wonderful feelings of health and freedom and confidence permanently in the fastest healthy time possible for you, starting NOW.

You ask your future self to give you or hints and clues, either conscious or subconscious, to help you get to where your future self is even sooner. And you listen carefully as your future self tells you and shows you directions, clues or hints that help you arrive at total freedom and dryness even more quickly. As I let my voice be quiet for 20 seconds, your future self shares a vast amount of conscious and subconscious advice at the speed of thought. (Pause 20 seconds)

Return to my voice, knowing that even if you are not consciously aware of specific clues or instructions, your vast inner mind has been filled with an immense amount of guidance from your wise future self about how to set you permanently free of bedwetting. And if you received specific conscious recommendations, you remember them and apply them joyfully in your outer life.

Your wise future self is always available for you to visit for advice, just by closing your eyes and floating forward over the road of life. You can talk with your wise future self any time you like just by closing your eyes and thinking about the road and the meadow.

Next, let’s travel back to your beautiful meadow knowing that deep inside, your vast and incredible inner mind is doing whatever it needs to do to set you totally free of bedwetting and all the negatives that go with it forever in the fastest healthy time for you. And every time you talk with your wise future self, the positive changes get stronger and happen faster.

As you float backwards over the present, you look down and see that the ugly object is already beginning to fade away. It is already getting smaller and lighter and beginning to disappear. And that is because now that your inner mind has experienced the freedom, health and good feelings of your future, it is already doing whatever healthy things it needs to do to get the bedwetting object and everything it represents, out of your life in the fastest healthy way possible.

You notice the changes happening and you are overjoyed. Every morning now, you wake up feeling great and ready to go. If you need to wake up at night, you rouse yourself easily. It is as if your bladder has an alarm clock in your brain now. And if your bladder is full and needs emptying, the alarm goes off and wakes you up in plenty of time to get to the toilet. The sphincter muscles for your bladder, the muscles that have to relax so you can pee, are completely tight. Your bladder sphincter muscles can only relax if you are sitting on a toilet or standing in front of a toilet. No matter how much the rest of your body relaxes, your bladder sphincter muscles are completely tight unless you are sitting on a toilet or standing in front of a toilet.

Your subconscious mind studies your rectal sphincter, the muscles you have to relax to poop. You never poop the bed because, no matter how much the rest of your body relaxes, your rectal sphincter muscles never relax unless you are sitting on a toilet. Your subconscious mind now makes your bladder sphincter muscles work just like your rectal sphincter muscles. Your bladder sphincter muscles never relax, and your bladder never empties, unless you are sitting on a toilet or standing in front of a toilet. 

It is so easy to get up at night, empty your bladder in the toilet, return to bed and fall soundly asleep for the rest of the night. Because you have eliminated all the reasons for bedwetting from your mind, along with the problem itself, you find it easy to get up in the night if you have to. You also find that your bladder holds twice as much as it used to all night long.

You never sleep too deeply for your bladder to wake you up. You have an internal alarm that gently, but firmly, wakes you up from even the deepest sleep if your bladder needs to be emptied. The alarm in your brain is connected directly to your bladder and it always wakes you up long before you urinate. When you are asleep at night, your bladder sphincter muscles are tight and sealed. They only relax and let you pee if you are sitting on a toilet, or standing in front of a toilet.

Every time you wake up in the night to go to the bathroom, you feel an incredible sense of happiness because you are a total success. You sleep soundly, but wake up easily when you need to urinate. After you urinate, you fall asleep easily and refresh you body and mind totally with good, deep sleep. And even in your deepest sleep and relaxation, your bladder muscles stay tight and your bladder stays closed. You feel good about yourself… better than ever before. And you feel a deep sense of pride and accomplishment because you are leaving the bedwetting behind you. It is so good to feel your body working at its normal and natural best, just the way it is designed to. It feels so good to know that you are totally leaving the problem in your past. You are happier than ever before. Your family is happier. Everyone who knows about the problem is happy. Just imagine the look on your doctor’s face when you say: “I don’t have a problem anymore. I used the incredible power of my mind to totally leave that old problem behind me.” It feels so good to know that your inner mind is changing your life and solving this old problem so quickly that before you know it, the problem is completely vanished, just like that miserable object you banished from your mind today.

If all these suggestions are acceptable to your mind, you simply keep breathing… just the way you are, and with each and every day, in each and every way, your mind is erasing your bedwetting problem so quickly and completely that it is totally amazing.

You can return to your meadow and your wise future self any time you want, just by listening to this recording, and every time you listen to this recording the changes happen faster and faster. Every time you listen to this recording, all the good ideas for totally leaving bedwetting in your past get stronger and stronger.

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