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Childbirth #1

Now feel yourself relaxing deeper and even deeper.

As you go deeper and relax even more deeply with every breath, you are able to picture and imagine the marvelous joy of childbirth.  And you are enjoying every moment… so peaceful… so relaxed… so content… so very calm… tranquil and at ease… And you are recognizing and realizing how wonderful your birthing experience is for you and your baby. You are alert, relaxed and free of worry, so you are giving your baby the gift of a conscious and fear-free birth, the most wonderful gift you can offer a new baby.

And just relaxing deeper and even deeper, feel how wonderful your birthing experience is in your imagination. Just imagine it as if you were there already. Realize that at this actual moment you are not giving birth. Know that it is still in the future. For now, picture and imagine the birthing experience just the way you want it to be.

Your baby is now within you developing and growing, preparing for entry into the world. Let yourself and allow yourself to feel and imagine your baby is already outside, with you.  See your baby smiling, looking at you with love and adoration. Feel your baby snuggling in your arms. So content, so soft. See your baby looking into your eyes with such deep appreciation and such unconditional love. You are a wonderful mother.

Your baby’s birth is a completely natural event in your life. Childbirth is a joyful experience and a perfectly natural process of your body and mind. You body has been prepared by countless ancestors to do the perfect job of bringing your baby safely into the world. Visualize and feel yourself relaxing during childbirth. So courageous, so confident, so strong, and so deeply relaxed through all the process of giving birth. 

Realizing that you are not giving birth right now and that everything happens in its natural time, just picture and imagine giving birth to your baby. Just imagine how wonderful it is. One group of muscles is dilating and relaxing in the womb and birth canal so that baby can go further down. Another set of muscles in the abdomen and womb are contracting to gently push baby out into the light. All your muscles are working in perfect coordination and harmony to create the miracle. You know your body is doing its natural best and doing a wonderful job. When you are relaxed and calm, your muscles dilate and contract in perfect harmony. And although it is a tremendous muscular effort, like a world record Olympic performance, all you feel is the effort. All discomfort fades away.  You are totally free of all fear and totally free of all discomfort because your body and mind are working in perfect natural harmony to bring your baby safely into the light.

Picture and imagine yourself doing so wonderfully well and feeling so very good…. So healthy, so strong…  so confident in your ability to give birth to a healthy baby, full of peace and joy and mirroring your own tranquil peacefulness. And you are recognizing that for you, the work of childbirth is as easy and as natural as any other process of your body. You experience strong muscular effort, and you are absolutely free of discomfort as your body does the work of bringing your baby into the world safely and gently.

And as you relax now even more deeply and again more deeply, you can imagine and hear your baby’s first cry. You are alert when your baby is born… alert, conscious and participating fully in the experience so that you can experience baby’s first cry with all the love in your heart. You are fully alert and conscious but also deeply and peacefully relaxed, just feeling that blissful feeling as you hear baby’s cry and look into your baby’s eyes. You are so very relaxed… peaceful, calm and composed. And you are so looking forward to the wonderful joy of giving birth.

Just you rest for a moment… relaxing deeper and even deeper. Just relax and enjoy the warmth and love of your baby. You are part of a miracle… the miracle of life. Just relax now and enjoy your baby’s warmth and love… See your baby’s pink soft skin… See your baby’s wonderful eyes… And imagine your baby in your arms… You are a wonderful, loving and caring mother who has given her baby the profound gift of a fear-free birth… you are a perfect and wonderful mother in every way.

Childbirth #2

As you float and drift and feather so deeply, just following the feather in your mind, each movement of the feather causes you to relax more deeply. “Feather” is a magic word for you now. Every time you hear the word “Feather,” every time you repeat the word “Feather” to yourself, and every time you close your eyes and picture your magic floating feather, the feather causes your mind to relax as deeply as you are now in seconds. You don’t have to be in hypnosis. Any time you close your eyes and say “feather”, or imagine your feather, the feather causes your mind to instant float and drift like a delicate down feather to this level of relaxation or even deeper. Any time your coach says the word “feather” to you, your eyes close and you relax almost instantly to this level of relaxation and even deeper.

Being in this deeply relaxed, and totally conscious state of self-hypnosis is automatically anesthetic. Every time you relax deeply, all discomfort of every kind simply fades away. The more you practice using your feather to relax, the deeper you go and the faster you get there. Being totally relaxed automatically takes away pain and discomfort. You practice imagining with your feather every day because the deeper you go, the more you are in total control of any discomfort.

Most mothers to be have heard scare stories from friends and relatives and from some well-intended, but misguided, professionals, that having a baby is a horrible ordeal. So mothers to be look forward to what they have heard described as labor and hard labor and labor pains. There is no such thing as labor or labor pains or hard labor. There is no such thing associated with the miraculous birth of a baby!

All these terms are false names that keep a mother’s attitude in exactly the wrong state. From now on, your mind rejects any scare stories or hard labor stories no matter who tells them… friends, relatives or health care personnel. Scare stories have nothing to do with you and nothing to do with your baby and your baby’s arrival. Your mind rejects scare stories and hard labor stories as the worthless nonsense that they are.

You can cultivate the right attitude by knowing just what happens when a baby is born. Nature has a way of making your baby’s birth possible through rhythmic contractions and dilation of the muscles of the abdomen and womb. Each wonderful contraction works in perfect harmony with internal muscle dilation to help you gently push your baby down the birth canal and into the world. Each contraction pushes your baby a little further along so that your baby can be born very easily.

Now you do have contractions. But you don’t have hard labor or labor pains. Sometimes the muscular contractions give you intense sensations, but they do not give you pain because you are relaxed and your mind is helping your body do everything in its natural best way. When your mind is relaxed, the contractions and dilations are in perfect harmony, and they feel like the amazing muscular efforts they are, but they are totally comfortable because you know they are absolutely natural.

The odd thing about these contractions is that you look forward to them pleasantly… as something nice to have. Because contractions represent your body doing its best to help your baby enter the world easily and peacefully. You know that you are having contractions as they occur, but you only feel them in a pleasant way. As you feel a contraction begin, you let your coach know and your coach strokes your hand or holds your neck, just like you have practiced, and a wave of warm relaxation fills you. You feel the contractions as powerful and pleasant sensations because you know your body is bringing your baby into the world. Each contraction puts a smile on your face because each contraction brings your baby one step closer to your arms.

You are surrounded by a caring and highly competent staff in the birthing room. And every effort on their part makes you feel more and more secure and more and more at peace. Your coach is present and you feel so loved and cared for. Nothing else matters except your body doing its very natural best to prepare your baby for arrival. As your contractions get closer and closer together, the doctor arrives and the doctor’s arrival causes you to feel a powerful wave of relaxation because you know you are so close to giving your baby the gift of life.

One of the wonderful things about relaxation is that it shortens the whole process of delivery tremendously. When you are relaxed and leave your worries outside the door, your body is able to do everything in the most coordinated and smoothest way possible. Your contractions are in perfect synchronization with your dilation and your baby is relaxed and peaceful just like you. That means that your body and your baby are on the same wavelength and no part of you resists the process. So as you feel each pleasurable contraction, you are aware that you are giving your baby the gift of a natural and fear-free childbirth. As each wave of contraction passes, you know that you are closer to the birth of your baby. With each contraction, you know you are closer to your baby’s birth and the thought keeps a smile on your face. And you feel strong, good and relaxed every step of the way. And after your baby comes into the light, you will get to see your baby instantly and look into your baby’s eyes… so full of love and affection.

Remember that the relaxation you are learning is in addition to all the other help medical science has developed to make your delivery safe and comfortable. Your relaxation is a plus that amazes the staff and pleases your doctor, because health professionals know that your attitude makes all the difference in the world. You choose to experience your baby’s birth in full consciousness. And full consciousness means that you remember in every moment that you are part of a miracle. You remember that there are contractions and intense muscular effort involved, but that there is so little discomfort. You know that contractions are a pleasant part of the process… intense muscular efforts that bring your baby closer and closer to the light.

And remember that you are totally in control of the process… you can ask for any assistance you like… ice, Tylenol, a Nubane drip or even an epidural. There is no right or wrong way to have a baby. Using hypnosis does not mean you cannot ask for other kinds of help. Using hypnosis means that you are totally in control. And you can ask for whatever makes your experience the best. Hypnosis relieves pain, but even more important, hypnosis gives you the courageous, adventurous attitude that lets you give your baby the gift of a totally fear-free birth.

Every time you practice relaxation at home using your feather, and every time you hear this script, you are more and more at ease and at peace. Every practice seals the relaxation response into your deepest mind and when it is time for baby to arrive, you find yourself relaxing automatically without even having to think about it. You are conscious throughout the process and enjoying every miraculous moment of it, even during the intense muscular effort of contractions. You have a magic word, “feather,” that takes you easily and automatically into a deep state of hypnosis. You and your coach practice helping you relax with the word “Feather” several times a day, so that when delivery day comes, the word “Feather” causes you instantly to relax. While my voice is quite, your subconscious mind goes wherever it needs to go to multiply every positive idea on this recording at least one thousand times. Just Feather deeper and enjoy the moment.

 (Pause for 30-45 seconds)

Every time your coach says “Feather”, or stokes your hand or holds the back of your neck, your mind automatically takes you to this deep, powerful peaceful place. You don’t even have to think about it. Your powerful subconscious mind knows that you a part of a miracle and your mind automatically relaxes you whenever you hear your magic word “Feather”, or whenever your coach strokes your hand or holds your neck.

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