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Free Hypnosis Script for Cancer Survivors [PDF]

Original price was: $5.94.Current price is: $2.97.

Free Hypnosis Script for Cancer Survivors [PDF]
Free Hypnosis Script for Cancer Survivors [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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Picture and imagine a beautiful natural healing mineral hot springs pool in a perfect and protected natural setting. This pool is a special place for you to relax and allow your inner mind to help you heal and live a radiant and vibrant life. The water is just right… not too cold and not too hot… just the perfect healing and relaxing temperature for you. This hot spring has been a center of healing since ancient times. And it is there for you in the private depths of your mind whenever you relax and bring it to mind. Imagine stepping down the ancient stone steps into the pool, feeling the warm water flow over your feet, up over your calves and knees, relaxing and soothing as you step into the pool. Feel yourself step in up to your waist, letting the healing water wash away all your cares and concerns. Just imagine stepping into the pool completely. And as you do, your powerful inner mind goes wherever it needs to go to help you achieve the radiant and vibrant health that is your birthright. So calm and relaxed now… So peaceful and serene.

Simply let yourself lie back in the pool and let the warm water comfort you. And as you float and drift in comfort, your mind absorbs the following new healing ideas. You don’t have to do anything… you don’t even have to think hard about these new ideas. They simply sink into your subconscious mind where they make a permanent impression and are simply accepted as the new truths about you from this day forward. These new ideas become the new truths for your mind. And your body heals and changes in accordance with these powerful new ideas.

It is so easy now for you to ignore all discomfort. You have an exciting new method to take discomfort right out of your life instantly! All you have to do is take a deep breath, hold it for a moment and whisper the words “calm and relaxed” to yourself and a wave of peace and comfort flows through you, and all discomfort just fades away. Try it now.

Breathe in. (Pause)  Hold it.  (Pause)   Let it out, repeating, “calm and relaxed”. Just feel a new and deeper wave of relaxation fill you. Every time you tell yourself “calm and relaxed,” you feel a wave of comfort fill you, and all discomfort fades away.

Your stomach is calm and relaxed (Pause)  

Your heart is calm and relaxed (Pause) 

Your mind is calm and relaxed (Pause)  

All your internal organs are working normally (Pause)  

You are at peace and nothing can disturb your peace (Pause)  

You are calm and relaxed (Pause)  

“Calm and relaxed.” These are your magic words, and every time you take a breath, hold it, let it out and whisper “calm and relaxed” to yourself, all discomfort fades away, and you are filled with a wave of relaxation and peace. Try it with me now… Breath in… (Pause)   

Hold it…(Pause)   Let it out repeating, “calm and relaxed” as you do. (Pause)    

Just feel that new and deeper wave of relaxation and serenity flow through you from the top of your head to the tips of your fingers and toes.

Your mind is at peace (Pause)  

Your body is comfortable and tranquil (Pause)  

Your heart is at rest (Pause)  

Your entire heart, mind and body is calm and relaxed (Pause)  

Your spirit is at peace and your soul is strong and vital (Pause) 

You are filled with the energies of life and spirit and you are so “calm and relaxed.” (Pause)  

You are so excited because you realize that your mind is now working in perfect harmony with your immune system to bring you to a state of comfort and health.

Your mind is working hand in hand with your immune system and your doctors to create a state of optimal well being for you. Your mind and immune system now recognize your treatments as allies in the battle to bring you to a state of glowing health.

The cancer cells in your body are using far more energy than normal cells. Some of that energy is used for out-of-control growth, and some of that energy is used for cellular defenses. Your immune system now recognizes cells that are using far more energy than normal cells. And your immune system is directing the medicines, radiation, and other treatments to those out-of-balance cancer cells. Your immune system is protecting your normal cells and providing them with the materials they need to repair any damage caused by the treatments.

Your mind and body now recognize all your medical treatments as powerful allies in the battle to restore your health. And your mind and body are cooperating fully to direct the medications and treatments to the tumor cells and away from normal cells.

In the past, the cancer cells have fooled your immune system. Cancer cells fool the immune system into thinking that the cancer cells are wounds that need feeding and protection instead of the rogue, out-of-control psychopathic tumors that they are. Your immune system now realizes that any cell that is using more energy than the normal cells around it is an enemy to be destroyed and removed. Your immune system can’t be fooled again. And your immune system is now joining with your medical treatments to totally and completely eliminate all the rogue cancer cells from your body. Picture and imagine those selfish cancer cells as nasty psychopaths, acting for themselves only and invading the sacred space of your body. And imagine your immune system rounding up, destroying, and completely removing every last trace of the invading cells.

Take a moment to picture it with me now… Imagine a herd of selfish, out-of-control cells invading your body and stealing its energy… Now picture and imagine your immune system working with your treatments to round up and totally destroy and remove those selfish, rogue cancer cells. Enjoy imagining and watching your activated immune system work with your medical treatments to totally remove all the cancer cells from your body.

In the past, because the cancer cells had fooled your immune system into treating them like wounds that needed nourishment and protection, your body was fooled into building lots of new blood vessels to supply the cancer cells with blood, oxygen and nutrients that they use to grow and attack your body.

But now, your immune system is wise and can’t be fooled again. Picture and imagine those new blood vessels leading into the tumor. Imagine a valve in each blood vessel that allows you to turn the blood flow on and off.  You now imagine opening those valves every time you have a treatment, so that the medications and chemo can get into the cancer cells and destroy them. When your treatment is over, your immune system closes all those valves so that the cancer cells no longer receive any blood flow. They lose oxygen and nutrients and literally starve to death. It is a double whammy. Your immune system opens the valves to let the medications flow into the tumor cells, and then closes the valves to lock the medication in and to starve the tumor cells of food and suffocate them from lack of oxygen. And the cancer cells die. Your immune system now knows that cells that are growing unusually fast are enemies to be destroyed and removed. And your immune system is working side by side with your medications or radiation to totally destroy those rogue cancer cells.

Picture and imagine your immune system attacking and destroying the cancer cells. Picture and imagine your immune system opening the blood vessels to let the medications in and closing them to starve and suffocate the cancer cells. What you tell yourself now is what is happening in your body. Your mind is powerfully aligned with your immune system, and with your medical treatments, to totally and completely eradicate the cancer cells from your body. What you picture in your mind is happening in your body, NOW.

Again, picture and imagine your immune system attacking and destroying the cancer cells. Picture and imagine your immune system opening the blood vessels to let the medications in and closing them to starve and suffocate the cancer cells. What you picture in your mind is happening in your body, NOW. 

 (Pause 5 seconds)

Now return your mind to your wonderful warm natural healing pool. And as you do, all these wonderful and exciting thoughts and ideas sink deeply into your subconscious mind and become the truth for your mind and body.

Just relax and let the miraculous healing energies of that mineral pool go wherever they are needed to bring you healing, easing and comfort. And know that you are well and filled with life. Know that you are filled with peace and comfort. Know that your heart, mind and body are at peace. “Calm and relaxed.”

And as you float and drift so peacefully in your magical healing pool, your heart is flooded with a beautiful golden light that shines with a wonderful brilliance. It is ten or a hundred times brighter than the sun. Not hot and burning, just incredibly bright and beautiful.

That light is so bright that it floods through you, and lights you up from the inside. That wonderful light fills your heart and spreads outward. And you feel a wonderful wave of wellness and peace fill your heart. That wave of happiness and wellness flows through every cell in your body. You are happy and at peace and that happiness goes with you wherever you are. “Calm and relaxed.”

As that beautiful light spreads through your entire body, you feel it cleansing you of all fear, all resentment, all disease, all discomfort, and all grief. You feel whole. You are at peace with everyone and everything, and especially at peace with your self. And that peace goes with you always, “Calm and relaxed.”

And that light spreads in a glowing ball all around your body, forming a golden healing and protective shield. And you know that you are surrounded by a protective shield of peace and joy… and that your joy and peace are with you in every moment. “Calm and relaxed.”

Now just relax in the pool, knowing that every positive and beneficial idea in this recording is making a deep and permanent impression on the most powerful parts of your subconscious mind. Relax knowing that every positive idea here is becoming a permanent part of your reality. Every time you listen to this recording, and every time you say the words, “calm and relaxed” to yourself, every positive and beneficial idea on this recording becomes a thousand times stronger and truer for you.

You listen to this recording at least once a day. And you can bring yourself to this wonderful healing pool simply by closing your eyes and thinking about it. Your magic words, “calm and relaxed,” go with you and are always powerful and relaxing for you. All you have to do is take a breath and whisper the words, “calm and relaxed,” to yourself. And no matter where you are and what is going on as soon as you whisper the words, “calm and relaxed,” to yourself, a deep wave of peace and comfort fill you. And in every day, in every way you are growing stronger and healthier.

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