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Free Hypnosis Script for Surgery Preparation [PDF]

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Free Hypnosis Script for Surgery Preparation [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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As you relax more deeply, letting yourself become loose, limp and heavy, your body is so peaceful that it seems as if you simply can’t move. And as you breathe, this feeling of incredibly deep and peaceful relaxation becomes even deeper yet. Every breath you breathe causes you to relax more deeply in body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

You truly enjoy this peaceful state of inner awareness and peace. Anytime you want to give yourself this feeling, all you have to do is close your eyes and silently repeat, “Calm and relaxed” to yourself. “Calm and relaxed” are magic words for you now. Every time you repeat your magic words, “calm and relaxed” they cause you to feel a wonderful wave of peaceful relaxation, and all worries and concerns fade away. Practice now, as you hear your magic words, you relax even more deeply. “Calm and relaxed”… expect your magic words to relax you more deeply. Want to be even more calm and relaxed. And feel yourself relaxing and calming into such a wonderful, pleasant state. And every time you repeat your magic words “calm and relaxed” they cause you to relax as deeply as you are now and even deeper.

You are listening to this recording because there is a condition in your body that your body has not been able to fully heal without outside assistance. You have chosen to have surgery to help you recover full and natural use of your body. Because you have chosen this surgical assistance, and because you trust the surgeon and the surgical team that you have chosen to assist you in repairing your body, you are calm and relaxed before, during, and after the surgical procedure.

And you have such a wonderful and exciting way to help yourself stay in precisely the right state of mind to create a smooth and easy experience with the surgery. You hypnotize yourself!  The words “calm and relaxed” are magic words for you. Every time you take a deep breath, let it out and whisper the words “calm and relaxed” to yourself silently inside, you feel a wonderful wave of calm, peace and confidence flow through you.

Practice with me now. Take a deep breath in, hold it for just an instant… and repeat the words “calm and relaxed” silently to yourself. Notice the wave of relaxation, peace, and confidence you feel. Every time you repeat the words “calm and relaxed” to yourself, you experience this same peace, calm and confidence. You don’t have to be in hypnosis to feel it. Every time you take a breath, let it out and repeat the words “calm and relaxed,” you feel a wonderful wave of calm, peace and confidence.

You have chosen to have surgery in order to heal or repair some part of your body and to restore full, healthy functioning to your life. Throughout the time from now until your surgery, you frequently picture, imagine, and visualize the healing, repair, or improvement that you expect. Practice with me again: picture and imagine yourself as you wish to be after the surgery and recovery. Imagine and remember the feeling of full health and wellbeing. (Pause 5 seconds) 

You now send this picture to the deepest part of your subconscious mind with the instruction that your subconscious mind is to do every healthy thing necessary to help your body and the surgical team bring about this result: a fully healthy body, a return to full function, and complete freedom from the discomfort, pain or malfunction that caused you to need surgery.

You have a deep trust in your physician, in the surgical team and in the health care facility. You have chosen the best people to assist you. And because of your trust and confidence, all anxiety about the surgery simply fades away to nothing. You expect the easiest possible process: a routine and easy surgery, a completely trouble-free recovery, and a swift return to full health. While it is true that you would never choose to have a surgery for entertainment, it is also true that you expect the entire process to be nearly effortless and peaceful. And since you repeat your words “calm and relaxed” to yourself whenever you think about the surgery, you are peaceful, calm and confident in your wonderful outcome and to restoration of your full health.

On the day of the surgery, you are calm and relaxed. You arrive at the surgical center or hospital feeling wonderfully good and totally confident since you know your mind is in total harmony with the goals of restoring your health with the surgery. You are at peace and calm, and you use your words “calm and relaxed” frequently to give you a good feeling of peace and confidence.

When the procedure begins, you receive some form of anesthesia, and because you are so calm and relaxed, the anesthetic is very effective. The anesthesiologist is pleasantly surprised that you respond so deeply to the least necessary anesthetic. Everyone in the operating room is pleased that you are calm and peaceful, and your great mood and confidence spreads to the surgical team. And everyone is calm, relaxed and operating at their very best.

When the procedure begins, even if you are deeply unconscious, your body immediately recognizes and accepts the surgical instruments and surgical procedure as allies in restoring your health. Your body knows that the surgeon and every part of the surgery are working for your highest and best health. And your body responds in a positive and helpful way. Your surgeon is astonished that there is absolutely minimal bleeding. Your body simply closes the valve on any blood vessels that may be cut. Your tissues are open and available, your muscles are loose and relaxed, and your body simply accepts the entire procedure as an unusual but helpful experience. Your body understands that the instruments are allies, not invaders. So your body responds to them with minimal or no inflammation or swelling. In each and every way, your body accepts the procedure and cooperates with it.

As the procedure is ending, your body responds by allowing normal flow of blood and nutrients to the affected area and by reducing swelling to an absolute healthy minimum. Your body provides a flow of healing and nurturing hormones and endorphins that speed natural healing. Throughout the surgery, your pulse, blood pressure, and other vital signs remain calm and perfectly normal. The surgical team is totally pleased at how successful and completely routine the surgery has been.

When the procedure is finished, you find yourself in the recovery room, awakening in a calm state of mind. You know that the surgery has been successful and you return to consciousness easily and you are totally calm and relaxed. If you feel any discomfort, there are people there to assist you rapidly. And because you are calm and relaxed, there is so little discomfort that it amazes you and the staff.

As your surgical incision heals, you experience minimal bleeding. Your body rapidly repairs the incision with its innate healing wisdom and the tissue that forms the scar is tough but flexible and soft. All your normal tissues knit themselves back together and the surgery heals effortlessly.

Because you have been calm and relaxed in mind and body, your body experiences minimal swelling. Your natural and normal healing endorphins and hormones are working and the tissues around the incision simply join back together with minimal inflammation. Your doctor is both pleased and astounded at how swiftly you recover.

You have absolutely zero infection or other complications. Because you have been so calm and relaxed before, during, and after your surgery, your subconscious mind is able to fully marshal your immune system to protect your healing tissues and keep them free of infection. The incision heals cleanly, completely free of adhesions, and you feel wonderful.

You experience minimal post-surgical pain. Your body knows the surgery has been an ally to healing and so your body simply goes about healing without the pain that would come with an injury. When you do feel pain or discomfort, you use your words “calm and relaxed” in addition to your pain medications, and you find that any pain is easily controlled with minimum doses of medication. Your doctor and every one else, nurses, physical therapists and so on, are astounded at how well you are doing and at how little pain and discomfort you are feeling,

Your body returns to full function more rapidly than anyone expects. Your body is able to heal itself rapidly because you are calm and relaxed and in each and every way you are able to heal and restore yourself to full health in an astoundingly short time.

You now send each and every positive and beneficial suggestion on this recording into the deepest and most powerful parts of the subconscious mind where they lock themselves in place and become the absolute truth for you. Every time you listen to this recording, each and every positive and beneficial thought on this recording becomes ten thousand time more powerful for you. You have a profound desire to listen to this recording at least once daily between now and your surgery, and you use your magic words “calm and relaxed” frequently.

In a moment, I am going to bring you up to the surface with a count from one to five. Every number I count causes your mind to magnify every good thing on this recording a thousand times over. And every number I count makes you a thousand times more calm and relaxed about your surgery.

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