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Free Hypnosis Script for Immune System Normalization [PDF]

Original price was: $5.94.Current price is: $2.97.

Free Hypnosis Script for Immune System Normalization [PDF]
Free Hypnosis Script for Immune System Normalization [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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As you allow yourself simply to enjoy this wonderful state of mental, physical and emotional relaxation, the goal of this recording is to assist your deep inner mind in guiding your immune system into it’s ideal and best function. And to help restore your body to a natural state of vibrant and radiant wellbeing.

The basic principal of restoring your immune system to normal operation is that you do not have to consciously understand every biochemical detail of your immune system’s operation. Even scientists who study the immune system don’t pretend to know every aspect of its operation. All you have to know is that your immune system is the product of millions of years of evolutionary design. And that it is programmed to work normally. Your immune system knows what normal operation is. Your conscious mind’s only task is to set the goal… to remind your immune system to return to normal operation. And because your immune system is the most responsive and rapidly learning system in your mind-body complex, you can trust it to respond to your instructions by returning to normal.

Picture or imagine the control room of your mind and body. It is a room filled with levers, dials, computers, switches and other control mechanisms. I know that there is no place in your physical brain that looks exactly like this control room. But remember that your inner mind thinks more powerfully in images than in words. Your inner mind recognizes the control room as symbolizing all the very real control functions of your mind and body.

As you imagine the control room, your attention is drawn to a very large and powerful computer in the center of the room. This is the master control center for your immune system. As you look at the screen, you see that it holds a large picture of the immune system quadrant illustration that came with this recording. It illustrates the four basic mistakes the immune system can make, and the zone of balanced operation, where it is neither hypersensitive, nor unresponsive, and where your immune system focuses on keeping both the things that are part of you and not part of you in balance.

As you look at your immune system computer screen, you can see that one of the quadrants is flashing red. The flashes indicate that your immune system is over-reacting or under-reacting, or that its focus has drifted away from balance. There is also a large, black dot in the flashing quadrant indicating exactly how far your immune system is out of balance. You don’t have to know exactly what the mechanisms are that have driven your immune system out of balance. All you have to consciously know is that you can guide your immune system to restoring the balance at this master computer.

There is a keyboard switch that turns off your immune system’s autopilot, so that you can restore normal operation. You press the autopilot switch NOW, and turn off the autopilot so that you can reestablish normal operation.

With your mouse, you move the black dot from its flashing disease quadrant back into the small square at the center of the diagram that represents your immune system working at its normal best. As you move that dot into place at the center of the diagram, you are giving your immune system an instruction from your deepest mind to return its operations to the perfect balance of specificity and sensitivity that it has been programmed for by millions of generations of evolution. The flashing red warning light in the problem quadrant goes out. The center normal operation square lights up green. And you can feel the wheels of your body wisdom turning as your immune system instantly responds to your instructions to find balance. 

You do not have to consciously understand all the steps required to move back to normal, balanced immune system function. Your immune system knows what normal is and how to get there. You trust your powerful immune system to effortlessly and automatically return to balance now that you have set the goal. Your immune system knows what perfect operation is. You have just told it to return to perfect operation. So, having set the goal of balanced and normal immune function, you now flip the autopilot back to the on position, and let your wise and powerful immune system find balance as automatically as your heart beats and your eyes see.  Just rest a moment and know that your immune system is normalizing and returning to harmony with all the wisdom built in by millions of years of evolution. (Pause 15 seconds)

The controls for your endocrine glands are a set of levers next to your immune system computer. While your immune system has been out of balance, it has caused all the endocrine glands to go out of normal balance as well. There is a red warning light flashing over some of the control levers. Beginning with the Pineal gland, your body’s master control gland, you slide the lever up or down, to the central position, and lock it into place in the center position. That causes your pineal gland to secrete the normal, hormones associated with perfect operation of your body at its healthiest best. As you do, you imagine your pineal gland secreting drops of a radiant, golden fluid that flows through your blood stream causing every part of your body to move into harmonious, balanced and healthy operation. The red warning light goes off and the green normal operation light comes on.

Gland by gland, you set the controls for your endocrine system back to the normal, central position. You set each lever until the flashing red warning light goes off, and the green normal operation light goes on.  You set your pituitary gland so it is balanced and normal and another wave of beautiful, rich drops of normalizing hormones and enzymes flow through your blood stream.  You set your thyroid hormone levels to healthy and normal, and all your metabolic functions begin to normalize. You set your thymus to normal. Your liver has a number of controls, and you set them all to normal. Anywhere a red warning is flashing, you set it to normal, and a green normal operation light comes on. You do the same for you adrenal glands, your pancreas, and your ovaries (or testes…choose depending on your gender.) Your body is designed to work harmoniously and in balance with itself. And as you set the endocrine gland controls to normal, every function of your body begins moving swiftly to its natural, balanced and harmonious best. Every gland begins secreting the perfect balance of normalizing, regulating enzymes and hormones for abundant wellbeing.

Scanning the control room, you notice any other flashing warning lights that mean some part of your body is out of balance and operating imperfectly. Some of the warning lights may reflect specific body parts, like organs or joints. Some of the lights may reflect body functions like digestion, or circulation. But wherever you see a flashing red warning light in the control room, even if you are not certain what it controls, you set the control to the normal, healthy operating position. And you trust your deep body wisdom to restore normal function. As you set the controls to normal, the flashing red warning lights go off, the green normal function lights go on, and your body begins to normalize and harmonize all its functions.

You now instruct your deep, powerful subconscious mind to automate all the positive changes you have made in the control room today. And you further direct you inner mind to focus its attention on keeping all your physiological functions in perfect harmonious balance and optimal operating condition. Then you switch you body’s autopilot back to the “on” position, giving your powerful inner mind a direct instruction to maintain all your body’s operations at their normal, healthy best.

Every time you listen to this recording, or every time you take a deliberate relaxation break of any kind, it magnifies your minds’ instructions for your immune system to return to and maintain normal operation. You have an overwhelming desire and motivation to take a deliberate relaxation break at least once daily for 25 to 30 minutes each day. And every time you relax, meditate, pray, or even take a siesta, that daily relaxation break speeds and accelerates the process of your immune system regaining balance and normal healthy function. As your immune system normalizes, you feel physically and emotionally better each and every day. You allow every relaxation break to be an opportunity for your powerful inner mind to improve and enrich every aspect of your life. One effortless relaxation break is to listen to this recording once a day.

And as you drift and float, invite your conscious mind to think about some special, peaceful place in nature, or to simply entertain whatever peaceful and comfortable thoughts it wants to think for the next minute. And while your conscious mind drifts and floats with the music for the next minute, your powerful inner mind goes wherever it needs to go to magnify every positive idea on this recording a hundred times over and to accelerate your healing a hundred times as well. And the minute of quiet inner mind work begins NOW.  (Pause one minute)

Returning to my voice, knowing that your inner mind continues normalizing all your physiological functions, and that in each and every day you are becoming stronger and healthier in every way. It is time now to return to the surface and to your normal awareness, rising back to the room with my count from one to five, bringing all the positive changes you have made out with you.

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