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Free Hypnosis Script for Stress Relief [PDF]

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Free Hypnosis Script for Stress Relief [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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As you rest, you see something odd on your beach. Just a little way down, there is a full size mirror in a golden frame standing at the high surf line. The highest waves come nearly up to it, but it is just above them. The sun glints off the frame, and it looks to you like solid gold. The mirror itself is reflecting the sky and sea with a deep beauty. You feel a deep inner desire to look into this mirror and see your reflection.

You stand and begin to walk toward the mirror and as you do, every step causes you to feel more at peace and more curious. As you approach the mirror, you can see a sign on it that reads “Mirror of Truth, Reflecting Inner Peace”. And you realize that the mirror doesn’t reflect your clothing or body, it reflects the inner truth of your being.

And as you begin to see yourself in that mirror, you are amazed, perhaps a bit shocked to see that you are wearing a very heavy, sodden, uncomfortable coat. And as you stare at the coat in the mirror, you realize that the coat represents all the stresses, strains and concerns that have been weighing you down and making your life heavy and constrained.

As you look more closely at that coat, you recognize the things that have been weighing you down: the worries and fears that make everything in life so much heavier… the stresses and tensions that add to life’s burdens… the anxieties, uncertainties and overwork that press in on you.

Take a moment, and just let yourself study and understand, for you, all the specific worries, fears, difficulties and stresses that have been weighing you down and making life heavy…  (Pause 10 seconds)

And as you recognize that coating of fears, anxieties and worries that you are carrying, a thought comes to you that it is pointless to carry all those worries around. You realize, guided by what you see in the mirror, that stress, anxiety, tension, and worry never help anything… they just make life worse. Your mirror reminds you that 80% of the things people worry about don’t happen… That another 10% of our worries are about trivial stuff we can  handle effortlessly… And that the other 10% are situations that are so totally out of our control. The mirror reminds you that it is pointless to spend even a moment fretting about things. It is useless to worry about things that never happen. It is pointless to worry about things we can handle. And it is totally worthless to worry for even an instant about things that are outside our control.

You realize that enough is enough, and that you have been weighed down by that worthless, constricting coat of stress and worries for far to long, So you walk down to the breakers and take off that worthless coat of fears, stress and tension. You hold all your worry, stress, tension, anxiety, and fear at arms length, and refuse to ever let them coat you and weigh you down again.

You drop that miserable heavy coat of fear and stress into the sea and let the beautiful, majestic and eternal sea begin to break apart, dissolve and recycle that coat thoroughly and effortlessly… leaving you free of fear, free of stress, free of tension, free of worry.

Free to enjoy life in each moment

Free to discover the gift in each experience

Free to live with energy, enthusiasm, and joy

Free to be

You return to the mirror, and watch and listen as it tells you what you most need to hear about peacefulness and calm… Your mirror tells you or shows you ways to bring a deeper personal peace into your life. And as your mind studies and integrates what you see in your mirror, you feel yourself accepting that there is a deep peace at the center of your being… a deep knowledge that life never brings you anything that you can’t handle… It never has and never will… You will not only survive every challenge life brings you… you will thrive!

And your mirror reminds you of the ancient wisdom that anything that doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, and you realize what a truly strong and resilient human being you are.

Wave after wave of peacefulness fills you. Wave after wave of water flows up onto the sand of your beach. And your inner peacefulness grows with each wave. You now relax into the rhythmic peaceful waves and let them fill you with calm and relaxed awareness of your ability to handle everything that life brings your way.

The flowing waves repeat, over and over again, a simple refrain. The waves come in sets of two, one a large wave, the next one smaller, and each set of waves sing a new truth into your life. The first wave tells you “don’t sweat the small stuff” and the second wave reminds you that it is all small stuff. And you realize that 90% of everything is small stuff and the other 10% is out of our direct control anyway, so you refuse to sweat the small stuff in any part of your life. Wave after wave the message locks into your mind – Don’t sweat the small stuff (Pause one breath)


 It’s all small stuff


 (Pause one breath)


 don’t sweat the small stuff (Pause one breath)


 it’s all small stuff (Pause one breath)


 Don’t sweat the small stuff (Pause one breath)


 It’s all small stuff (Pause one breath)


 Wave after wave, your mind adopts and integrates this powerful new awareness… And locks the message into your mind

You return your attention to your mirror and again, it has a personal, timely message for you. The mirror tells you or shows you specific and personal ways in which you can increase the contentment and peace in your life, and ways that you can creatively and continuously drop stress permanently off your shoulders. Your inner mind now realizes that stress, tension, worry, anxiety and fear never help anything and that your natural way to be is as peaceful as the ocean on a perfect day. (Pause 15 seconds)

Your mind gathers all the peace on this beach, and everything that you have learned here. And your mind leaves all the stresses in your life behind for the sea to recycle. Your mind integrates the positive and beneficial new information that you have gathered here. And your inner mind locks every new and useful thought and feeling deep into the most powerful part of your mind and makes it true for you. These new thoughts and behaviors are simply the way you are now: calm, peaceful, and knowing that you can effortlessly handle anything that life brings you.

Return to my voice now, knowing it is time to return to the surface of the mind. As you rise up, you are bringing all your powerful new thoughts and feelings out with you.

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