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Free Hypnosis Script for Eliminating Negative Feelings and Beliefs [PDF]

Original price was: $5.94.Current price is: $2.97.

Free Hypnosis Script for Eliminating Negative Feelings and Beliefs [PDF]
Free Hypnosis Script for Eliminating Negative Feelings and Beliefs [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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Gently squeeze the thumb and forefinger together on one hand and then release them. That is the signal for your mind to take you to this wonderful and relaxed place every time you do it. Any time you close your eyes and bring your thumb and forefinger together, it is a signal for your mind to bring you to this wonderful state of relaxation, and into this perfect place you have chosen. Whenever you squeeze and release a thumb and finger, it sends a wave of peaceful relaxation through you. Try it now, squeeze and release your thumb and forefinger and just enjoy that pleasant wave of relaxation taking you deeper. (Pause to follow directions)

As you look around your special place, you notice a one-room schoolhouse, painted red, with a silver bell above the door. Even if you do not actually “see” this schoolhouse or hear its beautiful bell, if you can imagine them they are there for you. This schoolhouse is the place all your lessons from childhood are stored. But it is much more than that. It is a place of powerful inner learning where old negative lessons and patterns can be unlearned and new ones learned at any time in your life.

The magical silver bell rings and you walk up the steps into the school. Inside it is much vaster than outside. The sound of the bell is so peaceful, melodious and welcoming, that you realize joyously that this time the lessons will be different. You peer in the door and are most amazed to see a very kind, wonderfully beautiful woman within. She positively glows with energy and with kindness. You know instantly that she teaches only with love… never with fear or punishment.  She is your own Inner Wisdom, come to this schoolhouse to help you free yourself of the old lessons of the past and to teach new lessons of abundance, love, strength and serenity.

Your Inner Wisdom shows you the blackboards and they are covered with the old, limiting, punitive and self-destructive lessons of your past. These are the lessons you have learned in your past from shame, abandonment, hurt, punishment, trauma, loss, fear and anger.  They are the limiting, old, obsolete, mistaken lessons that are poisoning your life. Inner Wisdom is here to help you erase them and replace them with new lessons of love, patience and peace.  The words on the board are all the old, false lessons; that you are somehow not enough, or that there is not enough love or abundance for you. These worthless old lessons include every limiting, critical or demeaning thing you have ever believed about yourself, or that anyone has ever said about you.

Inner Wisdom gives you a magic eraser and tells you to erase all the old, worn out lessons of fear, pain, loneliness, anger, and shame from the blackboards of your mind. Your magic eraser glows with power and hums with excitement to replace the old toxic lessons of the past with the life- affirming lessons of your new present.

You begin with the simplest, least toxic of the old lessons. As you erase them, your confidence builds that you can erase all your old toxic beliefs and replace them with new lessons of wisdom, joy, triumph, and tranquility. For example, perhaps you learned from punishment or abandonment that “there is never enough money, food, love or comfort for me”. You erase that toxic old, life- destroying message and write in the new lesson. “The Universe and my own soul support me with everything I need. There is plenty of love for me and a wealth of resources that arrive just as I need them.”

Or perhaps you learned through shaming that “I am not enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough, or not good enough.” You erase those ridiculous old beliefs with your magic eraser and write in a new lesson “I am all I need to be, and I have the resources and talent to meet any life challenge and thrive.”

Or perhaps pain taught you that you are separate and unimportant. You erase that absurdity and replace it with the truth that “I am a child of my own soul and divine love and I reflect them in all I am and all I do” 

Your inner mind didn’t know it has permission to erase and change toxic lessons, but your inner mind knows it now! Guided by Inner Wisdom, your inner mind is erasing the toxic lessons that have diminished your life. Give your powerful inner mind your full permission to erase the old, negative lessons of the past and replace them with lessons that fully affirm your life.

Perhaps you learned a series of subtle wrong lessons that have set up harmful patterns in your life. Examples of such toxic lessons might be:

Relationships lead to fear and pain

Fat equals protection

Closeness causes danger

Touch is always power abuse and hurt

Being alive means being alone and lost

Anger and rage keep me alive

Food or alcohol takes away pain

Smoking or drugs replace love

Other people are threatening

I am bad

You may have internalized many other similar toxic lessons that are limiting your ability to live a full and abundant life. Just notice other toxic lessons that have filled your mind. They are written on the board. (Pause 10 seconds)

Your magic eraser works overtime to erase all of these obsolete, worthless, life-destroying lessons that keep you from reaching your fullest potentials of joy, success, abundance, love, and harmony as the wonderful, unique and miraculous human being that you are. Every time your magic eraser erases an old toxic lesson, your Inner Wisdom replaces it with new truths that reflect your true inner strength and wisdom.

Your have erased many of the relatively minor toxic lessons of the past, and replaced them with life affirming new truths. Now it is time to get rid of the major toxic inner beliefs and lessons. Squeeze and release your thumb and forefinger, your signal to relax ten times deeper. 

Now Inner Wisdom, your marvelous teacher, shows you the place on the board where your MOST terrible lesson is written. This is the belief that has most injured you or distorted your life with painful recurrent negative patterns. You may recognize this lesson consciously or perhaps your inner mind chooses not to make it conscious at this time. But that painful, central toxic lesson lives in the subconscious and injures your life. And your powerful subconscious mind is perfectly capable of erasing that lesson so that it never harms you again.  And your magic eraser goes after that most major toxic lesson with a fury, erasing it and every trace of it from your life.  And then your Inner Wisdom writes in a new, life-affirming lesson to completely and totally change the effects of that previous belief.

The new lesson frees your subconscious mind to recreate your life and your choices in patterns of freedom, abundance and love. She writes: “I am a beloved child of divine energy and my own soul, and my life is a miraculous adventure.” And she adds anything else that totally reverses the old negative belief. (Pause 10 seconds)

As Inner Wisdom writes the new, life affirming truths, you feel a deep desire to return to this recording often, and to rewrite your new lessons over and over until every last vestige of the old destructive pattern is replaced by a new, flowing, peaceful and creative life. You absorb the new lessons of love, abundance and radiant wellbeing. And they simply become true for you. Your entire life changes to reflect your beautiful new inner truth. Squeeze and release your thumb and forefinger, relaxing 10 times more deeply, and as you do, your new truth locks into place and gets 1,000 times stronger.

You return to this recording often. And every time you do, your Inner Wisdom guides you in erasing and replacing all the old poisons of the past with new and peaceful truths from your present. You realize that the ancient truth; “whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger,” is totally true for you, and you realize that you are a totally strong, resilient and incredible human being who is all you need to be to meet any challenge in life and thrive through it. You are a powerful being, and you can accomplish whatever you can dream or imagine.

The more often you listen to this recording the more conscious you become of the new lessons. And the more the old destructive or painful patterns leave your life… replaced forever by new patterns of love, prosperity, harmony, serenity abundance, accomplishment and power. Every time you listen to this recording, the new life-affirming truths get stronger and stronger.

You are now free to create the life your were intended to have. And in that freedom, you find a miraculous set of changes that move your life to its highest potentials. Your deepest new truth is that you are totally free to have, do, or be whatever you can imagine or dream. And you are a powerful dreamer. Stand in that power and look out on a changed world.

You thank Inner Wisdom for her work, and promise to return often to this schoolroom to undo the old lessons of the past and replace them forever with life giving truths of abundance, peace, harmony, freedom and love.

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