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Free Hypnosis Script for Cleansing the Brain [PDF]

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Free Hypnosis Script for Cleansing the Brain [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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And as you let yourself relax in your meadow, you notice that the stream that runs through it is very slightly steaming… it is a warm stream, and you realize there must be a mountain hot spring nearby, You walk upstream, following the creek to its source, and as you walk through the meadow, the steaming creek branches off the main stream, and you know you have found the outlet for the hot spring. Turning and following the warm spring water to its source, you come to the tree line at the edge of the meadow. And in the trees at the edge of your private and beautiful meadow, there is a beautiful mountain chalet built over the hot spring. You recognize this chalet as an age-old place of healing and renewal that has always been there for you. There is a sign that invites you to enter and leave the cares of the world  behind… to enter and find peace.

As you enter the building, there is a pleasant outer room, and an inner room that sits directly over the spring. You move through the outer room and enter the spring room. And in the room that is built directly over that warm, natural healing spring of water, there are two beautiful basins filled with that warm natural healing spring water. And there is a beautiful mirror between the two basins.

The basins are carved from blocks of the silver and white granite of the mountains, and they are polished so highly they seem to glow. The water within the basins reflects the beauty of the granite and looks so inviting. One of the basins is filled with healing spring water and soap bubbles… It is a cleansing basin. The other is a rinse basin, filled only with the pure, healing, natural warm mineral spring water itself. The mirror is framed in beautiful polished wood and gold. The entire room is so comfortable and so rich that you know you have always been welcome here.

And as you approach the basins and the mirror, you do something that seems a little silly. But in this gorgeous healing resort it seems as natural as breathing. Standing in front of the mirror, you reach up to your head and gently find and begin to unzip the zipper that holds the top of your head on… And as you unzip the zipper and pull the top of your head back, you can see your marvelous and amazing brain.

And you have a bit of a shock, because as you look at your brain’s reflection in the mirror, it is grey and dull looking. You know that we refer to brains as “grey matter”, but you also know that living brains are not supposed to be grey. Brain cells are only grey when they are pickled in formaldehyde in a lab. Living brains are filled with flowing blood and vast electrical activity. Living brains are a rich, rosy, glowing electrical red in color. So it shocks you a bit to see your brain all grey in the mirror.

Looking closely, you realize that your beautiful and marvelous brain is not really grey; it has simply been slimed over with a sticky, tarry, nasty layer of grey stress, worry and tension. Every worry, or stress that you have been carrying around has slimed your brain over with this sticky, ugly gray tar. Your incredible brain was never designed to be tarred over with stress. It was meant to process stressful situation and let them go. Your brain was never meant to store and warehouse stress. It was never meant to become all coated over with tension.

So, deciding that your brain has been slimed over with stress and tension for far too long, you gently and lovingly lift your brain out of your head, and carefully set it into the soapy washbasin… And you let that wonderful warm soapy wash water begin to soak away and dissolve away the stress, tension, and worries that have polluted your amazing and beautiful brain… Soaking away all the miserable slimy, tension, worry, stress and fear. All the worries that have been weighing you down, all the problems that have been  tightening you up… Just letting them all begin to soak away in that lovely warm mineral healing water.

You reach into the water, and scrape off all the heavy, outer layers of grey, nasty, tarry stress and tension. Gently wash that beautiful brain of yours. And the water in the basin turns dirty and black as that powerful healing spring water begins to wash away all the outer layers of stress and tension… Washing away all your worries, problems and concerns. And as they wash away, you are beginning to see the rosy electric rich color of your amazing living brain showing through the grime, worry, and stress.

You pull the drain plug in the washbasin, and allow the water to drain out, carrying all the heavy, outer layers of stress and tension down the drain and out of your life forever. And it feels so good knowing that your brain is beginning to operate the way it was meant to, processing stressful situations, and then letting the stress drain away.

You fill the basin with more of that natural, healing mineral warm spring water. And you squeeze in more of the cleansing soap. Then you set to work scrubbing all the deep stress and tension out of every corner of your incredible and magnificent brain. You soak away and scrub away every worry, every fear, and every stress, from every fold of that richly glowing and abundant brain. You see the rosy rich glow of color and feel the bright awareness of your brain operating at its very natural best as all the stored up stress, tension and fear washes away in that healing warm spring water. You gently clean out every fold and every crevice of your brain, removing every last bit of that nasty tarry mess of tension and stress, worry and fear. Your brain positively shines and glows its natural rich electric rosy red… It radiates vitality and health. And all the nasty stress and tension simply dissolves away. You pull the drain plug again, and let the dirty water down the drain… And as it drains away; it carries all of the accumulated stress and tension right out of your life forever. It carries away all the worries, concerns and fears as the worthless nothing that they are.

You gently lift your brain from the washbasin, and place it in the rinse basin, where the pure natural spring water washes away all the soap and any last traces of stress. The minerals in the water soak inside and provide your brain the perfect balance of nutrients to let it repair any damage the stress has done, so that it can work at its very most efficient for your best and highest good. The rinse water penetrates inside, bringing its soothing warmth and natural nutrient balance to every single cell, fiber, and tissue of your brain and nervous system. You simply allow your brain to soak up and enjoy all the soothing comfort of your natural spring water.

You notice that there are some essential, aromatic oils on a small shelf above the rinse basin… oils like frankincense for ancient wisdom, myrrh for protection and healing, peppermint for vitality, and rose for glowing health. And many others, including all your favorite healing and protecting aromas…

 And you take your very favorite energizing, healing and protecting oils and shake a few drops of each into the rinse water. And those energizing and healing oils spread to form a protective coating over your brain… almost like a Teflon or wax coating over your powerful and astounding brain. So that from this moment onward, stress, tension, fears and anxieties never stick to your brain again. They simply slide off as your brain processes stressful or fearful situations, and then lets them go.

There is one special vial of protective oil on the shelf marked “Serenity Blend” that you intuitively know will polish your brain to its brightest, glowing rosy state of perfect operation. You take the serenity blend off the shelf and drop a few drops of the oil into the rinse water where it spreads out to penetrate every last corner of your brain with a new set of operating principles that help maintain your brain’s natural rosy electric power at its very highest best.

And the new operating instructions that your brain now adopts follow the principles of the Serenity Affirmation: “I live each moment in the serenity of simply accepting without worry the things I cannot change in this moment… I choose to act with the courage and strength necessary to change what I can in this moment… and I affirm that I have the internal guidance and wisdom to know the difference in each and every moment of my full and abundant life.”

Listening to the Serenity affirmation once again, your brain accepts this affirmation as a part of its operating system, and locks the Serenity affirmation into place. Your brain never warehouses stress again. From now on, your brain processes every stressful situation in life and lets it go. And the serenity affirmation becomes 10,000 times stronger every time you hear it again:

‘I live each moment in the serenity of simply accepting without worry the things I cannot change in this moment… I choose to act with the courage and strength necessary to change what I can in this moment… and I accept that I have the internal guidance and wisdom to know the difference in each and every moment of my full and abundant life.”

‘I live each moment in the serenity of simply accepting without worry the things I cannot change in this moment… I choose to act with the courage and strength necessary to change what I can in this moment… and I accept that I have the internal guidance and wisdom to know the difference in each and every moment of my full and abundant life.”

The serenity affirmation oils polish your brain to a wonderful glowing, rosy electric red that shines and shines. You gently and lovingly place your renewed and rejuvenated brain back into your head. You zip up the zipper that holds the top of your head on, and step out of your hot springs temple feeling incredibly refreshed and energized. You return to your meadow, knowing that you can return to this wonderful healing warm spring any time you like by listening to this recording again, or simply by thinking about it in a relaxed and peaceful place. And knowing that you can return to this healing spring any time you like, it is easy now to return to the outer world bringing all your new found peace and serenity back with you into your outer life.

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