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Free Hypnosis Script for Stopping Nail Biting [PDF]

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Free Hypnosis Script for Stopping Nail Biting [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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“Feather” is a magic relaxing word for you. Any time you wish to feel all the pleasant relaxed feelings you are feeling now, all you have to do is sit in a safe place, close your eyes, and whisper the word “feather” silently to yourself. Or picture and imagine your beautiful feather floating down.

 “Feather” is a magic relaxing word when you are in a safe place where you can close your eyes and relax deeply. At all other times, the word feather sends a wonderful wave of good feelings through you, but you remain alert and aware of your surroundings. Your inner mind always knows when it is safe to close your eyes and relax… Or when to simply send a wave of good feelings through when it is not safe to close your eyes. You absolutely trust your inner mind to react to “feather” as the situation calls for. If you are in a place where it is safe to close your eyes, your magic feather causes you to relax as deeply as you are now in seconds. When you are not is a place where it is safe to relax, your inner mind reacts to your feather by sending you a background wave of the pleasant feelings you are experiencing now.

Nail biting is a nervous habit. In the past, you bit your nails to release stress and nervous energy. Like all habits, nail biting is a learned behavior, even though it is subconscious. And anything your inner mind has learned, it can rapidly unlearn and replace. For example, your inner mind has already learned that just imagining a feather or whispering “feather” gives you a wave of really good feelings that totally replace nervousness and worry. In the past, you bit your nails out of stress and tension, or worry and boredom. Your magic feather allows you to choose what you feel at any moment, and your feather causes worry, boredom, stress and tension to instantly fade out of your mind.

The part of your inner mind that causes you to bite your nails is actually not your enemy. It is a part of your mind that has been trying to help you with stress and worry. It is simply a part of you that made a mistake. Your inner nail biter is actually a friend and ally. And when we correct the mistake in the mind, the nail biting habit disappears as if it had never existed. Your inner sanctuary, which you visit by imagining your feather floating through it, is a perfect place to meet you inner nail biter and correct the mistake, because every part of you is welcome and safe in your inner sanctuary.

Now imagine your inner nail biter in your beautiful natural haven. Your inner nail biter has been trying to help you, and it simply never realized that the negative consequences of this habit are 10,000 times worse than whatever your inner nail biter was trying to help you with.

So first, send your inner nail biter a wave of thanks and good wishes. Acknowledge all the help your inner nail biter has tried to be. But tell the nail biting part of your mind about the negative consequences of the habit. Show your inner nail biter how embarrassing it is to have such a childish habit. Show your inner nail biter about the pain, the infections, the ingrown nails, and the embarrassment of short, unattractive nails. Show your inner nail biter all the negative results of the habit and the negative feelings of shame and embarrassment… as well as physical discomfort… and even the cost of hiding or repairing your nails. Send your inner nail biter all the negative consequences of the habit for you… mental, emotional, social, and physical.

Then show your inner nail biter how much you have grown since the habit started. Maybe way back when you first started biting your nails, you didn’t have any other ways to deal with stressful situations or people. But now, you have many positive ways of handling stress. You are much older now, with adult skills and talents that let you easily handle almost every situation in your life. You simply don’t need this old habit from the past.

Also remind your inner nail biter what you have learned by living. And that is that stress, tension and worry are always useless. 90% of the things we stress about never happen. And the 10% that do happen are either so trivial that we handle them easily, or so big that they are totally out of anyone’s control. There is no point in stressing about things we can handle. Stressing about things that never happen is a waste of energy. And stressing about things that are out of our control is a double waste of time and energy. Your inner nail biter now realizes that stressing never helps anything… It only makes things worse. And biting nails is a particularly useless form of stressing.

Notice how your inner nail biter reacts to all this new and true information. Partly with embarrassment and shame about causing you more problems than it solved. Partly with joy as it recognizes that your adult self has many, many positive ways of easily coping with difficult situations and people. And partly with a wave of enlightenment as it realizes that stress and tension never help anything. Now show your inner nail biter your magic feather. Or whisper your magic word feather deep inside. And notice how your inner nail biter’s eyes fly open in wonder as a fresh and deeper wave of calm and relaxation fill you even more deeply.

Offer your inner nail biter a new job in your mind and a new title. In exchange for leaving the nail biting in the past, your inner nail biter can become your master of calm… your feather manager. Your feather manager is, from this time on, the part of your inner mind that automatically sends you the word “feather” or pictures your magic feather whenever something bothers or stresses you. Your feather manager is the part of you who is in charge of automatically using all your adult talents and skills to deal with difficult situations or people. Your feather manager, your inner calm meister, is the part of your inner mind that always remembers that stressing about anything is a useless waste of energy. It is the part of your mind that remembers that 90% of what we stress about never happens anyway. Of the 10% that does happen, half we can handle easily and half is out of anyone’s control. Stressing is always a useless waste of energy.

Now show your new, reeducated, and reconnected feather manager a set of perfect nails… strong, healthy, long, and attractive. Just the way nature meant them to be. Imagine your nails grown out and imagine your healthy cuticles. Tell your feather manager that its new job includes working with every part of your mind to do every healthy thing necessary to give you perfect nails in the fastest healthy time possible, and to automatically erase the old biting habit totally and forever from your mind.

Now imagine the first time that you have to use scissors to actually trim your new, strong, healthy nails. Feel how good it feels to actually be able to use scissors or clippers to shape your nails and keep them from getting too long. Send that good feeling to your new feather manager… that feeling of pride, success and accomplishment. And give your feather manager instructions to do whatever healthy thing it needs to do, in collaboration with every part of your mind, to bring you those great feelings of pride and success in the shortest possible healthy time.

Now imagine some old situation that in the past would have triggered nail biting. See yourself calm and relaxed because your mind simply doesn’t stress out over things anymore. Imagine and feel yourself using all your adult skills and talents to handle that difficult situation with grace and ease. Imagine your magic feather drifting and floating. And feel the old, useless habit fading into your past and locking itself out of your present and future forever as your nails grow uneventfully and naturally. And see yourself handle every situation in your life effortlessly.

Whenever the old urge to bite your nails even begins on a subconscious level, your feather manager whispers the word feather. Or gives you the image of a feather, floating and drifting gently through your inner nature sanctuary. And all the useless old stress and tension fade away. The more you imagine or follow your feather, the more relaxed you become. And the old habit fades out of your mind and out of your life forever. The more you listen to this recording, the stronger and more effective it becomes for you as the worthless old habit locks itself totally in your past. The more you imagine your feather or the more you whisper “feather” silently to yourself, the more pleasant and peaceful that wave of good feelings becomes. And you are totally free to enjoy the strong, healthy, natural and attractive nails and cuticles that nature intended for you. If all the positive and beneficial ideas on this recording are acceptable to your inner mind, you simply continue breathing… just as you are. And every breath you breathe causes your inner mind to magnify and reinforce every good idea on this recording until they are totally true for you. Now it is time to return to the outer world and your normal state of mind, bringing all the powerful subconscious changes you have made today out with you. You rise to the surface totally free of that worthless old habit, and totally proud of your new, long, strong, healthy nails.

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