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Free Hypnosis Script for Drug and Alcohol Abuse [PDF]

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Free Hypnosis Script for Drug and Alcohol Abuse [PDF]
Free Hypnosis Script for Drug and Alcohol Abuse [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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As you drift in this deep, peaceful state, I would like you to imagine a library. A library is a big building with aisles and aisles of books on shelves. And as you picture and imagine your library, you realize the most important aisle there contains all the books of your life. Just picture and imagine your library, the one that contains all the books of your life. Picture and imagine that one special aisle that contains the books that record every instant of your life.

The aisle of the books of your life has books on the right side, and books on the other side. The right side of the aisle is filled with all the positive books that record your dreams, goals, positive memories, and every positive learning experience of your life. The right side of the aisle has books that record every positive thing you have learned from every situation in your life, even the difficult ones. On the right side of the aisle there is a book for every one of your skills and talents, even the ones you have yet to discover. You realize that the books on the right side of the aisle describe you as you truly are, at your very natural best. As you study the positive side of the aisle, you feel a bit surprised and saddened that your subconscious mind hasn’t spent much time with the books on the positive side of the aisle because all the covers are new and unworn. And you are totally amazed at how big the positive aisle is and how full of books it is.

The other side of the aisle, the not-so-nice side of the aisle, is filled with books that record all the negative thoughts and feelings you have ever had about yourself. It has books for every problem in your life, physical, emotional, mental, social, or financial. It has books that contain all the stress and tension in your life, and books that contain all the obstacles to you living a peaceful life of rich experience. It has books about all your fears and self-imposed limitations.  All the books on the negative side of your aisle are from the past and still affecting you today. And it is with a shock that you realize your subconscious mind has been spending far too much time reading these negative books. All the spines of those not-so-nice books are broken and bent. The pages are dog-eared and the covers are ragged. You decide that enough is enough. You decide that you have carried these negative books around too long and wasted too much time with them. But you also notice that there really aren’t that many negative books. Your subconscious mind has just been spending too much time reading them. And all that changes starting right now. Your life starts changing RIGHT NOW.

At the back of the room, at the end of the aisle, there is a very large trash dumpster that is practically inviting you to throw away the things you no longer need in your life.

Go to the negative side of the aisle and find the books that contain all the negative thoughts, feelings, or behaviors that you have ever associated with yourself. You are a child of God and these books are filled with falseness. You take your negative self-thoughts and negative self-feelings and negative behaviors off the shelf, and hold them in your hands. You carry your negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to the back of the aisle to the trash dumpster. Without even bothering to read them, you hold your past negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors in your hands and tear them to shreds until only the covers are left. Then, realizing that even the covers of books that define you negatively are no longer worthy of you, you rip the covers of those negative feelings, thoughts and behaviors to shreds and toss them in the trash too.

Next, feeling good about yourself, beginning to remember that you are a child of God; you return to the not-so-nice side of the aisle… you pick out all the books that contain all your stresses and tensions, worries and concerns, and you carry them back to the back of the aisle. Holding those worries and stresses in your hands, you realize that 90% of what we worry about or stress over either never happens or you can handle it easily. You realize that the other 10% is out of anyone’s control. It is pointless to worry about things that never happen, or that we can handle easily. It is even more pointless to worry about things that nobody can control. So worry and stress are totally worthless emotions. You hold your stress, tension, worries and concerns in your hands. You remember that worries and stress are useless to you. And one by one tear up every stress, every tension, every worry and every last concern in your life and toss them in the trash. You toss away every useless worry and stress in your life… and they are all useless.

Feeling lighter, you return to the aisle and find your book of limitations and fears… your book of “I Can’t and Excuses”. This book contains all the limitations you have ever accepted as true about yourself. They contain all the fears and anxieties that have kept you from experiencing life as richly and fully as you were born to. All of these fears and limitations are from the past, and even though you have accepted them, they were given to you by other people. Other people’s opinions of you are meaningless. You remember that you are an incredible being of infinite potential, a child of God. So you take your fears and limitations into your hands, and book by book, rip every one of your fears, limitation, I can’t and excuses to shreds and throw them out of your mind forever. You even rip up the covers so that your mind never collects fears and limitations again. You tear up every excuse that has ever chained you, and throw it away. Your new motto is: “I can do whatever I set my mind on.”

Finally, feeling strong and courageous, you pick up the last book on the negative side of the aisle. It is by far the heaviest, with a deep black cover.

But you have the strength to lift it. You look at its title, and you are not surprised that it reads: “My Alcohol or Drug Problem Book.” That vile, ugly book contains every bit of your alcohol or drug problem… its causes, its effects and every way that alcohol or drugs harm your life and chain your soul. It is a thick, vile book that you choose to eliminate from your life forever. You hold your alcohol or drug problem in your hands, allowing your subconscious mind to thoroughly understand it. And you make a decision at every level of your being, to be rid of this book and your alcohol or drug problem forever. With all your strength and courage, you carry your alcohol or drug problem to the back of the room. You rip it to shreds, and you toss it in the trash, ripping the cover up and throwing it away as well.

Then you push the trash bin out of the library, to the incinerator in the back. You tip the dumpster into the incinerator, dumping all the shreds of your problems, fears and stresses into the incinerator. Then you toss in a lighted match and watch as everything you have thrown away… your stresses, your excuses, your limitations, your negative self-image, and your alcohol or drug problem… burn out of your life forever and set you free. Just watch them burn away forever… it feels so good to watch that cleansing flame set you free.

Pause 10 seconds

And now, moving back to the nice right side of the aisle, you pick up a book that you want your subconscious mind to absorb and act upon. That book is titled: “My Big Book of Sobriety.” It is remarkable, because it contains all the wisdom of the Big Book of AA, and you are amazed that you have had this incredible book inside the library of your mind all along. You carry your Big Book of Sobriety to the front of the aisle, where there is a very pleasant reading area with a perfect, large, overstuffed reading chair. You sit down in an open and relaxed state, just settling into your chair, knowing that your subconscious mind is now totally focusing on this incredible great new book to read. As you rest in the chair, simply letting your conscious mind float and drift, your powerful inner mind begins reading your new Big Book of Sobriety. 

Your subconscious mind reads this book here in the chair. Your subconscious mind reads this powerful new book when you are sleeping and dreaming, it reads this book in every relaxed and quiet moment. And your subconscious mind accepts every positive and beneficial idea in your Big Book of Sobriety. Your subconscious mind accepts and implements every idea designed to help you live soberly and joyfully. And your subconscious mind makes these new ideas conscious. It begins integrating all the deep wisdom in this inner book into your outer conscious life just as rapidly as you can assimilate the information and new ways of thinking, feeling and acting. You remember that you are a child of God… a beloved child of an infinite and creative universe…. And you begin acting like what you are in every moment. You know that you have all you need to meet every challenge life brings you. You find worries and fears being replaced by calm acceptance that no matter what life brings, you will not only survive, you will thrive. In each and every  day, in each and every way your life is becoming more abundant, healthier, more relaxed, and more filled with the simple joy of being. In each and every day you are experiencing richer and richer choices in life and each day brings you joy.  Every time you listen to this recording or relax in any way, your subconscious mind continues reading your Big Book of Sobriety, filling your mind with wonderful and joyous new, and relaxed ways of living fully.

Take a moment of silence now, and allow your inner mind to fill itself with the deep inner wisdom that has always been in your inner library. And when that moment of silence ends, it will be time to return to the surface, feeling absolutely wonderful and filled with exciting new ways to live life free of stress.

Pause 60 Seconds

Return to my voice now, knowing that this is the beginning of your new life. You rise up to the surface with me knowing that you are cherished and loved by God and your own soul. And you rise up totally dedicated to your incredible, new sober life of infinite possibility. If all the positive and beneficial ideas on this recording are acceptable to your mind, you simply continue breathing… just as you are. That’s right, simply continue breathing, and every breath you breathe causes your powerful inner mind to magnify, strengthen and reinforce every positive change you are making over and over and a million times over. And now it is time to return to the surface, bringing all your serenity and peace with you. And you rise up with a simple prayer and affirmation that goes with you always:

Give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change

The strength and courage to change the things I can

And the wisdom to know the difference 

I affirm that I serenely accept what I cannot change

I affirm that I change what I can with all my strength and courage

I affirm that I am guided by a vast wisdom that knows the difference 

You rise up to the surface knowing that your prayer and affirmation are true, and that you are free.

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