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Free Hypnosis Script for Overcoming Bulimia [PDF]

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Free Hypnosis Script for Overcoming Bulimia [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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Imagine a beautiful place in nature, for example a green and fertile alpine meadow on a perfect summer day. Imagine it below you as if you were walking down a mountain trail. Deep in the center of the meadow is a beautiful building, and even from this distance you recognize it as a place of healing and peace. And in fact that building houses your Institute of Peace, a part of your inner University of Higher Wisdom.

There is a radiant and glowing figure waiting for you in the doorway to the Institute of Peace… It may look like you or like an older, wiser version of you. Or it may simply look like a glowing cloud of radiant and healing energy. And you recognize this glowing figure as your own deepest Inner Wisdom… the deepest and wisest part of your own mind… a voice of your soul… a part of you that is wise, kind and infinitely compassionate. Inner Wisdom is here to help you heal and find peace.

And as you float and drift, you realize that you have been carrying a very heavy burden with you… It is like a heavy backpack or rucksack that you have had to carry with you. That backpack symbolically represents your problem with bulimia… the problem itself, all of its roots and reasons, and all the ways that problem is harming you and limiting your life. The backpack also represents all your internal struggles, and all your confusion about your body, your health and your ability to be at peace with yourself.

And you realize that you have been carrying this heavy backpack for far too long… You were never meant to carry this burden with you. Your Inner Wisdom invites you to simply take off that burden, and lay it down outside so that at least as long as you are paying attention to this recording, you never have to carry that problem around any more.

And it feels so light and so comforting to just take that burden off, and set it down. Your inner mind studies how good it feels to set the burden down. And you inner mind makes the good feelings of lightness, comfort and freedom its goals for you.

Then your Inner Wisdom invites you to enter the Institute of Peace. It is a place where every part of you is welcome, and where you can find peace and healing.  You sit in a wonderful, comfortable chair, and find yourself relaxing even more deeply with every breath. And Inner Wisdom tells you that this is a time to heal… a time to return to inner harmony, and a time to be at peace with yourself.

Inner Wisdom explains that there is no such thing as a behavior without a reason. Everything human beings do has a reason. There is a part of the your that knows about and is responsible for every behavior and every thought you think. And anorexia and bulimia are behaviors. There is a part of your mind which knows about the bulimic thoughts and behaviors, and which is responsible for them.

Perhaps to your surprise, Inner Wisdom tells you that the bulimic part of your mind is NOT your enemy. Inner Wisdom explains that for any behavior, no matter how confused or self-destructive, if you look deeply enough, you will find a part of the mind that is trying to help you. It is just a part of the mind that has made a mistake, and doesn’t know what helping you really means. Never the less, the bulimic part of you has been trying to help. The bulimic part of you simply has never realized that starving yourself and binging and purging is 10,000 times worse than anything it is trying to help you with.

Inner Wisdom tells you that the path to healing and restoring balance is to talk with your bulimic part… to understand what it wants… and then negotiate ways to let every part of you get what it needs without harming the rest of you.  So, taking your courage in your hands, you decide to trust Inner Wisdom. You give yourself permission to meet and talk with the bulimic part of your own mind, always remembering that no matter how difficult the problem seems to be, she is still a part of you. And with the help of your deepest Wisdom you can be at peace and return to radiant health.

And as you give yourself permission to talk with the bulimic part of your own mind, you see her across the room. Inner Wisdom is comforting her and guiding her to you. And you realize that she is just as frightened and confused as the rest of you has been. And you feel a wave of compassion for the bulimic part of you as Inner Wisdom reminds you that she has been trying to help you. She just made a mistake about how to do it.

Inner Wisdom welcomes every part of you to sit down at a common table and to talk. Inner Wisdom invites you to start by telling the bulimic part that there is a problem. You tell her all the ways the bulimia is harming and limiting you. You tell her how bad it feels to be out of control, and how crazy the bingeing, starving and purging make you feel. You show her the sick, the confusion, the dizziness and the weakness you have been feeling. You show her tooth problems, the thoughts of suicide or feelings of depression that go with the bulimia. You show her the ways that malnutrition is harming your body and remind her that your body is your most precious possession. You tell her about the confused thinking, about how bad it feels to harm and attack your own body. Inner Wisdom shows her what will happen if you continue as you have been.

And when you ask if that is what she wanted for you, if she was trying to hurt you in all these ways, and to make you feel sad and confused, she puts her head in her hands in confusion and shame. Because she has been trying to help, and truly had no idea how badly her actions were making your body and the rest of your mind feel.

You ask her what she was trying to do… what she wants for you. And you are amazed when she tells you the reasons for the bulimic behavior. Perhaps she was trying to help you with a sense of control. Or perhaps she was confused and thought you were not enough in some way… not smart enough, not lovable enough, not pretty enough, not thin enough, or not enough in some other way. Or perhaps she was totally confused and thought that everyone else hated you or wanted you out of the way. Or perhaps she was even so ashamed that she thought it would be best if you were to go away. Inner Wisdom helps the bulimic part of you sort out her thoughts and tell the rest of you about the internal confusions that led to the binging and purging. And she tells you what she was trying to do for you with the purging. (Pause 30 seconds)

As you return to my voice, you look at the poor bulimic part of yourself, and realize what a horrible burden of confusion, shame and fear she has been carrying around. So you reach out a hand of forgiveness and love. You ask for guidance from you own deepest wisdom to bring you back into balance.

And Inner Wisdom responds by reminding the bulimic part of you that it is welcome in this realm of inner peace… she is part of you, and no part of you is ever going to be thrown away. Your Inner Wisdom reminds the bulimic part of you that she is a child of God, a child of your own soul and a child of life’s love for life. A beautiful, radiant golden light fills the room, and fills your inner bulimic. That light fills every cell, fiber and tissue of your being. You remember that you are a child of this Universe and that as you are; you are enough and more than enough for God and your own soul… You are totally loved and cherished by God and by your own soul, and NOBOBDY else’s opinion matters.

Inner Wisdom touches you and the bulimic part of you, placing a hand over your heart and touching a finger to the center of your forehead, and fills your heart and mind with a tiny reminder of how much you are loved by God and by your own soul…  Just feel the energy of that love and compassion fill you… knowing that every time you listen to this recording. You remember more and more about whom you really are. Not who you are in personality or your mind… not who you are as a member of a family or society… but who you truly are, in your essence, in your soul, in your deepest reality.

And in those memories, solutions begin to form. You remember at a very deep level that you are one with all that is, and that you are loved and cherished literally beyond your mind’s capacity to encompass it. And you remember that you are and always have been, enough and far more than enough to meet and thrive through whatever challenges life may bring you.

You realize, that for all her confusion, the bulimic part of you is the part of you that wanted all of you to remember the peace and harmony within. Inner Wisdom suggests that if the bulimic part of you is willing to let go of the bulimic behaviors, she could be the part of you that reminds you to come to your meadow often to experience the peace you feel here. She can be the part of you who talks frequently with Inner Wisdom. She can be the part of you who listens to the voice of your own soul and shares your soul’s love with you.

And you invite the bulimic part of you to reconnect with all the rest of you. You invite her to merge into the rest of your mind, and to reconnect with your body, so that she truly understands what helping you means. And the formerly bulimic part of you is becoming your inner bridge. She is the part of you that is most aware of Inner Wisdom… the part of you who travels into the depths of your spirit… and the part of you who unfolds more and more and reminds you who you truly are. Your life is an incredible journey of rediscovering and uncovering your deepest truths. Your body is your precious and cherished vehicle and home for that journey. And the new inner bridge part of you, your ex-inner bulimic, is the part of you that reminds you that every moment of your journey, even the difficult moments, are incredible gifts from the Universe to your soul. And your deepest Inner Wisdom has a special and personal message for you… I am going to be silent for the next minute. And as your mind floats and drifts gently, your Inner Wisdom tells you what you most need to hear today to speed your healing and wellbeing. And the minute of silence for your Inner wisdom begins NOW. (Pause one minute)

Coming back to my voice now, your deepest subconscious mind integrates every positive and beneficial thing your Inner Wisdom has shared with you into the deepest and most powerful parts of your being where they simply become true for you. You have an overwhelming desire to listen to this recording on a daily basis. And every time you do, you relax more quickly and deeply. And your healing accelerates incredibly. In each and every day, in each and every way, life gets better and better. And with every day, you remember more clearly and deeply that you are loved and cherished and held in the arms of God and your own soul.

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