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Free Hypnosis Script for Increasing Concentration and Focus [PDF]

Original price was: $5.94.Current price is: $2.97.

Free Hypnosis Script for Increasing Concentration and Focus [PDF]
Free Hypnosis Script for Increasing Concentration and Focus [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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Say the magic words, “relaxed and focused,” to yourself. Every time you say or hear the words, “Relaxed and focused,” they cause your powerful subconscious mind to replay all the wonderful suggestions on this tape deep in your mind. The suggestions seal themselves in as a permanent part of your reality. Relaxed and focused.

As you relax more deeply, every word you hear causes your mind to increase its attention and focus, and to unleash your natural powers of focused concentration. Each breath you breathe causes you to relax even more deeply. And you are perfectly receptive to every positive and beneficial idea on this recording. Your subconscious mind integrates and implements all the positive suggestions on the recording so quickly that you find your powers of concentration growing beyond your goals as your mind harnesses its incredible power to helping you become the focused and incredibly successful person you were meant to be.

The secret to concentration is being able to relax and focus on what is important. You are now relaxing so much more easily than in the past. And you have a magic phrase that helps you stay relaxed in every situation in your life, no matter how busy or distracting they are. Your magic phrase is “Relaxed and focused.” Every time you hear the words “Relaxed and focused” they cause you to immediately relax and your entire mind focuses deeply on whatever is most important to you at the moment.

Practice with me now

Take in a deep breath, and hold it for just a moment

As you gently release your breath, you silently repeat your magic words, “Relaxed and focused”. And the words “Relaxed and focused,” instantly cause your mind and body to relax more deeply. A wonderful sense of peace fills you, and you feel your mind focus deeply on the changes you are making here today. That’s right, just let that wave of relaxation fill you every time you think or hear the words “Relaxed and focused.”

Try it again: Take in another deep, cleansing breath, hold it just a moment knowing that as you let it out and silently repeat the words “Relaxed and focused,” in your mind, another wave of peaceful relaxation fills you and all distractions fade even further away.

When you use your magic phrase to help you relax and focus your mind, you find yourself automatically concentrating only on the things that are truly important in each moment. And because you are relaxed, distracting noises or movements simply do not bother you. Your inner mind monitors distractions, you may even be slightly aware of them, but other people, movements, noises, and all other distractions simply become unimportant to you because the rewards of a focused, concentrated mind are so wonderful.

You find yourself making decisions more quickly, and making better decisions because your mind is able to focus deeply on what is most important. And as you make better decisions, you feel better and your self-esteem rises immensely. And you feel confident, secure and effective in every area of your life.

The word concentration comes from ancient Latin words meaning “to get to the center of things” or to get to the heart of the matter, as we would say today. It means to focus all our attention and energy on what is most important, and to exclude any distractions, so that we can resolve problem or create new ideas.  All human beings are marvelous concentrators. It is wired into our very brains to focus on the most important details of any situation and to follow-up with absolute determination to reach our goals. The only obstacles to tapping into our natural powers of concentration are stress and worry. The more we relax and let go of stress and tension, the more we can effortlessly concentrate and focus our minds on what is truly important. When we are calm and relaxed, we automatically focus our minds on what is important and distractions simply become unimportant.

Worry is the enemy of concentration because worry divides our mental energies and takes them away from focusing on the important things in life. You have a brand new attitude about worries. You realize that 85% of the things we waste time worrying about never happen. 10% of the things we waste time worrying about happen, but we can handle them easily. And 5% of the things we waste time worrying about happen, but they are beyond our power to do anything about anyway. And what you realize is that it is useless to worry about anything. 85% of all worries never happen so there is no point in worrying about them. 10% happen but they are things we can handle easily so there is no point worrying about them. And the remainder of our worries is out of our immediate control, so there is no point in worrying about them either. Your subconscious mind now realizes worry never helps anything. And since worry blocks the focusing power of your mind, worry actually prevents you from solving problems or creating solutions. So your subconscious mind refuses to worry about anything… especially when you want to concentrate your mind on a problem or project. Every time you silently repeat your magic phrase “Relaxed and focused”, all your worries fade away and your focus and concentration amplify themselves ten times over.

You practice relaxing every day, by listening to your recordings, and by using your magic phrase, “relaxed and focused”. And the more you practice relaxing, the more deeply you concentrate. Within a short time, you are aware of people noticing you, and telling you how much they envy your ability to stay calm, relaxed, focused and concentrated no matter what is going on. And you are delighted with your ability to relax and concentrate. Relaxed and focused. You recognize and are growing into your personal excellence more and more with every passing day. You really enjoy new challenges, and never worry about them because you know you have the ability to focus your mind and concentrate on meeting any challenge life can bring you. You have an exciting new sense of self-confidence and achievement. You accept that you are a talented and amazing human being who can meet any challenge that life offers, and not just survive, but thrive. Your new confidence spreads to others. When you are relaxed and focused, the people around you are relaxed and focused as well. You are a role model for others and their respect for you grows with every passing day.

Now think about some project or problem that you are facing. Notice that because you are relaxed and calm, your mind is focused and you can concentrate all your powers on the problem or project. And it just doesn’t seem as big a deal as perhaps it first did. Now, as you focus on your particular project or problem with a relaxed and focused mind, you feel your conscious and subconscious mind studying it from all angles. Repeat your magic words silently to yourself, and notice how your mind focuses even more deeply and all distractions fade away. “Relaxed and focused.” Focus on the problem or project you are facing.

Now take a moment of silence without the voice and notice how your mind is focusing on the project or problem, and getting right to the heart of the matter. Picture and imagine yourself coming up with creative approaches and solutions that allow you to resolve the problem or accomplish the project. Background sounds are not a distraction. They simply set a rhythm for your mind to use as it focuses and concentrates. When the voice returns in 60 seconds, you are astounded to realize that your deeply concentrated mind has given you creative new ideas for solving your problem or achieving your goals. And that relaxed and focused minute of silence begins now. …(Pause 60 seconds)

“Relaxed and focused.” Return to the recording now. If your mind is still working on the problem or project, you inner mind continues its deep focus until you achieve your goal. If your mind is finished, and you have all the new ideas you need, you are totally astounded at the ability of your mind to totally concentrate on what is truly important, and at how quickly you can achieve your dreams or resolve any problem when you are relaxed and focused.

Every time you listen to this recording, you are more and more calm and relaxed and that calm and relaxation spread to every aspect of your life. Every time you think or hear your magic phrase, “Relaxed and focused,” your mind magnifies and reinforces the positive suggestions on the recording a hundred times over and you are more relaxed calm, focused and concentrated every day of your life. Now it is time to return to the surface, bringing all your new focus and concentration with you. Relaxed and focused.

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