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Free Hypnosis Script for Optimal Body Building [PDF]

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Free Hypnosis Script for Optimal Body Building [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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As you continue to relax, each breath you breathe causes you to relax even more, body and mind. And every breath you breathe causes your powerful inner mind to be open to, and to implement every positive and beneficial idea on this recording. The more you use this recording, the deeper you relax and the more powerful the suggestions on the recording become for you as you build the body of your dreams.

Imagine a mirror in your mind that shows your body the way you want it to be. You have a clear and precise goal of adding well-conditioned muscle mass to your body until you reach your goal weight, size and shape. When you look into your inner mirror, you see yourself, as you want to be. You see yourself weighing your ideal weight, and those pounds are composed of powerful, beautifully shaped muscle mass. Your mirror shows you that your density is perfect for your frame. You study what you see. You are truly pleased with your body at your goal weight, size, conformation and shape. You know a deep and powerful sense of satisfaction at achieving this ideal size, weight and conformation. You are incredibly happy at having achieved such a powerful and life-enhancing goal. Your subconscious mind studies the image in the interior mirror. And your subconscious mind does whatever is necessary to bring you to this ideal size, shape, weight and conformation. Your subconscious mind accepts this ideal body as the real you… as the body you were meant to have. And your subconscious mind begins doing every healthy thing necessary for you to achieve this ideal and perfect body, easily and in the fastest healthy time possible.

When you look into your inner mirror, and see your body at the perfect weight and perfect density for you, you are reminded of famous body building champions. But what you see in the mirror, and what your subconscious mind is creating for you is even better, because your subconscious mind is helping you achieve the best and most wonderful body for YOU.

You visit this mirror often and each time you do, you feel a deep and commanding desire to bring that perfect body into full realization and to manifest it in the world. It feels so good to see your body at its very natural best, that you are totally excited and motivated to do whatever it takes to achieve your goal. And because you enjoy your goal shape and size so much, and because you truly cherish your body and want it to be all that it can be, every step you take to achieve that body is pleasing and easy for you.

You know that you have designed the perfect workout, rest and diet routine for your body. Because you have studied and learned to separate the truth of bodybuilding from the myth and misinformation, you are now totally motivated to put your learning into practice. You are totally motivated to create that powerful and beautiful body in healthy ways that enhance your life and that serve to show others the way to healthy and effective body-building.

You have learned the secret of training intensely to failure in short workouts, usually twice each week. You know that pushing your muscles to the failure point is the stimulus your body needs to create new, stronger muscle tissue. You also know the secret of giving your body the rest and recovery time it needs so that it can actually build stronger muscle. You know that you have the courage it takes to push each muscle group in turn to the failure point. You know that vomiting or shakiness are actually good things because they are signals that you are pushing the limits upward. You are totally aware of the difference between healthy muscle burn and muscle or joint damage. And because you are totally aware of the difference, you can push yourself far beyond what would be limits for most people in a healthy and growth-enhancing way.

Because you are so focused on your goal, on creating the body in the mirror, you totally enjoy your workouts. Each workout is THE workout. Each rep is THE rep. You focus your entire attention on each and every rep, whether it is the first one, or the “impossible” 11th one. And each and every rep brings you joy. Each rep causes your body to produce endorphins that give you a wonderful sense of accomplishment and joy. Rep by rep, muscle group by muscle group, you go through your entire workout feeling totally focused and totally joyous.

After each workout, you know that your muscles need time to recover and rebuild. And when you give your body the recovery and building time it needs, you feel absolutely great. And when your muscles are recovered, you feel an enormous motivation and desire to do the next workout.

You have discovered the secret of using good form. Your muscles grow at the maximal rate because you always focus on good form, isolating each muscle in turn. You use good form to move the weights, not momentum. You treat your body with respect, always using just the right weight and never overstressing it with weights that would require bad form or momentum to lift. And your body responds to your appreciation of it by going all out and giving 100% plus effort each and every time. You train with total attention and total effort, and in each workout, you find yourself attaining more and more… more repetitions or more weight in exactly the perfect growth curve for your body.

And your body responds by creating an average of 3 to 4 pounds of new healthy, strong, conditioned and active muscle each and every month until you reach your goal weight and shape.

You know where the growth point is… the point of muscle failure… and you approach that point joyfully. You do whatever it takes… tapping the last bit of energy… doing one or two assisted reps… doing whatever it takes to break through each limit.  And it is a joy to push the limits. You love each moment when you can go just a little further and you are totally motivated to go for the gold with every single rep, and in every single workout.

You give your body what it needs to be optimally healthy. You allow yourself time for a full night’s sleep after your workouts, so that your body can repair and rebuild. You sleep soundly and deeply because you know that your body grows during sleep. You feed your body the foods it needs to grow optimally. You are totally motivated to follow a nutritious eating regimen almost every day. Because you have discovered the secret of eating your food slowly and chewing thoroughly, you not only digest your food completely, but you enjoy it far more as well.

You trust yourself, and the deep wisdom of your inner mind, so you trust yourself to train to failure with intensity and courage combined with safety. And that makes every aspect of bodybuilding intensely satisfying for you. You believe in yourself, you respect your body, and you love the image in your inner mirror. And because of all that, you are intensely excited about each and every opportunity to work out. You joyfully anticipate every single repetition. And you even look forward to reaching the point of failure, because each time you train to failure you are one step closer to your goal.

Your deep and powerful subconscious mind accepts every positive and beneficial idea on this recording and locks it into place in the deepest part of your mind, where it simply becomes true for you. And every time you listen to this recording, you are totally excited about your workout. Because you know that the end result… your incredibly magnificent body at the perfect weight and density… is worth every step and every rep between now and your goal. Each time you listen to this recording, your powerful subconscious mind makes every beneficial and positive idea on the recording a thousand times more powerful and every workout is a time of total focus and joyful accomplishment.

And now, it is time to return to this time and place, feeling totally relaxed. You come up to the surface bringing all your inner changes out with you so that you effortlessly and automatically build the strong, attractive and wonderful body of your dreams and imagination.

Include repeat visualizations of the body and its perfect weight, size and conformation with each count in the awakening sequence.

We offer a wide range of free hypnosis scripts. Each script has its own unique style, so there’s bound to be something that resonates with you. Our scripts are carefully crafted by professional hypnotherapists. They incorporate proven techniques and language patterns designed to facilitate deep subconscious change.

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