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Free Hypnosis Script for Enhancing Breast Size [PDF]

Original price was: $5.94.Current price is: $2.97.

Free Hypnosis Script for Enhancing Breast Size [PDF]
Free Hypnosis Script for Enhancing Breast Size [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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As you relax deeper and deeper, you follow only the sound of my voice.  You remain awake and alert while you listen to this tape but you allow your mind to feather and float, drifting deep into you own subconscious. Your powerful subconscious mind is making the changes that you want… and is already beginning to make your breasts grow larger and firmer.

Deep in your mind there is a special room. It is a control room filled with levers, dials, monitors, buttons and other control apparatus. There is a screen in the control room that monitors body image. You see that screen and it reflects the way you see your body today. You notice that overall, your body is attractive, well conditioned and healthy. It is a very remarkable body and it works wonderfully well and does everything you ask it to. And you notice that you like your body. You especially like its femininity.  Your body feels nice to you… it feels sexy and great. As you look at your current self-image… how your body has built itself… there is only one little change you would like to make. You would like to be even more feminine. You would like your breasts to grow larger… not humongous and enormous… just larger and perfect for your beautiful curvy, feminine body.

In the past, you may have disliked your small breasts. In the past, you may even have said; “I hate my flat chest.” But now, a new attitude is forming. You now realize that your old flat breasts are the precious seeds of the new and beautiful breasts you are growing. You thank your body for all that it does for you. It is a wonderful home for your spirit and soul. You even appreciate your small breasts because you know they are the precious seeds that are growing and blossoming into the larger, curvy and attractive breasts that you are growing now.

You notice that the monitor where you are watching your body image is really an internal computer with a highly sophisticated drawing program. It is so sophisticated that it reacts to your thoughts. You don’t have to touch any controls. All you have to do is imagine and think. And the powerful computer in your mind completely changes your body image.Try it now. Focus on your breasts. Imagine what they would look like another 2 inches in diameter… another whole cup size larger. Watch as your monitor responds to that new image. Watch the breasts grow at a safe, healthy pace so that in just a few short weeks, they reach your new goal. Your body responds to your ideas on the control monitor by growing those breasts to be full, firm and beautiful.

Right next to your monitor is a lever. It runs from zero to ten.  Zero means that there is no growth going on. Ten means that your breasts are growing at the fastest rate that is safe and healthy for you. Notice where your lever is set. Then imagine pulling it all the way up to ten and locking it in place. That’s right… just lock it into place.

When the lever is locked into place at 10, you take a deep breath, let it out and let you mind feather deeper. You are fully awake and alert but you let your mind relax as deeply as it wants to go. You notice a tiny pulse deep within your breasts. That pulse is your signal that the process is working.

As you notice the pulse, you also notice that your breasts are warmer than the rest of your body. That is typical of tissue that is growing. Your breasts are adding more fat stores and expanding. There are more blood vessels growing to support the new breast tissue. One reason that the growth takes place over weeks is that it is important for your body to do things safely and systematically.

To have bigger breasts, your entire body has to make certain changes. You notice that your hips and bottom are rounding out just a little to balance the change in the shape and weight of your breasts. Your pectoral muscles are growing stronger to support your new breasts. Throughout your body, your blood vessels are changing so that they can support new, healthy breast tissue. Your lymphatic system and immune systems are making changes so that they can keep the new breast tissue healthy and safe. Your hormones are going into growth mode. Your brain is changing its systems of balance and awareness so that you can continue to feel naturally balanced in space.

There are many, many other behind the scenes changes that your body is making automatically so that your new breasts can grow healthy and perfectly. Fortunately your brain knows how to make every one of the millions of changes that have to occur. But that is why your breasts don’t grow instantly. They grow at a gradual, steady pace that allows your brain to make all the changes it needs while keeping you totally healthy at the same time.

Your brain just needs your permission to get the process rolling. It needs you to visualize your new state every day. At least ten times a day, you close your eyes for about 10 seconds and visualize that monitor. You visualize those beautiful new breasts growing out to exactly the size that you want them. That visualization is an instruction to your mind and brain. Your mind and brain create what you visualize… firm, lovely, attractive, curvy and sexy breasts. You come to this room and visualize the changes that you want often. The more you visualize your breasts growing, the faster they grow.

Remember that for many years, you subconsciously told your breasts not to grow. You talked to them constantly, mostly subconsciously. And they responded. If your brain was an office, you sent so many “don’t grow breasts” messages to your brain, that there isn’t even room to walk around. I want you to imagine going into that office and sweeping up all those “don’t grow breasts” memos into a big pile. Then you take those all those “don’t grow breasts” memos to the incinerator. You realize that you have to take many wheelbarrow loads of those obsolete old messages out to that incinerator. You empty every filing cabinet and clear out all the secret corners. Then, when you have dumped all the old “don’t grow” messages into the incinerator, you light them on fire and burn them up forever. Watch them burn out of your mind forever. (Pause 20 seconds)

As the old worthless, obsolete, useless “don’t grow” messages burn up, you compose a new memo for your mind and brain. That new message is very simple. It reads:

Grow my breasts to a full, firm, and beautiful size that is perfect for my body. Grow them in a safe, healthy, balanced way that is perfect for me. Give me the really feminine, attractive, firm and full breasts that I deserve and that nature designed me to have.

Go back to your monitor and show your brain what you want. Visualize your breasts expanding to fill out exactly as you want them to. Remember that you love your breasts just as they are. They are the seeds of the breasts that are growing and blossoming, the new breasts that you love even more.

Imagine what you would do with those firm, full breasts.  Imagine walking down the streets of your hometown. All the kids who used to call you plywood suddenly notice that you are all woman. Feel how good it feels when some of the guys drop their jaws in amazement. And some of the girls do too. Send that satisfied, sexy feeling deep into your mind and pull your lever up to ten to reinforce your new body image.

Imagine stepping off a curb to cross a street. As you step down, you notice a really cool bobble under your blouse as your breasts bob up and down in response to stepping off the curb. The feeling is so new and exciting. It feels incredible to actually have breasts that bounce when you move! Just enjoy the feeling. And tell your inner mind that this is the bouncy feeling you want to start feeling as soon as possible. These are the firm, sexy, bouncy breasts that you want it to build for you now. Imagine being with your lover and feeling his delight as he (or she) caresses your sexy new breasts.  (Pause)  Feel how good it feels to you, too.  Send that feeling deep into your mind to reinforce your new body image. Tell your brain clearly and unequivocally “This is what I want”. I want to feel my wonderful, new curvy, sexy breasts being caressed in just this loving way. I LOVE my beautiful, new breasts.

At each and every level of your mind, brain and body, your breasts are growing. They grow at a perfect, healthy rate for you. Your body follows your mind and your breasts grow in response… just as they have for thousands upon thousands of women. Your mind is incredibly powerful. You know that your mind was powerful enough to keep your breasts from growing which meant it had to overcome all your genetic programming. Your mind is incredibly powerful. And now that incredibly powerful mind is doing everything it needs to do so that your breasts grow out to their full firm potential. Now your mind is aligned with what your body has always wanted to do and that makes it ten times more powerful. You are on your way to beautiful breasts.

Return up to the surface of the mind now, knowing that your inner mind is doing everything necessary to grow the breasts you want. And the more you visualize your new firm, bouncy and beautiful breasts the faster they grow. And the more you listen to this recording the faster your inner mind grows those perfect curvy and delightful breasts for you. Just turn this entire project over to your inner mind and relax as your perfect breasts grow to their perfect size over the next few weeks.

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