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Free Hypnosis Script for Healing the Past [PDF]

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Free Hypnosis Script for Healing the Past [PDF]
Free Hypnosis Script for Healing the Past [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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As you continue breathing, each gentle, rhythmic breath causes you to relax more deeply. With each exhale, you are breathing out stress, tension and pain… with each inhale, you are inviting in a deeper serenity and peace. Relaxing more deeply with every breath… and as you relax, your powerful inner mind is receptive to all the positive and beneficial ideas on this recording. Every breath and every beat of your heart cause your mind to take in the positive suggestions for healing, to amplify those suggestions, and to make them your new inner and outer truth.

Your beautiful meadow is a secret place within your heart, even if it is also a place in the outer world. And whenever you visit your inner meadow, you are entering a place of safety and healing. Your meadow is always there for you. You don’t have to listen to this recording or be in hypnosis to visit your meadow. All you have to do is close your eyes in a safe place, and picture and imagine your meadow. As you visualize or think about your meadow, a wave of serenity and peace fill you, and you feel a deep and lasting wave of all the good feelings you are feeling right now, no matter what is happening around you.

You relax in your meadow, allowing your outer conscious mind to rest and drift in the harmony and tranquility while your vast and profound inner mind does the work. Your outer mind is welcome to listen and follow, but your inner mind does the work. You are listening to this recording because sometime in the past, perhaps repeatedly, you suffered profound emotional pain and trauma. And the echoes of that trauma are still affecting you today, filling you with pain and fear, and limiting your choices in life. And you inform your powerful inner mind that the time has arrived to heal the pain of the past and to begin living as fully and richly as you deserve.

When we experience trauma, or emotional injury that is bigger than we can handle at the time, it literally splits our minds. A part of our mind, often a vulnerable or childlike part of our mind, stays in the past and wraps itself around the trauma, locking it inside so that the rest of us can survive and grow. That is an effective strategy that lets us continue living with pain that is too great to bear. But the pain is still locked within us. And that vulnerable, younger part of the mind is still experiencing the hurt, shame, and fear over and over, all 24 hours of every day. The first step to healing is to rescue that younger part of the mind.

You don’t necessarily have to relive, or remember the events of the past in detail, although the specific memories may surface if, and only if, your subconscious mind knows you are strong enough to handle the memories easily. Otherwise the healing mostly occurs beneath the surface, in the subconscious mind. All you need to consciously know is that there is a younger part of your mind who is still caught in the old, bad memories…  feeling the old pain as if it were still happening. Picture and imagine that child. Whether you have specific memories or not, you can picture and imagine your younger self in pain, ashamed or terrified. With all of your adult strength, you pick that child up. You rock and cradle your younger self in your arms. And you say to the child, “You are safe now… I am your future self, come back to help you. And you are safe now.”

With a strength deeper than you knew you had, you take your injured self out of the old memories. And you tell your younger self: “You never have to live in these old memories again. My strong, capable adult self can visit these memories if I choose. But no part of me ever has to live in them again.” And watch as a sigh of relief flows over your younger self. And all the weight seems to drop away. You move your younger self to your beautiful meadow, that place of harmony and joy. Your younger self never has to deal with difficulties, problems or pain again. That’s why you are there… the strong, capable adult who knows that you have everything you need, not just to survive life’s challenges, but to thrive. You tell your younger or child self that they have only one job, and that is to relearn the curiosity, joy, playfulness, adventure and exuberance of youth. And to return those gifts to your outer life. Your adult self is there to handle life’s challenges.

As you and your younger self stand talking in the meadow, you notice that the sun is beginning to set. And as you watch the beauty of the sunset, you realize that the time has come to let all the injuries of the past fade into the past, and leave your present and future free. You choose to let the old injuries fade with the sunset. And that sunset is so beautiful… the amazing shades of orange, red and purple paint the clouds. And you watch that beautiful light dancing across the sky in waves, and showering over you and your meadow. You are almost spellbound by the light. You feel a wonderful new lightness of being within you. All the old pain flows out of you, into the earth. And you feel a surge of energy and healing within. You allow the old injuries to become unimportant to you. They are just things that happened on the road of life and they are fading into the past. You remember an ancient truth, that whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. And you realize that what you have experienced and survived has made you a powerfully strong, resilient, compassionate human being. The sun sets all the way now and you feel totally refreshed. You see your younger self, resting, and moving into a healing and recharging sleep for the first time in many years, as the old pain fades entirely into the past with the fading sunlight.

I am going to ask you now to do one difficult thing, but the peace of your moonlit meadow makes it easier. And that is to forgive the person or people who harmed you. Forgiveness does not mean pretending it didn’t happen or making nice. True forgiveness means acknowledging clearly how they injured you. It means clearly stating your boundaries so it can’t happen again. If the same people continue to harm you, it means removing yourself from them and doing whatever emotional, social and legal things it takes to get them to stop.

The key step to true forgiveness is making an agreement with yourself to let go of the rage, fear and vengeance so that those things no longer poison your heart. In this very specific way, I am going to invite you to imagine those people who hurt you, in a place of strength, outside of your meadow and away from your younger self. Imagine the people who hurt you as if they were tied to chairs and have to listen. Then, tell them in as much detail as you wish how they hurt you, and how that hurt has damaged your life. Tell them what your boundaries are, and that such behavior is never, ever acceptable again. Tell them all they need to know about the harm they have done you and others, and let them feel the pain they gave you… not as vengeance, but simply so they know what they did to you… (Pause10 seconds)…

Give them a chance to respond…. (Pause10 seconds)

And no matter if they apologize or are defiant, tell them again what is and is not acceptable to you, and that they are never to harm you again… (Pause 10 seconds).

Then, and only then, after the boundaries are back in place, you return to your meadow, free of the ones who hurt you. You take all the anger and rage, all the fear and shame, all the desires for revenge… and you let them fade into the past with the very last rays of the fading sunlight. You untie the people who hurt you and set them free. Those who apologized, you can explore new and healthy relationships with. Those who did not apologize, you allow to fade completely out of your outer life.

The beautiful moon lights your meadow fully now in a magic healing light. Your younger self sleeps a deep and healing sleep to awake on a new day, free or the past. You enjoy your meadow in the moonlight. The magical moonlight is soothing and healing in a degree deeper than you imagine. You feel so light. All the heavy burden has faded away. All the hurt, shame and fear are gone. All the rage, and vengeance have gone. Your heart is light and free… so light you feel you could fly. You realize that your life has changed so greatly. You know that you are a being of limitless possibility. You have the freedom to experience and be the highest you can be. The chains are gone. The burden has lifted. You know the next sunrise opens on a whole new world of rich inner experience. And the injured parts of you are healing more deeply with every breath you breathe.

If these suggestions and ideas are acceptable to you, you simply continue breathing… just as you are. The more you listen to this recording, the faster and deeper you relax, and the more profoundly you heal. The more you visit your meadow, either guided by this recording, or simply by closing your eyes and imagining it, the more calm, peace and confidence you feel flooding out into your outer life. You are a profound and powerful being, living in an infinite and beautiful universe. And you are loved and cherished. In each and every day, you heal more deeply and your outer life becomes a glorious dance of abundant life. And now it is time to return to the surface of the mind, to the outer world, bringing all the inner healing out with you. Every breath you breathe continues to strengthen and reinforce your healing and growth. Now rise back with my voice to the outer world, feeling wonderful.

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