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Free Hypnosis Script for Building Powerful Motivation [PDF]

Original price was: $5.94.Current price is: $2.97.

Free Hypnosis Script for Building Powerful Motivation [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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Remaining in this deep, focused state of relaxation, every breath you breath causes you to maintain and deepen this wonderful peaceful state even more. Your powerful inner mind is open and receptive to every positive and beneficial idea on this recording and every beat of your heart is a signal for your mind to accept, magnify and implement every positive, beneficial idea on the recording. The comforting sound of my voice causes you to relax more deeply and to reinforce and strengthen every positive idea on the recording, Just floating now, tranquil, in control, at peace and at rest, allowing the new to replace the old and useless. Simply enjoying where you are, what you are and who you are. Totally at peace.

As you relax more deeply, you realize that you have many important goals in your life… things that you would like to achieve, accomplish, create or experience. And these goals give your life value and meaning. They are not necessarily “big deals” in the world’s eyes. But they are the achievements or experiences that bring you great satisfaction. And the more you listen to this recording, the more your powerful inner mind focuses its enormous energies on making your deepest dreams, goals and desires conscious. And the more your inner mind focuses on making your dreams and goals manifest in your outer life. Every breath you breathe and every beat of your heart cause you inner mind to be receptive to the positive ideas on this recording, and to implement those positive ideas in your outer life.

Deep in your inner mind, there is a secret place, a place of rest and peace, the deepest recesses of your inner mind. I would like you to imagine a set of five beautiful stairs leading down to the deep basement of relaxation and your secret place of healing inner change. As I count from five down to one, your mind takes you down the stairs to that secret place of powerful change.

5… taking the first step down, doubling your pleasant relaxation with every step

4… Feeling totally relaxed and totally excited about entering the heart of your mind

3… Deeper, more calm, so alert but so peaceful, doubling your relaxation again

2… Totally at peace, refreshed, rejuvenating

1… All the way down, so peaceful

You find yourself on a beautiful landing facing an elaborate door with a high-tech scanning lock. You place the palm of your hand in the scanner, and the feel the light scan your handprint. The lock clicks open and you gently push the door open and walk in to an incredibly beautiful room filled with books. In the back, there is a well-lighted reading area with a very comfortable chair. Perhaps there is a fire burning cheerfully in a fireplace near the reading chair. The carpeting is rich and soft, the walls are painted in the most soothing colors, and the furnishings and bookshelves are made of rich tropical woods. You know that you have entered in to one of the deepest recesses of the mind… to the library of yourself. All the books in this library represent aspects of yourself in all the richness of your being. You know you could spend years exploring this library. But, for now, you are focused on your deepest dreams and the motivation to fulfill them.

On the reading table next to your chair, there are two precious books bound in expensive leather, with gold titles and gold page edges. You know at a glance that these books are of incredible value to you. As you scan the titles, you realize the first book is titled: “My Book of Deepest Dreams, Goals and Desires.” The second book is entitled: “My Book of Motivation.”

You sit in the chair, even more comfortable now, and open your book of Dreams, Goals and Desires. You turn it to a page at random, and you are astounded to begin remembering something you thought you had forgotten… a dream or a goal that had faded from your consciousness. You know intuitively that this entire book is filled with the dreams of your heart and soul… the things you came to this Earth to experience or accomplish. And you have a deep joy in recognizing them. The dreams and goals are not all big things. Some are very simple: like being the best you can be at your career or family, finding and returning love, taking joy in each moment of life. Every goal and dream in the book is personally meaningful and important to you, whether the world thinks it is a big deal or not. Everything in this book is a big deal for you. You realize you have been distracted from your goals. So you now inform your subconscious mind that its homework is to read this book of dreams cover to cover. And to do whatever healthy things are necessary for your deep dreams and goals to become conscious again, and to be realized and achieved in your outer life.

Your subconscious mind now accepts the task of bringing your deepest dreams into full awareness and full reality. Every time you listen to this recording, your subconscious mind explores your dreams, goals and desires more deeply, and increases the energy dedicated to making them conscious and bringing them into reality. In the background, all the time, your inner mind now accepts that one of its most important jobs is to keep your conscious mind focused on the goals that are important to you, and to keep you motivated to work toward accomplishing your deepest dreams and goals.

You look at the second book now, and read its title: “My Book of Motivation.” And you know intuitively that this book contains everything your mind needs to know about the energy and focus you need to achieve your dreams and goals. You turn first to the introduction, which is written specifically for your inner mind. It tells your inner mind that the first secret of motivation is changing the way you look at yourself. And it reminds you who you really are, beneath all the definitions that other people have laid on you.

The book reminds your subconscious mind that you are a reflection of an infinite and creative universe, and that you have within you, everything you need to achieve your dreams. And as your subconscious mind reads the words in your book of motivation, it remembers more and more who you are in your depths, and at your highest potentials. Your inner mind remembers who you are at your very natural best, and begins sharing that knowledge with your outer mind. You feel a warm swelling of quiet contentment as you remember that you are a powerful and creative being, with an overwhelming desire to achieve your highest potentials and deepest dreams. And you now allow every day to be a step forward in the realization of your many empowering dreams, and the accomplishment of your highest goals.

You feel an incredible shift in your attitudes about yourself and your place in the world. You know your life to be meaningful and worthwhile in every way. You appreciate yourself and love yourself and your life more and more with every passing day. You know yourself to be special, valuable and loved. You appreciate your own intelligence and talent. You speak with conviction because you think things through clearly. And you focus intently on the meaningful aspects of life. You have an abundant new confidence that you have the skill, wisdom and intelligence to achieve whatever you focus your energies on. And you express and experience a special serenity, knowing that you are a success, and that your success grows with every day.

You have the power and wisdom to focus on your deepest dream and goals, and the perseverance to achieve them. You think of yourself as a success. You

 feel successful. And success goes with you in whatever you take on. You are a role model for others, inspiring them to reach for their highest goals with all their will and energy, just as you do. And you are creating a wonderful circle of joyous success in the people around you, which empowers you to reach even higher. You are determined and persistent, and nothing stands in your way for long. And as you achieve your dreams and inspire others to achieve theirs, you are becoming the happiest, healthiest, most loving and lovable person you can be. And you are making the world a better place for us all, simply by being here and doing your best.

Your book of motivation contains many other techniques and secrets that help you find, increase and sustain the energy you need in every minute to be your best and achieve your deepest dreams and desires, and attain your deepest goals. Every time you listen to this recording, your subconscious mind reveals more and more of the secrets of this book to your conscious mind. And your inner mind is constantly working in the background to read and understand everything in your Book of Motivation and to bring the ideas, and techniques into your outer life.

The more you use this recording, the deeper your mind explores your Book of Deepest Dreams, Goals and Desires, and your Book of Motivation. And the more you listen to this recording the more motivated you are to do whatever healthy things it takes to focus on your most important dreams and to achieve them.

If these ideas are acceptable to your inner mind, you simply continue breathing… just as you are. That’s right… And now, take a full minute without talking, and in that minute, your inner mind reads in both your books, and makes conscious whatever it is that you most need to know today about your deepest dreams; and focuses your energies totally on achieving them. Ask your inner mind: “What do I most need to know today about my deepest dreams and the motivation to achieve my dreams?” And the minute for the answer begins NOW… (Pause 60 seconds)

Returning to the recording now, you allow yourself to remember your inner guidance of the past minute, and you allow your inner guidance to seal itself within the deepest part of your mind where it becomes a permanent part of your new reality as an awesomely motivated creator and achiever of dreams. And every breath you breathe reinforces, strengthens and magnifies your new awareness. And every beat of your heart causes your vast and amazing inner mind to strengthen and reinforce every positive and beneficial idea on this recording over and over and over.

And now it is time to return to the surface of the mind: feeling alert, refreshed, and totally renewed. As you return to this time and place, you bring out with you, every positive and beneficial idea on this recording, integrated now into your deepest truth and reality.

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