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Free Self-Hypnosis Script to Stop Drinking Coffee [PDF]

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Self-Hypnosis Script to Stop Drinking Coffee
Free Self-Hypnosis Script to Stop Drinking Coffee [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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This script is meant to help you stop drinking coffee for health purposes.

“I stop drinking coffee.

“Drinking coffee is just a simple habit. And like any habit, it can be changed. Through the power of self hypnosis, I choose to break the coffee-drinking habit quickly and easily so that I am coffee-free.

“As I communicate clearly and directly with my subconscious while I read these words, the change takes full and immediate effect. I am released from the pattern of drinking coffee right now and forever.

“From this day forward the smell of coffee is disgusting and the taste of coffee is putrid. My senses tell me that coffee is no longer appealing at all.

“Many people cringe when tasting coffee for the first time. Now I imagine tasting plain coffee for the first time. The coffee tastes bitter and strange. I spit it out  into a rusty bucket of old cigarette butts and look at the ugly swill with disgust.

“I wonder why anyone would ever swallow something that tastes so foul. Some people try to cover up the bad taste of coffee by adding cream or sugar, but it still tastes terrible.

“As I stop drinking coffee, I begin to experience many benefits. I am no longer jittery. My blood pressure returns to normal. I feel calmer and happier. I sleep better. My teeth are whiter and my breath is fresher. My body is able to remain hydrated, especially when I replace the coffee with purified water. Not having coffee allows all my body systems to function much better. It feels good to be coffee-free!

“When I experience the benefits of being completely coffee-free, my desire to remain coffee-free doubles. When I see other people drinking coffee, it does not bother me at all: it only affirms my decision to remain healthy and coffee-free.

“I replace coffee with another heated beverage: tea or water with lemon—as long as it’s healthy. I drink it at the times I used to drink coffee. As the better hot liquid fills my stomach, I am satisfied and realize how much I prefer it over coffee. And, every sip of the healthy, coffee-free beverage reminds me how much happier and healthier I feel.

“I imagine eating lunch with a friend in a restaurant. At the end of the meal, my friend orders a cup of coffee while I order a hot, coffee-free beverage. I notice the unappetizing scent of the coffee as it is poured into the cup. As my friend drinks it, I quietly observe coffee stains on her teeth. I am aware that after drinking a few sips, her energy appears erratic because of the high dose of caffeine in the repulsive brew. I feel wonderful to be free of the negative effects of drinking coffee. As I sip from my hot beverage, I think of how my teeth remain unstained by coffee, how my nerves are calm, how I’m in a good, even-tempered mood and how my health is better. It feels good to say ‘No’ to coffee.

“Thanks to the power of self hypnosis, I completely bypass the withdrawal symptoms associated with caffeine. I feel just fine.

“When I emerge from this self hypnosis session, I will be delighted to discover that I have lost all interest in coffee. I simply do not want it anymore. Then I will feel empowered because I have proven to myself how easy it is to take control over my own behaviors and choices.

“I recognize my mind’s power to make new choices that lead me to greater health and happiness. I realize how easy it is to let go of coffee, and to make wiser selections. After a month of remaining coffee-free, the idea of drinking coffee will seem ridiculous and like a distant memory.

“I am now and shall remain coffee-free.”

(The Wake-Up)

“I will emerge gently and easily from hypnosis now by counting from one to five. With each number, I emerge twenty percent. When I reach the number five, I will return to everyday awareness.

“One . . . emerging twenty percent, beginning to awaken from hypnosis now. (speak a little louder and stronger)

“Two . . . forty percent now, as I become fully aware of my body and environment. (speak louder and stronger)

“Three . . . sixty percent . . . I look forward to the positive results from this hypnosis session.  (speak louder and stronger)

“Four . . . eighty percent, emerging peaceful and happy. (strongly assert your intention to emerge)

“FIVE . . . FIVE . . . FIVE . . . One hundred percent now! Wide awake and fully alert!!!”

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