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Free Hypnosis Script for Self-Esteem (Adults) [PDF]

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Free Hypnosis Script for Self-Esteem (Adults) [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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As you relax more deeply with every peaceful exhale, every breath you breathe causes you to go deeper yet. And every beat of your heart causes your inner mind to accept and implement every positive and beneficial idea on this recording.  As you listen to the suggestions here, your vast and powerful inner mind receives the suggestions. Your mind accepts them as true. And your mind activates and implements these suggestions at the deepest levels of your being. And every breath and heart beat causes your mind to magnify and reinforce every positive and beneficial suggestion for you over and over again.

You have a powerful and creative imagination. It is part of what makes you talented and positive human being that you are. And the more you use that positive imagination, the more you shape your reality. And the better you feel about yourself in each and every moment.

I would like you to imagine a schoolroom deep in your mind. There are student tables with really comfortable chairs, and a teacher’s desk. Perhaps there is a map on the wall, or pictures of your favorite things. Look around the schoolroom. The walls are your favorite colors. There is plenty of light and a beautiful landscape outside the big picture windows. You are surprised that it is much more comfortable than the schoolrooms you remember from childhood. It even smells good.  There is a fireplace with a cheerful fire burning in the back of the room, and a wonderful reading chair by the fire. You feel welcome in this pleasant place of learning. And you are looking forward to what comes next. This is your dream schoolroom… a place of safety, and a place for you to learn about your deepest reality.

As you scan the room, the teacher walks in so quietly that you don’t notice at first. You feel a welcome and pleasant energy, as if the light has been turned on a little brighter. You feel a gentle wave of peaceful surprise as you realize that the teacher is you… the highest, best part of yourself… the part of you that never forgot who you are in the deepest core of your being. You feel a wave of deep recognition and joy to meet this inner teacher who has come to help you remember the most important lessons of life.

Your teacher directs your attention to the back of the room. On each side of the fireplace, there are big shelves of books, and you realize with amazement that all of these books, on both sides of the fireplace, are about you. Your teacher guides you first to the books on the left side of the fireplace, and as you scan the titles, they startle you at first because the titles of these books represent all the negative thoughts, feeling and actions you have ever associated with yourself. The books on the left contain all the worries and stresses that poison your life. They contain all the negative self-definitions and excuses that have prevented you from achieving your dreams. And your inner teacher explains to you that all these negative books are from the past, but they are still affecting your life and your feelings about yourself. Your teacher explains to you that most of the content in these books didn’t even come from you. They were written by other people: parents, family members, outer teachers, peers, and authority figures of all kinds. These negative books were placed there by others and have no connection to your real self. But your subconscious mind has been reading these worthless old books so much that it has accepted them as true. Your inner teacher says, “Enough is enough! It is now time to leave other people’s ideas about you in the past and learn who you truly are.”

Your inner teacher first asks you to look at the titles of all the books that contain all the negative thoughts you have ever had about yourself. It is painful at first to look at the titles of the books containing your negative self-thoughts. But you feel so peaceful in your classroom, and so courageous, that you take all the negative self-ideas books off the shelves and carry them to the fireplace. Without even bothering to open any of the books, you hold your negative self-ideas in your hands and rip them apart. You toss all your negative self-thoughts and self-definitions into the fire. You rip the covers to shreds as well and toss them in because there is no longer a place in your mind for negative self-thoughts.  And the fire burns all your negative self-ideas and negative self-definitions out of your mind forever.

Your return to the negative books on the left of the fireplace, and your inner teacher next asks you to take down the books of negative feelings. These books contain all the negative feelings toward yourself that were connected to those worthless negative self-ideas. And it feels so good to take those worthless negative self-feelings into your hands and rip them to shreds and throw them into the wonderfully cleansing fire. And the fire burns them out of your mind forever.

Feeling great and getting the idea, you return to the shelf of negative books on the left, and take down all the negative behavior books that were connected to the old worthless negative self-ideas and feelings. Your inner teacher doesn’t even have to tell you what to do. It feels great to take those negative behaviors into your hands and tear them to shreds. You toss them into the fire and let it burn those old negative behaviors out of your mind forever. You simply pause for a moment and watch as the fire burns the last traces of your negative thoughts, feelings and actions out of your mind forever.

Then, feeling inspired and intuitively knowing what comes next, you return for the last books on the negative bookshelves. These books hold all the limitations you have ever accepted about yourself. They contain all the “I can’ts” and all the excuses that have ever prevented you from achieving your dreams. You look to your inner teacher, and receive an almost telepathic response. Your inner teacher confirms for you that all these limitations, “I can’ts” and excuses were planted in your mind by others and have nothing to do with your true self.  So with a wave of joy, you take all your limitations, “I can’ts” and excuses into your hands, tear them to shreds and throw them into the fire, cover and all. You watch with deep and peaceful satisfaction as the fire turns all the negative books of the past into smoke and ash. And your inner mind is free of all the chains of the past.

Feeling free and deeply peaceful, open to amazing possibilities, you move to the books on the right side of the fireplace. And with a very pleasant surprise, you see that these books have titles that reflect the real you, your true self. These titles reflect the wonderful, talented, skilled, loving, accomplished, creative, and good qualities you accept as the real you. You read these titles and they say things like: loving, confident, strong, capable, worthy, important, terrific, imaginative, intelligent, poised, fascinating, energetic, talented, skilled, special, creative and loved.

You look at these books and you feel a warm swelling of pride. You know these books are describing you at your very natural best. Your inner teacher asks your subconscious mind to read these positive, true books over and over, and to integrate their truths into your outer life. You accept that these books represent the real you. You accept that the ways you intuitively think, feel and act are wonderfully positive. And your positive thoughts, feelings and behaviors make life better for yourself and all you love. Just thinking about these books gives you a warm and joyous feeling. Your inner mind is integrating all the positive contents of these books into your thoughts, feelings and actions. You feel a new lease on life. You look out at the world and everything is better. The world is alive with possibility, because inside you are free of the chains of the past. And you are rediscovering your true nature more and more with every beat of your heart and breath of your lungs.

There are four special books that your inner teacher calls to your attention. They are beautifully bound in expensive red or blue leather, with gold lettering on their titles, and golden page edges. They are the most precious of the books on the right, and your inner mind was so distracted by the old negative books, that it really hasn’t had a chance to read these four precious books with the focus they deserve. Your inner teacher gives your subconscious mind a homework assignment. It is to read, discover and integrate all the wonderful content of these four books into your outer life.

The first of your books is titled “My True Self, Who I Really Am”. You turn to the first page and read the first sentence which reads “First understand this, you are a child of an infinite and creative universe, and loved beyond your imagination”. Your subconscious mind surges with joy, knowing that this book reveals the deepest truths of your being. And your subconscious mind dedicates itself reading, understanding and implementing every word of this book.

The second of your special books is titled “My Deepest Dreams, Goals and Desires.” It reveals the dreams of your deepest being… the things that you are alive to do and experience. You read the first sentence, and your book of deepest dream starts out: “Understand this, you are free to have, to do or to be whatever you can dream and imagine, and you are a powerful dreamer.” And you have an exciting surge of expectation knowing that your inner mind will be reading your book of deepest dreams, goals and desires, and doing everything necessary to make them conscious. Your inner mind focuses all your energies into bringing your deepest dreams into reality.

The third special book is titled “My Book of Hidden Skills and Abilities. These are the abilities and skills you have never realized you had. They are meant to unfold throughout your life to help you realize your deepest dreams. The first sentence of your book of skills and abilities reads: “You have talents and abilities you have not yet discovered or fully developed, and you are now free to find and manifest your passions in life.” And again, you feel an incredible wave of joy and satisfaction knowing that your inner mind is rediscovering your deepest talents and bringing them to the surface to help you create your new life with energy and delight.

The fourth of your special assignment books is titled “My Gifts to the World.” With joy, you remember that you, like each of us, has a reason for being alive. And that reason includes the positive impacts we are meant to make in the lives of others… making the world a little better for our having been here. Your book of gifts opens with this amazing sentence: “You arrived on this Earth complete with wonderful, unique gifts to discover and share with the world to make life better for everyone you encounter. You are now free to discover and unwrap those special gifts.” There is a special good feeling that fills you as you remember, day by day, more and more of what you have to offer the world.

Your subconscious mind willingly and joyfully takes on the task of reading your four precious inner books, and making their truths part of your outer consciousness and reality. You feel a surging new energy flowing into your life. You experience a new excitement and vitality about living a meaningful life. And you know yourself to be a positive influence on others as you creatively build your dreams and help others achieve theirs. You believe in yourself. You know yourself to be intelligent, worthy, creative, loving, kind, positive, talented and valuable in each and every way. You think, feel and act positively and with the best intentions all the time. You notice other people noticing the positive changes in your attitudes and in your life, and you are truly delighted. You feel a special kindness for yourself, and for every experience of your life. You love yourself and approve of your thoughts, feelings and actions more than every before. And with each and every day you feel yourself creating your dreams.  You know yourself to be a beloved child of a creative and beautiful universe. And you look forward to the gifts that each day brings.

And if these ideas are acceptable to you, you simply continue breathing… just as you are. And every breath you breathe magnifies and reinforces every idea on this recording. Any time you listen to this recording, or even think about your classroom and inner teacher, it is as if you are instantly there and the lessons get deeper and deeper and a thousand times deeper every time you visit your inner teacher and class room in your mind.

Your inner teacher has one more special lesson, just for you. As my voice is quiet for a minute, you inner teacher talks to your conscious and subconscious minds, imparting a special lesson… the one that you most need to hear to remember your deepest and truest nature… the lesson that you most need to hear, now, so you remember to love and appreciate yourself more each and every day. You may be consciously aware of inner teacher’s words, or you may just consciously be aware of a deep self-loving feeling filling your mind. And inner teacher is communicating vast amounts of information directly into your subconscious mind. The moment of silence for inner teacher to give you your special, personal lesson begins now.

(Pause 30 seconds)

Return to the recording now, knowing that inner teacher has given you a wonderful, self-affirming private message. And the more often you use this recording, the more your inner teacher shares with you all you need to know about loving yourself as the gifted, talented and wonderful human being that you are. You accept and love yourself more with every beat of your heart, and with every breath you breathe. And you share your inner love with everyone you meet, knowing that you are a wonderful and appreciated part of so many lives.

And now, it is time to return up to the surface of the mind, knowing that in the background, your inner mind continues discarding the negative lessons of the past and replacing them with your inner truths. Every day in every way, your life is improving, and with every breath you breathe, your inner mind is incorporating, extending and implementing all the positive ideas on this recording.

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