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Free Hypnosis Script for Manifesting Abundance [PDF]

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Free Hypnosis Script for Manifesting Abundance [PDF]
Free Hypnosis Script for Manifesting Abundance [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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As you relax more deeply, every breath causes your powerful inner mind to absorb and implement all the positive ideas for manifesting abundance on this recording. And your inner mind races far ahead to remove any obstacles to your abundance, and to unify your mind in focus on the rich and abundant life that is your birthright.

Manifesting abundance is a process of uniting your inner and outer mind together with the mind of God as a whole, and allowing the energy of God to create and bring into reality that which you most desire. Many traditions teach this method. But most of them forget that the outer mind and inner mind must be in agreement and harmony about what you truly want in order for it to manifest.

The first step to creating an abundant life, filled with what makes you happy, is to unite your entire mind in the memory that you are an expression of God… a direct expression of divine and universal spiritual energy currently expressing through your mind and body, as you, on this physical plane. Most of our traditions teach us that we are separate from God. But the truth is that we are part of God. We are beings of infinite spirit, enjoying and learning in a physical life, body and mind. You are a child of God, and never separate from God and your own soul, which is a part of God.

Allow yourself to picture imagine your aura… the beautiful energy field that extends all around and through your body. Many people can actually see auras. Many others feel the energy around living things. Some even hear the beautiful tones of the human aura. Imagine that wonderful energy field in your own way… see it… feel it… hear it… imagine it… This is the pure energy of divinity dwelling within you. Your aura is the creative energy of the Universe sustaining every creative moment of your life. Feel the harmony of the energy. Let it fill you, lighten you and enlighten you as you remember that you are a child of God and expression of God.  Feel every part of you, conscious and subconscious alike, dwell and revel in that energy… aligning with the energy… being the energy.

And as you feel the energy of your spirit fill you, you realize that you are endless and infinite, and connected to everything. Now repeat to yourself: “I am God in physical expression… (Pause)…  God is being me, now… (Pause)… I am filled with a calm and deep feeling of infinite love and possibility… (Pause)…  And as an expression of God, I have the divine right to manifest my heart’s desires… (Pause)…  I choose to exercise this power rightly and wisely.”

Now imagine what will make you happy. Imagine the desire of your heart. The creative power of God will always answer yes to your desires,. And since you have chosen to use your creative power wisely, you always ask for what you desire in the context of benefitting all life, and harming none. You imagine your heart’s desire. And you always leave it up to God to create exactly what you ask for, or to create something even better that harms no one, and benefits all beings including you. In this way, only positive karma attaches to your soul through the act of creation.

Imagine what you wish to have, to do or to be fully and totally. Ask if there is any part of your subconscious mind that objects to you attaining your heart’s desires… the things that create happiness for you… the things that bring you  rich and abundant experiences that enrich your life in every way. If some part of your inner mind objects to you achieving your heart’s desire, dialog and negotiate with that part of your mind to find a solution that benefits all of you. Let the energy of your spiritual self penetrate every deepest corner of your mind, bringing every part of your mind into harmony. Take a moment to clearly imagine… sense, see, feel or hear… your heart’s desire now, and to put it into words… Pause 15 seconds

Now remember that you live in an abundant, infinite and creative universe that is an expression of God. And remember that you are part of that wholeness of creation, and part of the creator. In that context, speaking to God as a whole and to God within you, say: I choose this, my hearts desire. Show God your heart’s desire NOW… Imagine writing on the blackboard of your mind the words, “I choose”, followed by your heart’s desire. See yourself write your choice. Hear yourself repeat your desire. And feel yourself holding your heart’s deepest desire in your hands… Pause 15 seconds

Now imagine yourself having, doing or being what you have chosen. Imagine having already attained the deepest, most abundant desires of your heart and mind for what makes your life rich and abundant.  See yourself attaining your goal… Hear the story of your life with your deepest desire met… Feel your heart fill with the joy of your rich and abundant life. Imagine attaining your heart’s desire so vividly that is as if you have already attained it.  Take joy in the feelings, and magnify them a thousand times NOW! (Pause 10 seconds) 

Realize that you are a child of God in an abundant universe, and that God always says yes to God. Imagine attaining your heart’s desire again, so incredibly vividly that you can see it, feel it, hear it, and even taste it as if you already have it NOW. And give every part of your subconscious mind the instruction to align itself with an infinite and generous creator to make these incredible feelings of abundance, joy and freedom yours in the fastest possible way. God is not bound by time. Your deepest mind spans all time. Once your unified mind has imagined your heart’s desire, and you have created the feeling of attaining it, your unified consciousness opens to God and your heart’s desire becomes real for you. And it appears in your life in an astoundingly short time.

Return to the presence within… return to the spiritual presence that is always shining into your body and mind through your aura. Imagine your aura beginning to glow with the creative power of the entire universe, the entire presence of God. (Pause)  

Your aura begins to glow and vibrate as if it were a 50 million watt light… as if it were a stream of water bigger than the Amazon… as if it were a tune of amazing grace and power. And you know that energy is a magnet, drawing your heart’s desire perfectly and fully toward you. Your entire mind, conscious and subconscious alike, is coalescing in harmony with the mind of God to bring you the abundant life and rich experiences that are your dreams.

Know that the entire creative power of the Universe is pouring through you to create your dreams. And remember that you are always open for God to bring you what you have asked for, or something even better that harms no one and benefits all. One of the wisest people who ever lived, Socrates, had a special prayer for manifesting that captures the essence of your trust in God to bring you the very best. Every part of your mind hears and integrates Socrates prayer into every act of creation in your life. This is Socrates manifestation prayer:

“God, avert evil, even if I have requested it, and bring me the highest good, even if I don’t yet know how to ask for it.”

Listen again, and let your subconscious mind totally accept Socrates’ prayer as its own deepest guideline for creating an abundant life.

“God, avert evil, even if I have requested it, and bring me the highest good even if I don’t yet know how to ask for it.”

This prayer locks into your mind as an automatic request for God always to bring you exactly what you asked for or something even better, your highest and best good, that hurts no-one and benefits all beings, remembering that you, as a child of God, are always benefitted.

Now turn the entire process over to God, working through your subconscious mind. You have accepted the creative gift of manifested abundance into your life. Now relax, and trust that God is arranging the details of bringing it into your reality in the fastest way possible. The entire universe is rearranging itself to bring you your heart’s desire or something even better in the fastest possible time… faster than your conscious mind can even imagine, because God and your inner mind are not limited by time or space.

Thank God for the abundance that has already been created in your life, and for the abundance that is coming. The universe always works for our greatest good. And when we relax and harmonize our creative desires with our best and highest good, and the best and highest good for all others, than that highest good appears in our lives with astounding speed and amazing power. Thank God, and thank the expression of God in physical body that is you, for the creative imagination that is bringing your deepest desires into being. One heart, one mind, one being; you are a beloved child of God in an infinite and creative universe that always responds with yes to the prayers of your heart. Take a moment to simply express the gratitude in your heart…

Pause 10 seconds

Once again: imagine, your deepest desire as if it were already attained. Feel the feelings of having, doing or being what your most desire. See yourself attaining your desires… Hear the story of achieving your heart’s desire… Hold those desires in your hands. And know that you have created them, and that a generous and loving God is bringing them into your outer life with astounding speed.

If this process of creative manifestation is acceptable to your deepest being,you simply continue breathing… just as you are. And your deepest heart and soul remember that you are a child of God, and that a rich and abundant life is your birthright. You absolutely trust the presence of God within. And you trust God as a whole to fill your life abundantly with your heart’s desire. And so it is.

Now it is time to return to the surface of the mind, to your outer awareness and usual state of mind… bringing out with you the knowledge that you have placed your heart’s desire in the responsive and creative hands of God. And that your heart’s desire is manifesting in your life more powerfully with every breath your breathe. Every time you use this recording, you are clearer and more focused. 

And your heart’s desire manifests more deeply and quickly. Every breath you breathe causes your vast inner mind to magnify and reinforce every positive and beneficial idea on this recording, and to reconnect you more powerfully to your birthright as a child of God.

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