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Free Hypnosis Script for Enhancing Spiritual Awareness [PDF]

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Free Hypnosis Script for Enhancing Spiritual Awareness [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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As you gently rest on your beach, you are struck by the idea that a beach is where all the elements of nature come together in harmony. The water of the sea meets the sand of the earth. The fire of the sun shines on both as the air connects them all. Air and water merge together in the breaking waves. Sun and sand create a home for living things. The big and the small converge in beauty. You are aware of the vast ocean shifting her changing blues against the blue of the sky, developing a myth and power and mythos that fills your heart with wonder. But at the same time, your eyes are awed with beauty as you see a small plant with golden yellow flowers hanging from the cliff face. Watered by the spray and fog, fed by the earth, breathed by the air and energized by the sun, the yellow flowers explode across your consciousness with a joyous recollection that everything is connected. The flowers exist, and create their astounding beauty, only because ocean, air, sun and earth exist. And at the same time you realize that in a deeper sense, the vast ocean, the air, the earth and sun themselves exist because they are impelled to create the beauty of your flowers. And as you realize that you, like the flowers, are a manifestation of all the elements in the physical world, you also realize that part of the reason that world exists is so that you can be here. You are a child of the universe, a child of God… at play and at work in a world designed for you to flower in beauty… to become your greatest potential.

Your yellow flowers remain in your mind, and are a source and symbol of peace for you. Any time you think about, or picture your yellow flowers, a wave of peace and comfort fill you, and you remember there are no mistakes in your existence. You carry your image of yellow flowers with you, and whenever you wish for peace, strength or courage, the image of the courageous yellow flowers growing on the ocean cliff fills your mind. And you feel a deep, empowering wave of peace and strength.

As your mind rests, peacefully and joyfully contemplating the amazing golden yellow flowers, I am going to tell you a story. It is a story I first heard in a Christian form, but I have since heard similar stories in almost all of the world’s great religious traditions. I will tell it as I first heard it, but you can translate it into any form that makes sense in your spiritual tradition. So if I refer to Jesus, or the Christ, your mind hears: Jesus Christ, the Buddha, The peacemaker, Great Mother, Gurudev, Lao Tzu, Mohammed, St, Teresa, or any of the world’s great spiritual masters according to your traditions.

The story is about a pilgrim, whose entire life was spent walking down a long beautiful beach like yours, leaving footprints in the sand… looking for an unknown something. Every day, walking down that beach… in good weather and in stormy weather… the pilgrim left footprints behind in the sand. And one day, in vast surprise, the pilgrim noticed that while there were no footprints ahead on the beach, there were two sets of footprints side by side, in parallel stretching back behind to the horizon.

And turning to that place the pilgrim had forgotten to look, the pilgrim was astounded to find, walking side-by-side, was Jesus, the lord. (Or, depending on your tradition; the Buddha, the Peacemaker, Great Mother, Gurudev, Lao Tzu, Mohammed, St, Teresa, or any of the world’s great spiritual masters. This is the section of the script you can rewrite to reflect your spiritual tradition.)

And the pilgrim’s heart was filled with awe and joy as the pilgrim recognized the Christ… looked into the eyes of the master and allowed the love, compassion and mercy there to flow in fullness. The love filled the pilgrim with joy and a deep sense of purpose and meaning… banishing fear and opening channels of love.

As the pilgrim’s heart filled with the grace of the Christ, the pilgrim looked back over the footprints left behind during a long life.  The pilgrim noticed that in some places, those places where the pilgrim’s life had been most filled with fear, grief, loss, rage, or confusion, there was only one set of footprints in the sand. And the pilgrim asked Jesus: “Lord, why, when I was most confused, enraged, lost, alone, hurt, fearful and grieving; why in those times did you leave me alone, with only one set of footprints?” And Jesus, with infinite compassion, answered: “beloved child of God, in those times when you were most lost, confused, enraged, worried, alone, aggrieved, and hurt; in those times I did not leave you, in those times I carried you.”

And Jesus continued: “You are a child of God, a child of an infinite and creative, loving Universe, no less than any other. And you are in my heart and the heart of God forever. And like the sparrow that falls and the lily in its glory, you are held and cherished and never abandoned. You are, like the flowers on the beach cliff, an enduring, courageous traveler on the road of life… a being not just of earth, air, fire and water… but also of spirit. You are held in the hands of God forever. And you, yourself, are that unknown something you are seeking. You are not here to do God’s work. You are God’s work.”

The cup of the pilgrim’s heart flowed with wonder and joy at hearing these words, knowing that they are the truth, and knowing that as God’s beloved child, the pilgrim walks in the house of the Lord forever…

(Pause 10 seconds)

I know that you have heard this story before, or one like it. But there is a secret in this story that you may not know. And that secret is this: you are that pilgrim on the beach. The story is about you. And you allow yourself to look into that place within where we often forget to look, and see that waiting there for you is the Master. And you feel a wave of comfort, acceptance, cherishing and love deeper than you have ever experienced before. You realize that even in the darkest moments, the Master is with you… carrying you when your own strength fails… helping you find the deeper courage and strength… and helping you to remember that you, like all human beings, are precious and beloved children of God.

The master has come with a very special and personal message for you… to tell you, pilgrim, what you most need to know, now, to further your spiritual awareness. To tell you what you most need to hear today to open deeper understanding, love, compassion and service. My voice is quiet for a minute, and in that quiet, the master speaks to your mind and heart, filling them with what you most need to know, and that minute of silence begins NOW.

Pause 60 seconds

Return to my voice now, and as you return to my voice, you carry with you deep, meaningful communication from the Master, who is always with you. You can return to this beach, and this conversation with the Christ, with the master, any time you wish, simply by listening to this recording. Or you can simply sit in a quiet, safe place, close your eyes, and visualize or imagine your beautiful beach. As you picture and imagine your beach, and your special yellow flowers, your heart returns you to this beach, deeply relaxed, and open to hearing the Master speak within.

Any time you think about, or visualize your yellow flowers, just imagining them causes your mind to feel a wave of peace. Picturing your flowers causes your mind to bring you to this magnificent and beautiful beach… recharging you: heart, mind, body and soul. And whenever you visit this beach, the Master is always present for you with deeper teaching of peace, love, compassion, mercy and service. The deeper you relax, the more deeply you connect with the master within… the one who is always with us. And every breath you breathe reinforces and magnifies all you have gained from this recording… the more you listen to the recording, the deeper your understanding and connection becomes.

And now it is time to return to the outer world, bringing back all the inner awareness from your beach… bringing a sense of connection and joy… a sense of compassion and love… out with you to enrich your life and the lives of all you meet.

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