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Free Hypnosis Script for Overcoming Shyness and Social Apprehension [PDF]

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Free Hypnosis Script for Overcoming Shyness and Social Apprehension [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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As you relax more deeply, your inner mind is open to, and accepting of ideas and suggestions that cause you to transcend shyness and social apprehension so that you can live a rich and fulfilling life.

The first new truth for your inner mind to incorporate is that intense shyness and apprehension are learned attitudes and behaviors. And whatever is learned can be unlearned. There is a part of your mind that has been filling you with shyness and apprehension when you are around other people. That part of your mind mistakenly generalized a rule of childhood. It thinks that it is helping you by making you shy. Or by making you almost paralyzed when you are in a group of people, or when you meet new people. This part of you is not your enemy. It is a part of you that is trying to help. It simply hasn’t realized that the fear and paralysis are ten thousand times worse than actually meeting and trusting new people.

You learned to be wary of strangers as a small child. And for small children, a balanced caution around unknown adults is an appropriate behavior that keeps a child safe. But in your case, the part of you that was supposed to learn a balanced, measuring caution about other people has let that caution grow into an absurd fear that poisons your life, and sucks the joy out so many activities. Caution is a good thing. Caution, awareness, attention intuition and experience all keep you safe. Caution is a virtue, and you never lose your caution. But caution is not fear. Caution is simply the wisdom of experience. Let me illustrate by example. If you were to burn a finger on a hot stove, caution would be checking the stove to see if it was hot before touching it the next time. Fear would be refusing to go into the kitchen because there is a stove there that might reach out and burn you. Your social apprehension and intense shyness have gone far beyond normal caution and turned into fear. Just like the fearful person who might starve because they won’t go into the kitchen to get food because there is a stove there; your level of social apprehension has reached an absurd point. Social anxiety or shyness is making your life ten thousand times worse than actually being around people or meeting new people.

You can talk with the fear-sending part of your mind. Just picture and imagine a magic mirror that shows you whatever part of yourself you would like to talk with. As you look into that mirror, you begin to see a fearful, lost part of you… the part of your own mind that sends the extreme shyness and fear. It is a part of you that took the childhood rule of “don’t talk to strangers” to absurd extremes. And it keeps applying that absurdly overblown fear of strangers even now. The fear-sending part of you has not realized that you are a capable adult. It doesn’t know that you have all the caution, wisdom, alertness and judgment you need to keep yourself safe. But  this part of you is not your enemy. It is simply a part of you that is trying to help. It just doesn’t understand what truly helping you really means.

You can begin communicating with your inner fear-sender through the mirror. The mirror allows you to send vast amounts of information, both consciously and subconsciously, to any part of your mind. And you begin by telling your inner fear-sender all the ways that the shyness and apprehensions harm you. Tell that part of yourself about all the opportunities you have missed for fun and all the chances for meaningful work relationships and personal relationships that have passed you by. Let that inner fear sender see how the shyness and social apprehension have kept you isolated and lonely far too much of the time.

And as you communicate all the ways that the social apprehension has limited and harmed your life, you see your inner fear-sender in the mirror react with shocked surprise. This part of your mind thought it was helping by filling you with fear all this time. And it had no idea that the paralyzing fear was ten thousand times worse than anything it is trying to help with.

Now show your inner fear-sender that you are no longer a child. This fear-sending part of the mind is still stuck in childhood… still trying to apply the “don’t talk to strangers” rule in a rigid, universal manner. But even in childhood, the “don’t talk to strangers” rule was supposed to be balanced with: “unless your parents or a trusted adult says it is OK”. It is always OK to talk to strangers if a trusted adult says it is OK. Because that adult has wisdom, caution, and awareness enough to determine who is safe. Here is the key. Your inner fear sender is still stuck in your childhood, and still only applying half the rule. It forgot the part about: “you can talk to strangers if a trusted adult says it’s OK.”

And you have grown into a trustworthy adult. You are alert and aware. You have experience and wisdom. You are cautious, and you know how to build trust step by step. You have grown into exactly the kind of wise, trusted adult who makes it OK to talk to strangers. As the inner fear sender looks out of the mirror, it sees that you are no longer a child… You have grown up. You have common sense and wisdom. You are alert to dangers and you know how to understand other people’s intentions. You know that trust is something that develops step by step. You are precisely the trusted adult who makes it OK to talk with strangers. You are exactly the kind of trusted adult who makes it OK to carefully begin and nourish relationship… whether those are work relationships, play relationships or personal relationships. You have the wisdom and judgment to talk with strangers, or anyone else, in a way that keeps you physically and emotionally safe. Let your inner fear-sender see who you are now, and as you do, the need for the shyness, apprehension and fear just fades into the distant past.

Your inner fear sender needs a new job in your mind, because its old job of making you fearful, even paralyzed, in social situations is done. Fear never helps anything. Fear never keeps us safe. Your adult skills of alertness, awareness, caution, wisdom and judgment keep you safe. And you have those adult skills in abundance!

Let’s give the inner fear-sender a new job. That new job is to become your social secretary…  the part of you who is in charge of helping you connect with other people… the part of you who seeks out common interests… the part of you who explores potential relationships of all kinds: personal, professional, recreational, educational.

The job of keeping you safe is turned over to your powerful adult self who uses experience, alertness, awareness, intuition and caution to determine who is safe and to what extent. Your adult self knows that all relationships are based on trust, and that trust develops over time based on experience with another person.

Now picture and imagine yourself in one of those social situations that used to give you trouble in the past. Watch as the new social secretary part of you looks for potential connections. You feel great because the fear and paralysis simply are not there. You feel a warm wave of pride as you realize that you can trust yourself to make wise decisions about who you interact with and how deeply. You find yourself actively looking forward to meeting new people and learning about them and their lives. You realize that other people are equally looking forward to meeting you, because you are an attractive, positive person in your own right. And there are parts of your life that are interesting, fascinating or important to them.

Picture and imagine yourself meeting someone new… It feels so wonderful to be free of the old fear and embarrassment. You shake hands or greet that new person warmly. You are alert and aware, and your intuition is tuned. If the person feels good to you, you find yourself talking and relating effortlessly and easily. Words just flow. If your inner judgment or intuition gives you warning signals that the person has bad intentions, or can’t be trusted, you simply gently break off the conversation and move on to someone who feels better. You are totally free of fear… Fear simply clouds your judgment and suppresses your intuition… Fear gets us into far more trouble than it keeps us out of.

You are amazed to see yourself enjoying social situations of all kinds… educational, recreational, professional and personal. Your new ability to easily interact with people fills your life with rich meaning and a sense of adventure. Every day is a learning experience and you feel better with every day that passes.

Now return to your mirror, and look in it once more. And this time you see that all the parts of you are actually a single, connected whole. By communicating with that isolated fear-sending part of the mind, you have begun a process of reconnecting all parts of you into a single, vast wholeness. Every part of your mind is seeing the benefit of being in full communication with the rest of you. And as your former inner fear sender takes on the new job of being your social secretary, helping make connections outside of yourself, it also takes on the job of reintroducing all the internal parts of yourself to yourself, so that no part of you gets stuck in the past and isolated.

As you look into the mirror this time, the reflection you see astounds you. It is as if you see yourself in the mirror as God and your own soul see you… as an incredible reflection of a loving and creative Universe… as a child of God. You realize that the ways you think, feel and act are wonderfully good, and they make you the positive and beautiful human being that you are. You think of yourself positively. You feel talented, intelligent and worthwhile in every way. You notice people noticing you with interest, and you are interested in other people. You think, feel and act positively. You accept and love yourself more with every day. And you find yourself creating a bigger and bigger network of other people so effortlessly, that it is as if you had always done so.

You meet people easily, and effortless find things to say. You are just naturally yourself. And other people relate to you. You are easy to talk to and you put other people at ease with your inborn kindness and peace. The past is the past, and you live in the present… as the amazing and beautiful child of God that you are.

If these ideas are acceptable to your inner mind, you simply keep on breathing… just as you are. And every breath you breathe causes your vast inner mind to incorporate all the positive ideas on this recording into the deepest and most powerful part of the mind, where they simply become the truth for you. And every time you listen to this recording, the ideas on the recording become deeper and more powerful for you.

Knowing that you can return to this deep, relaxed state anytime you want, just by listening to this recording in a safe, quiet place, makes it easy to return now to your normal outer consciousness. You return to the outer world feeling relaxed and free… confident and excited about the dynamic new life that is opening for you.

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