Free Hypnosis Script for Functional Abdominal Pain and Irritable Bowel Syndrome [PDF]


Free Hypnosis Script for Functional Abdominal Pain and Irritable Bowel Syndrome [PDF]
Free Hypnosis Script for Functional Abdominal Pain and Irritable Bowel Syndrome [PDF] $5.94 $2.97
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And while your body relaxes totally, and your mind just floats like a feather, the more you relax and focus your inner mind on the healing images and words on this recording, the more you are feeling healthier, stronger and in control of your body and your life.  Your powerful subconscious mind has the ability to return you to vibrant good health and to living the way you want to live, and the more you listen to these self-hypnosis recordings, the better you feel, and in each and every day, in every way you are becoming healthier and stronger.

Your powerful imagination, the part of your mind that makes pictures and images, is the key to helping you heal and improve… Imagine the control room in your brain. The control room is a place filled with levers and buttons and computers and all kinds of controls. It looks like the controls for a jet plane, only much bigger and much more complicated. Your control room has all the controls for everything your body does. Each control has red and green indicator lights showing whether things are operating normally or not. And as you look at the controls for your body, you realize that the autopilot is on, and everything in your body is happening automatically, but some things that are going on in your body aren’t quite right.

And you know that you have to take control and set things back to normal.  So you turn off the autopilot while you fix things. Imagine the autopilot switch, it is right in front of you, and imagine turning it to OFF, NOW, so that you can set things right.

The first thing that you notice is that there is a red warning light flashing over the control lever for your adrenal glands. The adrenal glands make adrenaline. And your adrenal gland lever is set to high. Whenever we make too much adrenaline, it causes our digestion to slow down and it keeps us from digesting our food. So you pull that adrenaline lever down with your mind until the warning light goes off and the green normal operation light goes on. And that means that you just don’t worry about things as much as you used to. Most things have a way of taking care of themselves if we just wait long enough, and so you just tell your body and your mind to just relax and let things take care of themselves. As you set the adrenaline lever to normal, and as the green light replaces the flashing red warning light, you may feel a wave of even deeper relaxation flow through you. You think about this adrenaline control lever, even when you aren’t in hypnosis, and anytime you even imagine pulling the adrenaline lever down to normal, a wave of peacefulness fills you and you can concentrate on all the important things in life. 

Next you look at your controls for your stomach. There may be one or more red flashing warning light. When your stomach is operating normally, it gets food from you mouth, mixes it up with digesting chemicals, and sends that food into your intestines. Red warning lights means that your stomach is acting too slowly, or mixing in the wrong chemicals. You don’t have to consciously know what is going wrong. Your stomach knows what normal, perfect function is. You find the stomach controls, and set each one into the  normal position. And the stomach lights return to normal healthy green. You don’t have to tell the stomach exactly what to do… all you have to do is tell it to go back to normal. Your stomach knows how to do that perfectly. So you adjust the control levers until the flashing red lights go off, and the green normal operation lights comes on. And as you adjust the levers, your stomach begins operating normally, just the way nature intended it to; mixing your food at the perfect speed and pressure; and moving it into your intestines to be absorbed in the perfect amount of time, and mixing your food with exactly the right chemicals. As your stomach operates normally, you feel a wave of good feelings fill your body and mind. And you can imagine this control room even when you are not in hypnosis. Any time you imagine setting the stomach control levers to normal, your powerful inner mind reestablishes normal operation in your stomach, and a wave of physical good feeling fills you. And your mind feels SO GOOD.

There are more flashing red warning lights over the control levers for your intestines. Your intestines have two jobs. First, they absorb the things in your food that your body needs. And second, they move all the waste that your body doesn’t need out of your body as poop. The warning lights might mean your intestines are working too slowly, or absorbing food inadequately, or working too fast, or that they aren’t letting you poop normally. You don’t have to consciously know exactly what the warning lights mean. Your subconscious knows exactly what they mean. And you don’t have to consciously tell your intestines exactly how to work right. They already know how to work. All you have to do is set the control levers back to normal. So you adjust each of your control levers until the flashing red lights go off, and the green normal operation lights comes on.  And as the green light goes on, your intestines go back to perfect normal operation. Your intestines absorb all the things from your food that make your body strong and healthy. And they turn everything that your body doesn’t need in to regular, normal poop. And they work at just the speed nature intended. And they do every bit of their work easily and free of pain. And it feels so good to you to feel your intestines settle down and get back to work just the way they were always meant to. And anytime you imagine setting your intestine controls back to normal, whether you are listening to this recording or not, your powerful inner mind responds instantly by making your intestines work just the way nature intended, in a perfect rhythm, and you feel a wave of relief and good feelings.

Now look all around your control room for any other red warning lights. And anywhere else you see a red flashing warning light, you find the lever, and adjust the lever until the red light quits flashing and the green normal operation light comes on. You don’t even have to know what each light means or what each lever controls. Your inner mind always knows. When you set the control levers to normal, and the green lights come on, your inner mind automatically causes everything in your body to return to normal, healthy operation. All pain and discomfort fades away and every part of your body starts working at its very normal best.

Now that you have corrected all the warning lights, you can turn your body’s autopilot back on. When you turn you autopilot on, your body just works by itself it in the normal, healthy way it was always meant to work. Your autopilot switch integrates all the healing changes you have made into your deepest mind. And your body simply feels great.  Your stomach and intestines feels great almost all of the time. Your poop is normal and easy. All the pain just fades away. And your body is getting all the healthy nutrients it needs from your food. You feel great almost all the time. And any time you listen to this recording, your powerful inner mind checks the control room and makes sure that all your body’s controls are set to normal.  Every day you feel better and healthier. Every day you worry less and less. And every day, in every way, your life gets better and better.

You can also return to this control room any time you want just by thinking about it. You don’t even have to be in hypnosis. And any time you visit the control room in your mind, and set the control levers back to normal, your mind and body instantly respond by making every part of your body work normally and harmoniously. The more you imagine setting the control levers to normal, the better you feel.

And now it is time to return to the surface of the mind, but you bring back with you all the powerful and wonderful healing ideas from this recording, and you rise to the surface knowing that your powerful inner mind is back on automatic pilot, automatically helping every part of your body work at its very best.

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