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Free Hypnosis Script for Self-Esteem (Children) [PDF]

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Free Hypnosis Script for Self-Esteem (Children) [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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You are a wonderful, creative and powerful dreamer and imaginer, and the more you use that great imagination, the better you feel about your life and  the better your body feels. So let’s use that powerful and amazing imagination of yours, and the more you imagine the things I am describing, the more all the awesome ideas on this recording sink into your mind and become true for you.

Now imagine a big video store – a special video store – that is filled with rows and rows of shelves. And every shelf is filled top to bottom with videos. Just imagine that video store as if you were standing in the doorway looking at all those amazing shelves just filled with videos. And there are all sorts of aisles of shelves of videos. One of them has adventure movies. Another aisle has cartoons. Another aisle is filled with comedies. But the most important aisle is filled with all the videos of your life. One side of the aisle, the shelves on the right, has videos of all the good things that have ever happened to you. It has all the great experiences, and everything that you have learned, and all the memories that are important to you. Every video on the right side of the aisle shows you as the smart, pleasant, talented, bright, friendly and amazing person you are.

On the other side of the aisle, the not-so-nice side of the aisle, there are a bunch of negative videos. These videos contain all the problems in your life. They show you all the stresses and worries of your life. They are videos of all the negative things you have ever thought about yourself, and videos of all the negative things that other people have ever said about you. There are videos of all the negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors you have ever had, and videos of all the things you think you can’t have or be or do on the not-so-nice side of the aisle.

And as you look at all the videos about your life, you realize that your inner mind has been spending too much time watching the videos on the negative side. Enough is enough! Your mind is spending too much time with worries and fears. Your mind is playing too many negative inner videos! It is time to get rid of all these negative videos in your mind, so that your mind can remember what an incredible and wonderful person you are.

At the end of the aisle, there is a big trashcan. Next to the trash container there is a shredding machine. It is a place where you can throw away negative videos, and shred them up, so that your mind never has to watch them again. You begin with the videos of all the things you worry about, and all the things you stress out about. You take the worry videos off the shelf, you hold your worries in your hands, and you carry all your worries to the shredder. You put your worry videos in the shredding machine and let the machine cut all your worries into little tiny pieces. Then you take all the shredded worries and throw them into the trash container. And as you throw your worries away, you remember one of life’s biggest secrets. The secret is that most of the things people worry about never happen. So worry never helps anything. It feels so good to just shred those worries up and throw them away. Your mind now lets the cares of the world take care of themselves, and all your worries fade away.

Feeling great, you go back to the negative side of the video aisle, and pick up a whole bunch of videos that contain all the negative thoughts you have ever had about yourself, and all the negative things other people have said about you, and you take all your negative thoughts back shredding machine. You toss all those negative thoughts into the shredder and let it rip your negative thoughts to pieces, and you toss the pieces into the trash. And then you go and get all the videos of negative feeling that you have ever had, and you take your negative feelings to shredder and shred them too, And you throw all the negative feelings into the trash bin. And it feels so good to just empty your mind of all the negative thoughts and feeling, and to just throw away all the negative things anyone else has ever said,

Next, you find the videos of all the negative actions you have ever connected with yourself. And you take those negative behaviors back to the shredder and tear them to pieces. Then you throw all the negative behaviors into the trash along with all the other negative junk, and you feel just great.

Finally, feeling really good, you go and get your video of “I can’ts.” This is the video of all the things you have ever believed you can’t do. You get your video of sadness… the video of all the things that have ever made you sad. And you take all your sadness, and all your “I can’ts” and you take them back to the shredder and tear them to pieces. And all the things that have ever made you sad just fade away as you throw them in the trash. And all your beliefs about what you can’t do or be just fade away as you throw the shredded “I can’ts” into the trash. And you know that you can have or be or do whatever you can dream of if you put your mind to it. It feels so good to empty all the sadness and “I can’ts” out of your mind and out of your life.

And now that you have thrown away all your negative videos, your mind never has to watch them again. And you never have to accept negative thoughts and words about you, no matter who says them. All that is left are the videos on the good side of the aisle.

You go and look at those videos on the good side of the aisle, and they have titles and labels that reflect the real you.  These title and labels talk about all the wonderful, good, talented, special and great things that make you the awesome person you are. You read these titles and they say things like confident, skilled, talented, cool, special, precious, worthwhile, remarkable, important, great, fun, intelligent, and happy. You stand there feeling a warm wave of good feelings because you know those videos show you the way you really are. You realize that the ways you think, the ways you feel and the ways you act are wonderfully good and that you are a wonderful person who is making your own dreams come true. Your deep, wonderful, thoughts and feelings and actions are the real you, and they make you feel great.

You begin to remember who you really are, and you think of yourself as a great kid who is growing up to be a wonderful adult. (Modify the last sentence for adults.) You believe in yourself. You feel smart, talented, valuable and worthwhile in every way.  As you let your new good feelings fill  your heart and become true for you, and as you know that you love yourself and appreciate yourself more than ever before, you notice that there are some special videos on the nice side of the aisle that your inner mind really wants to watch. One is your video of your deepest dreams. It contains all the deepest dreams of your heart and soul. Another is your video of “Who I Really Am” and it is all about the special gifts you have to share with the world. And the third special video seems kind of funny. It is a surfing video; all about the special things we can learn from surfing. And even if you have never been to the ocean, you decide that you want to watch it. So you take your three special videos, your video of deepest dreams, your video of your special gifts, and your surfing video to the back of the room, where there is a great chair and a huge wide screen TV. And you just sit back and relax while your inner mind puts the videos on and begins to watch. And even after this recording is over, your inner mind keeps watching those videos of dreams and gifts. And your inner mind is working full time now to bring your dreams into your conscious mind, and your inner mind is doing whatever it takes to help you unfold your gifts and share them with the world. Each person has their own private dreams and gifts. Nobody knows what your special dreams and gifts are but you. And your inner mind is doing whatever it takes to unfold your dreams and gifts and to make them real.

The surfing video is one we can all watch. You are amazed to watch men and women, and boys and girls, surfing on huge waves in the ocean. And you realize that there is a lesson for your mind. You notice that the best surfers don’t try to control the ocean. Nobody can do that. They just work to control their balance on the board, no matter what the ocean sends. And as you watch them, sometimes they have great rides and sometimes they wipe out. But it doesn’t matter. Even when they fall off, they just get back on the board and try again. It’s no big deal to fall off. Falling off just teaches you how to balance better the next time. And you realize nobody can control the waves that life sends us. All we can do is keep our balance whatever comes. And even if we mess up or even totally wipeout, we know we can get back on the board and do better next time. And you feel so much calmer about everything in life, and you feel so good to know your inner mind is studying your deepest gifts and deepest dreams, and helping them come true. And you go through life like a surfer now, going with whatever wave life brings you and keeping your balance through everything. You know, more and more with every day, what a relaxed and wonderful person you are. And you know that life is getting better every day.

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