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Free Hypnosis Script for Constipation [PDF]

Original price was: $5.94.Current price is: $2.97.

Free Hypnosis Script for Constipation [PDF]
Free Hypnosis Script for Constipation [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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Your beautiful natural haven is a perfect place to learn about natural processes, and digestion and elimination are natural processes. As you rest and drift peacefully in this perfect inner sanctuary, enjoying nature at its best, your powerful inner mind accepts the positive ideas on this recording about digestion and elimination, and your vast inner mind does whatever healthy thing is necessary to implement those positive ideas and make them the truth for you. Every breath you breathe causes your inner mind to accept, implement and totally reinforce every positive and beneficial idea on this recording.

Letting your conscious mind simply rest in the beauty of nature, your inner mind now focuses on the entire cycle of eating, digesting and eliminating. This cycle is the basic natural building block of life. Your body’s natural programming is for the entire process to be smooth and easy.  Your digestive system is like a natural factory. Your mouth is the receiving dock where raw materials flow in and are unpacked. Your throat and esophagus are the  conveyor system that carries the raw materials onward. Your stomach is where the processing begins. Your small intestine is where the useful products, like fuel and building blocks for your body, are absorbed and distributed to your body’s cells. And your large intestine is where waste products are collected for elimination from the system.

This natural factory is designed to work perfectly and automatically. It is based on a natural conveyor system. Your entire digestive system is essentially a long tube of muscles that rhythmically relax and contract, to move the raw materials through the system. Chewing and swallowing are the first rhythmic contractions of muscles that start the system working. Chewing and swallowing stimulate the rhythmic contraction of the stomach, which breaks down and mixes the food. The stomach contractions stimulate the small intestine to begin its rhythmic squeezing and relaxing which cause the food to move along, as the useful parts are absorbed and carried to the body. In turn the small intestine’s contractions move the waste product into the large intestine and stimulate the large intestine to contract and relax, pushing waste products all the way to the end where it collects in the rectum. When the rectum is full, the contractions of the large intestine stimulate the rectum muscles to contract and relax, and we have the feeling of needing to eliminate. We then find a toilet, and voluntarily relax the last ring of muscles, and eliminate the waste products from our system. This process of contracting and relaxing muscles is called peristalsis. Peristalsis is the basis for natural digestion and elimination.

Your inner mind is now remembering what it had temporarily forgotten. The entire process of peristalsis – eating, digesting and eliminating – is designed to be a single integrated, connected process.

Chewing stimulates the esophagus to swallow. Swallowing stimulates the stomach to contract and relax in rhythm. The stomach’s contractions cause the small intestine to begin peristalsis. The small intestine’s waves of peristalsis cause the large intestine to begin squeezing the waste along as it leaves the small intestine. And finally, the large intestine’s peristaltic waves of contraction and relaxation cause the waste to fill the rectum, and stimulate the rectum to easily discharge its waste in a timely manner.

From this moment onward, your inner mind resets your digestive system so that it acts in harmony as an interconnected single process. The act of chewing and swallowing food is now a signal to your body to maintain normal peristaltic muscle rhythms throughout the your system. The more thoroughly you chew your food, the more effectively chewing stimulates the rest of the system. So you now chew every bite of food thoroughly and completely before swallowing. Swallowing causes your stomach to mix, mash and breakdown your food at the perfect speed for the perfect amount of time with the perfect balance of digestive chemicals. Your stomach’s contractions now perfectly stimulate your small intestine to absorb food and pass waste onward in perfect harmony with the rest of the system. Your large intestine takes the peristaltic signals from the small intestine and passes the waste  onward in a timely manner, absorbing only the perfect amount of fluid so that the waste arrives in your rectum soft, and compact, ready for easy elimination. As your rectum fills, the peristalsis from the large intestine stimulates the feeling of having to eliminate. You always pay attention when your body feels like eliminating. You never ignore the feeling of needing to go. You always use the toilet when your body says it is time to go. And you are always aware of your rectum being full and ready to go because the large intestine’s peristaltic waves stimulate the rectum to contract and push.

When you sit on the toilet, you easily relax your outer ring of muscles. The contractions of your rectum naturally and easily push the waste outward. There is absolutely no need to strain. Your rectum now naturally and easily pushes the waste outward.

You have learned that putting your feet up on a small stool when you sit on the toilet puts your body in a more natural position for elimination, and makes the rectum’s job of pushing out the waste much easier. You have also learned that incorporating fiber in your diet and drinking plenty of fluids makes your internal factory work more smoothly. Fiber and fluids in your body are like lubricants on an assembly line. They make the whole process move more smoothly. Your inner mind now remembers that the entire system is connected, as a single large conveyor. And every step along the way, the rhythmic contractions of one part of the system stimulates the next part to do it own rhythmic, peristaltic contraction and relaxation, sending the food and waste effortlessly and easily onward. Every time you eat, it is a signal for the rest of the system to move in harmony. Every rhythmic chewing motion stimulates peristalsis throughout the entire system. You chew you food longer and more thoroughly. And the long, thorough, chewing stimulates every part of your digestion and elimination system to work in perfect harmony.

When you eat, the rhythmic contraction and relaxation begins… in you mouth as you chew… in your esophagus as you swallow… in your stomach as you mix and process… in your small intestine as you sort and adsorb… in your large intestine as you compact and shape… and in your rectum as you smoothly and easily eliminate.  The whole process is automatic and working in perfect rhythm and harmony. You only have to think about one thing. As your rectum begins its peristaltic contracting and relaxing, your conscious mind notices the feeling of having to eliminate, and you immediately respond by finding a toilet and relaxing the final voluntary muscle so that the rectum can effortlessly push out the waste. When you sit on the toilet, it is an automatic signal for the last voluntary muscle, the sphincter muscle, to relax and pulsate. And as the sphincter relaxes, the normal peristalsis of the rectum gently and easily propels the waste out of your body. 

Your inner mind is reconnecting all the pieces of the digestive and elimination system now, so that they work in perfect harmony. Shortly after listening to this recording, you feel the feeling of having to eliminate. You always respond to that signal immediately. You sit on the toilet and allow your sphincter to relax so that your rectum can propel the waste out naturally and effortlessly. You are eliminating more often and more easily than you ever dreamed possible. And you are feeling healthier and better with every passing day.

If all these positive and beneficial ideas for effortless and natural, smooth and easy elimination are acceptable to you, you simply continue breathing… just as you are. And your vast and powerful inner mind multiplies and magnifies these powerful ideas and makes them absolutely true for you. Every time you listen to this recording, these ideas become more and more powerful and true for you, magnifying themselves over and over and billions of times over.

Now just float in your beautiful, natural haven for a few moments of silent rest. As you float and drift, your inner mind studies all the harmonious, interacting processes of nature, and continues doing every healthy thing it needs to do inside to restore healthy, smooth, easy, natural elimination to your life. 

Pause 30 seconds

Returning to my voice, knowing that you can effortlessly return to your inner sanctuary just by closing your eyes and thinking about it. And every time you hear the word “feather” or think about your special place, your inner mind strengthens every positive and beneficial idea on this recording billions of times over.  And now it is time to return to the outer world, totally relaxed and ready for smooth and natural elimination.

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