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Free Hypnosis Script for Endorphin Pump [PDF]

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Free Hypnosis Script for Endorphin Pump [PDF]
Free Hypnosis Script for Endorphin Pump [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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 As you rest, peacefully and comfortably in this tranquil state of relaxation, your inner mind focuses on the task of reducing and managing discomfort while your outer mind floats comfortably. Simply being in a pleasant hypnotic state is automatically anesthetic, and the more you relax with every breath, the more comfortable you become in every way. And every breath causes you to relax more deeply… breathing out stress and tension with each exhale… breathing in deeper comfort and peace with each inhale. There is nothing your outer mind has to do… just be. Breathing, and relaxing more deeply with every rhythmic breath. Each gentle breath causes you to feel more and more peaceful and comfortable.

You have a magic phrase that helps you relax instantly and deeply to this peaceful state of mind. Your magical phrase is “calm and relaxed.” Any time you want to relax yourself quickly and deeply, all you have to do is sit down in a safe place, close your eyes and whisper your magic phrase “calm and relaxed,” silently in your own mind. Every time you whisper your magic phrase silently to yourself, you feel a wave of peaceful relaxation fill you and you feel all the comfortable good feelings you are feeling right now. Practice with me now. Take a gentle breath in, and as you let it go, repeat your magic phrase to yourself: “Calm and relaxed”. And feel the good feelings magnify as an even deeper wave of relaxation flows through you, bringing you an even more pleasant sense of peace and comfort. “Calm and relaxed.”

You don’t have to be using this recording or even be in hypnosis to use your magic phrase, “calm and relaxed.” All you have to do is sit in a safe place, close your eyes and repeat the words, “calm and relaxed” silently inside your own mind. And the instant you repeat your magic phrase, “calm and relaxed,” you feel a wave of relaxation, comfort and peace. And any discomfort you feel diminishes and fades away. Every time you hear or repeat your magic phrase, “calm and relaxed”, it gets ten times more powerful for you. Every time you hear or repeat your magic phrase, “calm and relaxed”, you relax twice as deeply, twice as quickly and your magic phrase becomes ten times more powerful for you.

You have been experiencing pain or discomfort in your body that is limiting your actions and choices. Pain is meant to be a warning that something is wrong or that you have been injured. Most pain is totally useless because we are already aware of a problem. Our bodies are designed to use pain as a signal and then let it fade away. We have an almost magical set of internal chemicals that are designed to reduce pain to nothing once it has served its purpose. The problem is that fear and worry interfere with our bodies’ built- in pain relief system.

There is a chemical called noradrenalin produced by our adrenal glands. The purpose of noradrenalin is to calm our bodies and establish normal operating processes. Noradrenalin does the opposite of adrenalin, which winds us up and prepares our bodies for fighting or running away when we are threatened. One of the most important jobs noradrenalin does is stimulate our bodies to release endorphins to control pain. Endorphins are internal chemicals made by our bodies for pain. Endorphins are 100 times more powerful than morphine. And since they are our bodies’ own natural chemicals, they have no negative side effects. The problem for most of us is that endorphins can only be released when noradrenalin is flowing from our adrenal glands. Fear, anxiety, worry and stress cause the adrenal glands to quit producing noradrenalin and begin producing adrenalin. When we are getting adrenalin in our systems, the endorphins are trapped and can’t do their magic pain relief work. Fear and worry make pain worse. Calm relaxation allows our bodies to work their endorphin magic and eliminate pain.

Self-hypnosis is automatically anesthetic because when we relax, we produce less adrenalin and more noradrenalin. And that means our brains can release our natural pain relieving endorphins into the blood stream to diminish or eliminate the uncomfortable feelings. Your magic phrase, “calm and relaxed,” causes you to relax in mind and body. That causes your adrenal glands to produce noradrenalin. And that leads to release of the incredibly powerful pain reducing endorphins. So the more you are calm and relaxed, the more the discomfort and pain fades away.

You can use the power of your vast subconscious mind to increase the flow of endorphins to any part of your body that hurts. Focus your mind now, on the place where you have been feeling the most discomfort. Imagine a long, flexible, pipeline running from the painful area up into the center of your brain. This is your endorphin pipeline. Your brain sends endorphins through this pipeline to reduce pain and stimulate healing in the affected area. Imagine a small gate at the top of your pipeline, deep in your brain. Your inner mind opens and closes this gate in order to send the magical endorphins down the pipeline to the area that hurts.

Now repeat your magic phrase, “calm and relaxed” silently inside. “Calm and Relaxed…” As another deeper wave of relaxation flows through your body and mind, the gate opens and a beautiful golden fluid begins dropping down the pipeline directly to the place where it hurts. As you imagine this awesome golden fluid arriving where you hurt, you begin to feel an amazing sense of comfort and peace…the golden drops of endorphins coat and flow all through the places that hurt; and all the discomfort begins fading away. Your magic phrase, “calm and relaxed,” is your mind’s signal to release endorphins down the pipeline. It doesn’t take much. Endorphins are 100 times more powerful than opium or morphine, and they quickly diminish and eliminate pain. And because your endorphins are your body’s natural chemicals, the discomfort fades away, and you are totally alert and aware.

Practice with me again… Focus on the place where you are most uncomfortable, and imagine the endorphin pipeline running from your brain to the place that hurts. As you repeat your magic phrase, “calm and relaxed,” along with me now… “Calm and relaxed…” the beautiful golden, soothing, easing and healing endorphins flow down the pipeline and the discomfort fades away. The more you use your magic phrase, the more comfortable you feel.

There is an endorphin pipeline from the pain control areas of your brain to every place in your body that hurts. Just imagine that intricate and beautiful web of endorphin tubes connecting your brain to every place in your body that hurts. Every time you use your magic phrase, “calm and relaxed” it causes your mind and brain to flood the painful areas with endorphins. You do not have to be using this recording for it to work. You do not have to be in hypnosis or any special state for it to work. All you have to do is sit down in a safe place, close your eyes and repeat your magic phrase, “calm and relaxed.”

 And every time you use your magic phrase, “calm and relaxed,” you feel a wonderful wave of peaceful relaxation, and an amazing flow of comfort as your brain releases a soothing flow of endorphins to each and every area of discomfort in your body. The more you practice using your magic phrase, “calm and relaxed,” the more powerful and effective it becomes. And you are a person in balance with your body’s natural healing and free of pain. The discomfort fades away and healing commences. And in each and every way, you are more calm and relaxed, more free of discomfort, stronger, and healthier with each and every day.

If all the positive and beneficial ideas on this recording are acceptable to you, you simply continue breathing… just as you are. And every breath you breathe causes your powerful inner mind to magnify and reinforce the ideas on the recording thousands of times over, locking them into the most powerful parts of your brain and mind where they simply become the truth for you.

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