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Free Hypnosis Script for Fear of Flying [PDF]

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Free Hypnosis Script for Fear of Flying [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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As you continue to relax more deeply with each breath, your conscious mind relaxes and rests while your powerful subconscious mind does the work. Each word on the recording and every beat of your heart cause your subconscious mind to implement your new goal, which is that you are now able to easily board an airplane and fly peacefully and comfortably any time that you want to travel. Every breath you breathe reinforces and magnifies the positive and beneficial suggestions on this recording. Each time you listen to this recording, you relax twice as deeply and feel a wonderful sense of peace. Every time you listen to this recording, your mind reinforces the suggestions and positive ideas on this recording a thousand times over, sealing them into your deepest mind where they simply become the truth for you.

Imagine a beautiful and peaceful place in nature, the most beautiful and peaceful place that you can dream of… It may be a special beach, or a mountain meadow, a gentle garden or a small stream and lake on a perfect day. Wherever that beautiful place is for you, it is your special and restful spot. Notice that simply thinking of this special natural place of rest and healing causes you to relax even more deeply. Whenever you think of, or imagine your peaceful place, you immediately feel a wave of calm, just as you are experiencing now listening to the recording. Notice everything in your special place: the color of the air and the patterns of the clouds, the aroma of the plants and flowers, the sounds of water or small birds and animals, the warmth of the sun and the cooling and refreshing breeze on your skin. Every sense awakens in your special place. And anytime that you think of your special place, every sight, sound, smell, and touch that you imagine causes a wave of peaceful, relaxed feeling to flow into you and grow deeper the more you think about this special place. Just let your conscious mind rest and rejuvenate itself here while your subconscious mind works with my voice to set you free.

You have made this recording to help you overcome a fear of flying. Fears, particularly powerful fears of natural things that most people do easily, like flying, are simple mistakes of the mind that are lodged deep in the subconscious. They are rooted in the past but still affecting and limiting you today. You inform your subconscious mind of your powerful desire to resolve this fear so that you can travel freely and easily by air whenever you wish to travel. And as your subconscious mind studies all the ways that the fear limits you and prevents you from living fully and freely, it remembers what it has always known, that fear is a totally useless emotion that never really helps anything. And that fear always keeps us from living fully. 

The roots of your fear of flying are lodged somewhere in your past. What we call fear of flying can be one of several fears or a combination of them all. It may be a fear of high places, or a fear of confined spaces, or a fear of not being in control, or even a fear of bumps. Fear of flying can be all of those and other things combined. But all of those fears have their roots in the past. A small, frightened part of your mind is holding those fears and sending them through you like a storm whenever you try to fly. Sometime, way back in the past, probably in early childhood, you were in a situation similar to flying that made you feel afraid. Perhaps you were held up too high and whirled around by an adult who didn’t understand how frightening it was to you. Perhaps you were frightened by bumps in a car. Perhaps you survived a scary fall from a tree or rock that frightened you. It isn’t really necessary to remember exactly what started the fear. All you have to do is realize that somewhere in your past, you had a situation similar to flying that frightened you. And that there is a small, childlike part of your mind that is still carrying that fear around.

As you listen to this recording several times in a deeply relaxed state, you may even remember that first incident of fear that started off your fear of flying, but it isn’t necessary that you do. Your subconscious mind remembers that original incident perfectly and is perfectly capable of letting go of the fear without even having to make the memory conscious.

All you have to do is remember and imagine the frightened, small child you were. What happened way back then, is that there was an actual event that frightened you deeply. You were afraid. And you survived. Since you are alive now, listening to this recording, we know you survived that original situation, whatever it was. But your mind and brain made a mistake. That small part of your mind came to believe that it was your fear that kept you safe. It made a simple equation in the mind. As a child, your brain said: “I was really afraid, and I survived, therefore the fear saved me. And if a little fear saved me in the past, then more fear will keep me even safer in the future. And a lot of fear will keep me totally safe.”

As your subconscious mind studies the rule that small part of you put into your mind, it realizes that it was a total mistake. It was a mistake because fear didn’t save you. You survived because you had the skill and talent to  keep yourself safe. You survived because the situation wasn’t as out of control as you thought. You survived because you were prepared, skilled and ready. You may even have been lucky. Your subconscious mind now understands that fear never keeps anyone safe.

To heal and resolve the fear, we have to help the part of you that experienced the original fear. So picture or imagine that small, frightened part of yourself standing utterly paralyzed with fear. The part of you doing the imagining is a powerful, strong and capable person who can handle everything life brings. So the big part of you goes to the little frightened part. And you pick that small part of you up just like you would any frightened child. As the childlike, frightened part of you looks into your adult eyes, you surround your inner child with a feeling of love and comfort. The fear drains away and your child sinks into the safety of your arms. Your child mind recognizes that you are grown up, strong and perfectly capable of keeping yourself and all parts of you safe. You tell the child that from now on, the grown up part of you will take over the job of keeping you safe, and that the little part of you never has to worry about it again. In fact, when you want to travel, the grown up part will take care of all the travel, and keeping you safe, and the little part only has to think about all the fun or adventures you will have when you get to your destination.

You hug the little part of you closely and tell all about your special and beautiful place where you started your work today… that special garden or beach, stream or mountain. And you realize it is a perfect home for the little part of you. No part of you ever needs to live in the old scary situation again, and the childlike part of you can leave the old worthless fear behind and move into the special place forever. And the fear drops right out of your mind like snow melting and flowing away. You take your child mind to the your special place and say: “this is your new home now. It is a place where you can look out our grownup eyes, and talk with me, your grown-up self. But when you live in the special place,  you never have to solve problems or deal with scary stuff again.  You have me, a strong grown-up, to handle that. All you have to do is play and bring joy and adventure into our lives. And when we are traveling, all you have to do is think about the fun and adventure we are going to have when we get there. And the old fear melts like ice on a hot summer day, and flows out of your mind forever.

You test your new freedom by practicing. Imagine that you have the opportunity to go on a wonderful adventure that requires a flight. As soon as you get the news, you check in with your inner child, who is still in the special place. And you realize your child mind is totally engaged in planning all the fun and adventurous things you can do. And that the old fear is simply gone. You make your reservations. And if you feel even the least twinge of the old fear, you immediately picture and imagine your special place, and the fear fades away like fog evaporating in the sunlight. And all you feel is calm and ready for an adventure. As you pack your bags, you check in frequently with your inner child, and you feel a wave of calm and relaxation fill you as you picture and imagine your special and beautiful place.

You imagine yourself driving to the airport, calm and relaxed and ready for an adventure. At the check-in counter, you are greeted by friendly people who give you a sense of safety and peace because they are so calm and efficient. You look in on your inner child in your special place and another wave of relaxed, calm excitement fills you to the brim. At the gate, as you wait, you close your eyes and visit your special place. You bask in the calm and peace. And you let your child mind tell you all about the adventures at the end of your journey. As you board the plane, you are met by a calm, competent flight attendant who positively glows with the kind of assurance and safety that comes from having made thousands of journeys. And you feel another wave of peace, coupled with a satisfying sense of accomplishment and success.

As you imagine the plane getting ready to fly, you relax in your seat and visit your special place inside. The mighty roar of the engines is a completely comforting sound because you know that anything that powerful will make the journey safely and easily.  As you feel the plane lift into the air, the pleasant feeling of movement soothes you. You close your eyes and go to your special place and just enjoy the peaceful feelings you always find there. You may even fall into a deep and restful sleep.

Before you know it, the plane is landing. The lightness you feel on the descent is a weightless and carefree feeling. You never dreamed flying could actually be so much fun. As you get off the plane, you have an immensely powerful feeling of success, accomplishment and joy because you know that you have faced an ancient and terrible fear and left it in the dust behind you. And you have the incredibly gratifying realization that when you fly on the return journey, it will be ten times easier and more relaxing, and that the old and worthless fear is gone forever, and you are free.

Return now to your special, healing place in nature, realizing that the small, childlike part of your mind is free. And realizing that the subconscious mind has completely resolved and let go of the fear. You are now free. Free to travel wherever and whenever you want. Free to have joyous adventures and to know the world more closely. Free of the chains of the past and free of the mistake of the mind. Free to explore the fun and adventure your child mind is creating in your special place. Free to be calm and at peace no matter what happens in your life.  Free to be. And it is so exciting to be free.

Every time you listen to this recording, the positive and beneficial ideas get stronger and stronger and thousands of times stronger. You feel relaxed and calm. You travel freely and easily. And you have a growing sense of appreciation for yourself and your powerful creative mind. You visit your beautiful and special place often. And every time you think of it, a wave of calm, peaceful confidence fills you and you know you can meet any challenge in life and thrive. You visit often with the child in the special place, and truly enjoy the ways that play and adventure grow in your life. In each and every day, in each and every way, your inner mind magnifies and reinforces the ideas on this recording, and you feel alive, free and a totally awesome success.

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