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Free Hypnosis Script for Fear of Public Speaking [PDF]

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Free Hypnosis Script for Fear of Public Speaking [PDF]
Free Hypnosis Script for Fear of Public Speaking [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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As each gentle breath you breathe causes you to relax more deeply, your inner mind is open and receptive to the ideas on this recording. The more you listen to this recording, the more the old and no longer necessary apprehensions about speaking in public fade away. And the more you listen to this recording, the more and more deeply you realize that you are a capable public speaker. You have things to say and audiences who want to listen. As your outer, conscious mind simply drifts and floats peacefully in this calm, relaxed state, your powerful inner mind accepts, magnifies and implements every positive and beneficial idea on this recording so that you achieve your goal of speaking in public effortlessly and easily.

The first thing you realize is that language and spoken communication are uniquely human gifts. Every one of us has the ability to speak, and to speak well. Some people may be more eloquent than others, but that is mostly a matter of practice. Every human being is born with all they need to speak competently about the things they know, and you are no exception. You were born with the human gift of language, and you learned to speak very early in your life. In fact, you were saying your first words long before your incredible brain had grown to half its adult size. Like all human beings, you are a remarkable communicator.

I would like you to remember a time when you spoke easily to one single person about something important to you. Perhaps a time when you were deeply interested in another person, or even in love. Remember at least one time in your life when you spoke to one single person easily and effortlessly. And as you remember a time when you communicated really well with one person, you inform your inner mind that your goal is to speak in any situation at least as clearly and easily as you spoke to that one person. No matter how many people may be listening. If you truly don’t remember speaking easily and clearly to one other person, think about a time when you were talking to yourself, even silently. Because if you can talk to another person, or even to yourself, with clarity and ease, you already have all you need to speak to any number of people at once.

The only thing that keeps you from being the kind of effortless public speaker you want to be is fear. And fear of speaking in public, like all fears, is a useless relic of the past that you wish to send back to the past. For most of us, a fear of speaking in public started when we were children, either in school or at home. You may have grown up in a home where the rule was: “Children are seen, and not heard.” Or you may have grown up in a home where it was dangerous to speak. For many of us, being called on in a classroom to give an answer we didn’t have, and being laughed at or shamed, may have started a fear of speaking in front of others. It isn’t important what actually started the fear. Just know that within you there is a small, childlike part of the mind that is still reacting to that old situation, and filling you with paralyzing fear whenever you face the possibility of speaking in public. And at the time, that fear may have been useful to you, but now it is simply an obstacle to your growth and success.

I would like you to imagine that small child you used to be when you first experienced the fear of speaking. You may have an actual memory of the events, but it isn’t necessary. What is important is to imagine your grown up, adult self stepping in and picking that childlike part of the mind up. Hug your inner child, and let him (or her) know that you are his (her) grown up self which has come back to help. Step between your child and whoever is threatening or shaming or embarrassing your inner child. Tell them to stop that immediately, and to go stand in the corner until you return for them. Then imagine your heart opening up like a flower. And there, in the center of your heart, is a perfect playground with everything a child needs to be happy, learning and growing. Tell you inner child that the whole world is visible from your heart Your inner child can look out your adult eyes and see the world, but that your inner child never has to deal with public speaking again. That’s what your adult self is for… to take care of things like speaking in front of people. And as you set your inner child free, never to have to deal with speaking in public again, you feel a vast wave of relief as the old fear just fades into the past and out of your life forever.

Now return to the person or people standing in the corner. And realize this person or these people inside who have been sending the fear are not the actual outside people. They are also parts of your own mind, parts that designed themselves after those people, and continued creating the fear because they thought they were helping you. With all your adult strength, show them the truth. Show them all the ways the fear is hurting you now. Show them that the fear itself is far worse than anything that could happen when you speak. Show them that truly helping you would mean: helping your mind focus on the topic, helping you prepare fully, helping you be confident and strong. Tell these fear-generating parts of you that you know you are a skilled communicator, like all human beings, and that you have everything it takes to speak well. And then assign the fear causing parts of your mind a new job. That new job is to convert the energy of fear into excitement. Their new job is to focus on the message you want to send so that you are prepared and know your material. Their new job is to help you be relaxed, calm and at peace as you speak to one person, two people, five people, fifty people or a thousand.

As the old fear-generating parts of you take on their new jobs, and as your young self gets down to the serious business of play within your heart, you feel a wave of confidence, excitement, control and optimism sweep through you. You allow all the old, worthless apprehension to dissolve out of you like snow melting on a warm spring day. And with every beat of your heart and blink of your eyes, the old fear just fades away.

Now say the words “calm and relaxed” to yourself. These are your new magic words. Whenever you hear or repeat the words “calm and relaxed”, even silently in your own mind, you feel a wave of all the peaceful, confident good feelings you are feeling right now. Your nervous system can only feel one emotional state at a time, and ‘calm and relaxed” always drives away fear. “Calm and relaxed”.

Now imagine yourself having the opportunity to make a presentation in public… As you have been preparing, you have frequently used your magic words “calm and relaxed”, repeating them silently in your mind.  And it has been totally exciting that the old apprehension and fear has simply faded away. And you are filled will calm, confidence. As you imagine walking out to the speaker’s platform, you feel confident and secure, and every beat of your heart causes you to relax more deeply. As you look out over the crowd, you say the words “calm and relaxed” to yourself, and you feel an amazing wave of peaceful confidence, a sense of calm and peace as deep as you have felt here today. You are alert, peaceful and relaxed, and totally ready to exercise your natural human gift of language to communicate something important and meaningful.

If you feel the least trace of fear or apprehension, you repeat your magic words “calm and relaxed” deeply in your mind, and the more fear you even begin to feel, the calmer you become in every way.

You pick out one, or two or three specific faces in the audience, and you imagine yourself talking to those people directly. Now matter how big the group, if you pick out a few people and imagine talking personally to them, it is as if you are talking to a small group of friends. You know that people want to hear what you have to say. Your thoughts and opinions are important, and you have the knowledge and preparation to present your ideas clearly. You truly enjoy giving people information that makes their lives better or easier in some way, or that helps solve problems. You start speaking and are amazed that your words are flowing easily and naturally. You have prepared well and you know your material. You are a valuable human being and your point of view is important. You are more calm and relaxed with every minute you speak. You are communicating with precision and confidence. People are listening attentively, and you see people nodding in agreement as you speak. Your notes are clear and your thoughts are organized. As your talk continues, you feel more confident and strong with every word you speak. You may find yourself interrupted by applause; or by an occasional question that your adult self handles effortlessly. As your speech or presentation ends, you are greeted with a round of thanks and applause. You feel a great upwelling of pride within… You have achieved your goal! And you know it gets easier and easier every time you speak.  The more you speak in public, the easier it gets. And you are totally amazed after a few times that it is not only easy, but that it is even fun. And more importantly, you are good at it. You have things to say that people want to hear. And speaking publicly is a rewarding and delightful part of your life that brings you approval and contributes to making you the success you were always meant to be.

Throughout your talk, if you feel even the least bit of apprehension, you simply take a breath and repeat your magic words “calm and relaxed” silently inside. And the apprehension fades away totally. In fact, the more fear you even begin to feel, the calmer and more tranquil you become in every way. If you feel even the least trace of fear, the fear itself causes your breathing to get slower, deeper and more rhythmic. If you feel even the least bit of anxiety, the anxiety itself causes your heart to beat slowly, regularly and normally. The more fear you even begin to feel; the more your blood pressure goes down to normal, and the less adrenalin your adrenal glands release. The more fear you even subconsciously feel, the more your adrenal glands produce noradrenalin, the relaxation hormone. The more fear you even begin to feel, the more relaxed your muscles become. And the calmer you become in every way. You are a good speaker… It’s in your human genes… And you speak effortlessly and easily in any public setting you choose. You are calm and relaxed.

Every time you enter into this relaxed, focused state, the old fears fade further and further away. And every time you hear the words “calm and relaxed” or repeat, “calm and relaxed” to yourself, you feel a wonderful calming wave of all the good feelings you are feeling now. You feel confident, serene and totally ready every time you hear or say your magic words “calm and relaxed”. You don’t have to be in hypnosis or any special state for your magic words “calm and relaxed” to have their effect… All you have to do is briefly close your eyes and repeat, “calm and relaxed” to yourself. And each time you do, you are filled with a wave of calm confidence. And your talk goes perfectly.

If these ideas are acceptable to you, you simply continue breathing… just as you are. And every breath you breathe causes your powerful inner mind to accept, and magnify all the good ideas on this recording. And every breath causes your vast inner mind to bring all these good ideas into reality in your outer world… Calm and relaxed.

Now its time to return to the outer world, knowing that the frightened parts of you are safe and cared for. And knowing that the fear-sending parts of you are doing far more useful things in your mind now. Each time you listen to this recording, or say your magic words “calm and relaxed, your inner understanding and confidence grows bigger and bigger and thousands of times bigger. And all these positive and beneficial ideas manifest in your outer life more powerfully with every breath you breathe. Calm and relaxed, you return to the surface, bringing all your new calm, relaxed public speaking out with you.

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