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Free Hypnosis Script for Enhancing Sexual Satisfaction [PDF]

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Free Hypnosis Script for Enhancing Sexual Satisfaction [PDF]
Free Hypnosis Script for Enhancing Sexual Satisfaction [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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I have always been amazed at the ability of hypnosis to help individuals rapidly overcome sexual difficulties and improve sexual satisfaction. This session is designed to help you improve sexual functioning, inspire new thoughts on sexual experience, and help you to use your body’s natural, internal resources to achieve sexual fulfillment. Bear in mind that this is not a substitute for medical treatment. If you have medical or psychiatric issues, you should contact your physician.

You might wonder how hypnosis can help with sexual performance. Before we go any further, and without hypnosis, simply relax in your chair as you listen to me. Close your eyes. With your eyes closed, open your left hand and hold it up as if you were waiting for something to be placed in it. Imagine that I am now placing some imaginary lemon head candy in your hand. You know, the kind of candy you can get at the movie theater that is sugary-sweet on the outside and sour lemon on the inside.

Take your other hand and imagine picking up the candy and popping it into your mouth. As you do, immediately taste the sugary exterior of the imaginary candy. Taste the sweet flavor as it melts in your mouth. Now, swish that candy around and taste the intense sour interior of the candy, as the sugar melts away. Crunch up the imaginary lemon head between your teeth and swallow the imaginary candy.

Open your eyes. What happened? Most people salivated. Imagine that! I called it imaginary candy and at no time did I tell you it was real. Just by using your imagination, your body created a natural, automatic response. If you did not salivate, you probably tasted either the sweet exterior or the puckering sour inside of the candy. You might have even imagined the weight of the candy in your hand or on your tongue. Most people that I share this little experiment with are amazed at how even when using imagination, we are able to produce a physical response. This is how hypnosis works. It creates physical responses to our imaginative experiences and thoughts.

You are attending this hypnosis session so that you will be able to experience physical fulfillment related to sexual performance. It does not matter if you seek more control over your orgasm, increased pleasure, or removal of unwanted thoughts during sex. Hypnosis can benefit you. People who learn hypnosis are able to use the techniques in many different ways and improve sexual performance, in a variety of situations. The techniques can empower both men and women to feel a sense of physical, mental, and spiritual fulfillment.

Now, let us begin. Different people experience hypnosis differently. At anytime you can move, scratch an itch, breathe, swallow, or adjust for comfort. This does not mean you are not hypnotized. It simply means that you are allowing yourself to become more comfortable to enjoy and learn from this process.


Shifting Awareness is recommended.


Autogenic training is recommended.

Suggestive Therapy

Now that you have relaxed both mind and body, I am going to share some stories with you. It does not matter if you experience only light trance, listening with the conscious mind to each and every word, or attain a deep trance, experiencing my words rather than listening to each and every word. What matters most is that you are already achieving your desire to experience improved sexual performance by taking the time to learn new methods of self-exploration.

By simply shifting your awareness, you have already mastered a skill in enhancing sexual performance. Realizing your ability to focus on anything that you choose is an important skill. As easily as you can focus on a dot on the far wall or that part of the mind that creates awareness, you can focus on the sight of sex, the sound of sex, the touch of sex, the smell of sex, and the taste of sex. You can choose to focus on what is pleasurable in each of these areas and push aside any blocks that are either known or unknown, that keep you from these truths.

Part of hypnosis is about using the creative part of the mind to associate new thoughts with sexual experience. Some people have experienced sexual frustration or even trauma in the past. It is important to recognize that even if these experiences have occurred, you have the ability to bring all of your attention to the sense of safety and serenity you are now experiencing. You can do this as you realize that the present and the future may have been shaped by the past, but is not tied to it. This is a tremendous freedom that exists within you that you can allow yourself to focus on at anytime.

As you focus on the present, allow yourself to access that creative part of the mind, the erotic part of the mind, the sensual part of the mind, and the part of the mind where desire and appetite exist. You will experience this ability through each of your five senses over the next few minutes. As you do, you may begin to notice certain sexual responses. This is perfectly normal. You may also enjoy these suggestions, but not experience a vivid sexual response during this hypnosis session, preferring instead to experience these pleasures only with a partner at a later time. This is perfectly acceptable, as well. This is your time and your experience. It is perfectly acceptable to enjoy these experiences in any way that is meaningful to you.

Many people find it easy to focus on various sensory experiences and most people find it easy to visualize. As your eyes remain closed and your breathing is smooth and rhythmic, begin to focus on the visual imagery of sexual pleasure. Don’t just focus the sight of sexual activity, but really focus on a pleasurable visual image, noticing the subtle visual cues. Notice things such as the location, the surface, the shade, or light that brings pleasure or comfort. Notice the closeness and clearness of the imagery and the colors of sexual pleasure. See the image in your mind that you associate with sexual fulfillment, taking a moment to become encouraged and really enjoy a moment of focusing on this image. See yourself or your partner and view the erotic scenario that brings you pleasure.

Sex is highly visual, but it is also something we experience through other senses, including taste. Sex can taste salty, soapy, lusty, sweet, and many other flavors. Have you thought about the taste of sex before? Sex can taste like the flavor of a kiss, the erotic sharing of taste, and the pleasure of passion. Take a moment, just like in the lemon head experiment at the beginning of this session, to simply recreate the pleasurable taste of pleasure in your mind. Perfect.

Now focus on the sound of sex. In the safety of this time you have set aside for learning, hear the volume of passion, realizing the sound of pleasure can be as music is to the soul. Create a vivid auditory experience of sex. As easily as you can create these experiences in this chair, you can recreate the intensity, passion, and satisfaction in the future by simply deciding to bring yourself to an awareness of your inner ability to let go completely and allow yourself to achieve sensual enjoyment of sex with your partner.

And now, deeper into trance, allow yourself to relax even further.






Focus on the feelings of pleasure such as smoothness, softness, hardness, and wetness. Imagine the pleasure of the feelings of sex. Create the feelings you have with another, the feelings you feel yourself, and the feelings of experiencing the physical pleasure of sex.

The smell of sex is an incredible sensation. It is perhaps perfumed, musky, or sweet. Sometimes it is surprising, sometimes it is extremely pleasurable, and often it is something many people never take the time to notice or enjoy. Take a moment to fixate your attention on this pleasurable aspect of sex.

To this point, we have simply used the creative part of the mind to revivify or create pleasurable thoughts. However, this is important because what the imagination can create, the body can achieve. You have already proven to yourself, through these simple exercises, that you have a capacity for enhancing pleasure and achieving your potential. It is because of these skills that lie within you that you will find that over the next day or week, or even into next year, your sexual openness and comfort are enlarged. In each and every healthy, sensual situation, it will be easy to enjoy and bring climax in pleasurable ways. It is because of this ability within yourself that you will find it easy to push aside any distressing anxieties, remembrances, or difficulties, and focus on your body’s ability to respond intuitively to pleasure and to meet your needs.

It is amazing how our subconscious mind can be brought to the conscious mind in a burst of passion, at anytime. For example, mentally combine the experiences you have created of the sounds, smells, and tastes of sex. Do you notice the pleasure associated with such a melding of thoughts and feelings? It feels wonderful to bring together all of these senses into a moment of fixated experience, enjoying all of these pleasures together.






Over the next few days, weeks, and even years, you will find that using sensory fantasy is one way to enhance your own pleasure and alleviate the dependency of your satisfaction from the actions of another. This will allow you to become less inhibited, more passionate, and achieve greater levels of satisfaction. You will also find that because you have created and understood these pleasurable sensations here, it will be comfortable to share your needs with your partner. No longer will open communication about desires, likes, needs, or wants be uncomfortable, because your ability to share these from a sensory perspective has been enhanced by this learning process of hypnosis.

As one last exercise, imagine yourself next to a reflecting pool of water. I once saw a botanical garden that had a wonderful pond, surrounded by flowers. The pool of water seemed mystically reflective. Perhaps you have seen such a sight yourself, or are able to imagine what such a pool of water is like. Imagine that the reflections and images within the gently moving water give shape to erotic images, or even visions of you performing sexually at your highest level of physical prowess, emotional comfort, and mental focus. It is amazing to watch such a scene of perfect sexual performance. As the image in your mind climaxes, embraces, relaxes, and fades, mentally forge the image of the pond in your mind and step from this hypnosis session to the very real you that you are able to imagine. Perfect.

It is time to reorient to the room. You can congratulate yourself for having taken the time to learn new skills and improve your sexual satisfaction and performance. These suggestions and your success are not tied to my voice, but rather to the desire within yourself and your own ability to experience passion. You have been the creative one, enjoying this experience. You are able to take any and all suggestions as your own.

Over the next day, week, and even over the years, these abilities will remain within you. They are accessible at anytime, allowing you to accomplish all of your goals. As you begin to reorient, continue to keep the eyes closed, but become aware of the floor below you. Become aware of your surroundings, the air in the room around you, and the feeling of stability and contentedness that you have created. Wonderful. Now take in a breath, feeling energized and empowered.

Take in another breath, becoming ready to open the eyes and stretching out any muscles that need to be stretched. As I count from one to three, let yourself feel empowered, refreshed, and energized.

One…Two…Three, opening the eyes, feeling alert and refreshed…

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