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Whether you have been trading stocks, bonds, or options for three weeks or over thirty years, as an investor you understand the need for concentration, the ability to focus and make instant decisions, and to trade by a set of rules that ensure your system for success does not waiver. For true success, you should believe in the law of attraction, the law of abundance, and your thoughts must remain positive and healthy to attract the wealth, success, and financial rewards your study and trading deserves.

Thoughts are interesting things. Anything that ever existed was a thought first. For your wealth to manifest, it must first be conceived of in thought. This session is designed to assist you in developing the mental strategies that many associate with successful day-trading and to make these patterns a part of your automatic and subconscious actions. This hypnosis session is not a substitute for your own due diligence. Any investor ultimately assumes all of their own risk and all of their own reward. The principles contained herein are suitable for many investors, but your own needs may vary. You are encouraged to adapt any ideas or principles to the context of your own unique needs.

How can hypnosis assist you in being a more effective day trader? Hypnosis teaches and trains a person in concentration. It is also a creative process, just as the art of trading is. Furthermore, hypnosis can reprogram negative belief patterns. We always act on what we believe and often we hold subconscious beliefs that ultimately keep us from success. These can be resolved through the process of hypnosis by creating new associations and emotional states. Hypnosis can also be a process that promotes the manifestation of spiritual law. The law of attraction simply states that “Like attracts like.” Applying this principle to day-trading can help you to manifest the wealth and success that is important to you.

Hypnosis is a natural process. You do not have to try to be hypnotized. All you need to do is follow my instructions and allow yourself some time to learn new skills, prepare for trading, and enjoy the difference hypnosis can make.



Suggestive Therapy

Today, people are achieving their dreams and they are doing it by trading and making the right choices. People dream of success and you have shared this dream, perhaps even experiencing success already. As you listen, I am going to give you many suggestions and lessons, but these are not suggestions that come from me. They come from you because you have requested this session. I know you have the dream of applying the law of attraction to day-trading and to be able to follow the guidelines you have created for yourself. You also have the dream for improving day-trading success by studying, retaining, and using the information needed.

As you relax, it does not matter if you experience a light level of trance by focusing on each word that I say, or if you enter a deeper level of trance, only experiencing the process of hypnosis. Either way, the results are the same. You will incorporate new lessons and the ability to apply these lessons to success.

As you continue to relax, notice how wonderful it feels to be the creator of your own experience. You have created this state of physical and mental relaxation. Just as easily as you can create this experience, you can create any experience, including success in day-trading. All creation, even the creation of wealth, comes from within. You have already learned how to create a state of relaxation, but you came to this point with the ability to envision your success. By participating in this session, you have encouraged its germination into reality.

One way to create success is to activate the imagination. As you continue to relax in mind and body, access that creative part of the mind and envision a beautiful, full, colorful flower, growing in a beautiful place. Perhaps it is a magnificent flower that is like one you have seen before. Or perhaps it is a new creation that is unlike anything you have ever seen. Either way is fine. Simply take a moment to use the imagination and really focus on its magnificence, its many shades or colors, its shape, and its beauty and success. Amazing, isn’t it? It is amazing to look at, amazing to smell, and amazing to touch and experience.

The creative capacity we have is also amazing. We can instantly use our imagination to create something so wonderful and complex, like a beautiful flower. Chances are pretty good that as you experience that flower in your imagination, it is in a beautiful place on a beautiful day. This flower, like all flowers, did not come to us without effort. As the seeds germinated many months ago, only some made it to the surface. As spring and summer storms came, only some of these seeds withstood the challenges and absorbed the nutrition necessary to succeed. But through it all, the final product eventually emerged full, rich, and magnificent in its beauty.

Perhaps to this point, you have weathered challenges. The end result was that the rain brought life, just as times of challenge brought strength. In hypnosis you can let any discouragement from prior experiences give way to a new birth, full of vibrancy and life, not only in your trading but in every aspect of life.

Turn your attention to the physical feelings you have created in this session. Although this is a simple process, your heart rate is calm and your breathing is smooth and rhythmic. This state of physical calm lends itself to concentration, retention of information, and the ability to retrieve this information later. In a state of relaxation, rational choices can be made and decisions can be executed that birth success. You have created a sense of calm, serenity, and physical comfort. During your trading day, you can begin with a moment of calm by bringing yourself back to this place. Take in a deep breath and relax deeper. Sink into a sense of calm and take another deep breath. You can begin your trading day with this same breath, mastering physical calm even when futures or other facts are contrary to your expectations or desires.

Now turn your attention to the emotional state you have created through this process. It feels wonderful to be at the point where you are now, the point where action has been taken to maximize your potential. Allow yourself to not only relax physically, but to fill your emotional state with positive emotions related to your abilities and potential. You can even see yourself as the confident and successful trader that you know you can be. Notice the emotions that accompany that thought. A lot of people do not recognize what you have now experienced. We have the ability to direct our own emotions, to experience feelings that are empowering, and to do this by simply choosing to.

Turn your attention to the spiritual reality you have created by initiating thoughts of success, wealth creation, and satisfaction. You know that any thoughts we can create are the foundation of manifestation. Let yourself relax even deeper, enjoying this time of trance and taking a break from the busy world around you.


I am now going to speak directly to your subconscious mind. The words that I use will become a part of your subconscious, allowing you to act without hesitation and with directed action in any trading situation. Like all traders, you have established for some rules that are important for you to adhere to when taking action and making decisions. Some people trade by charts, others by time, or by any other number of factors. Some people assume certain ratios of risk, knowing exactly the rewards that can be had.

You know what rules are most important for your success. Take a moment in this state of mental acuity to identify the trading rule that is most important to you. Think about it… Of all of the things that you consciously and subconsciously know about trading, one thing stands out to you as being the most important. Focus on that now. Like a positive affirmation that someone may put on a bumper sticker or write as a phrase, tell yourself that single most important rule. Recite it in your mind, allowing it to imprint in your subconscious like the ink on a bumper sticker. Picture that rule written on a sticker and imagine yourself reading it. See it chiseled in the stone of your subconscious mind, knowing that your first inclination will be to always adhere to this rule, unless a reasoned approach should ever alert you that a different course would be prudent. Relax, going into a deeper trance by relaxing further.


You have participated in this session for the purpose of success. You have taken the action of listening to me. As easy as it is to take action by setting aside a time to participate today, you will easily find the ability to take action each day by studying the materials that are most important to your success. You might study charts, reports, or the notes you take while watching Bloomberg or CNBC. At anytime during the day when you listen to your subconscious mind, you will be easily able to retrieve the accurate information that is important to you.

During unexpected times of temporary setback or enormous success, you will easily be able to scale these experiences into perspective, seeing them as the temporary highs and lows that they are and striving for consistent success rather than instant success. One of the great things about hypnosis is that you now know how to easily define a physical and mental state change. You can use this skill to shift to a state of empowerment, a state of confidence, and even a state of alertness. You can refrain from trading when tired, unable to concentrate, or when your emotional state is not consistent with positive decisions. You can use this time and this creative state to reinforce your prior lessons from positive trades. You are able to recognize the inherent value in trading like a cat, awaiting a mouse and executing your catch with perfect timing and action. Again, relax even deeper.


The law of attraction is a powerful tool for understanding the universe and all that comes from it. It simply states that “like attracts like”. When you are trading and say to yourself, “I will probably be on the loosing side of this trade,” or other similar negative thoughts, we often seem to create a self-fulfilling prophesy by subconsciously taking action that is consistent with the negative thoughts.

A better position is one where you say to yourself, “This trade will be a winner,” and other positive statements such as, “I am successful.” We act on whatever we believe to be true and we believe whatever messages we tell ourselves. Therefore, it is important to focus on positive messages each and every day.

Many have found that daily repetition of a positive phrase such as “I trade with success,” manifests into reality. Therefore, right here and right now say to yourself, “I trade with success. I trade with success.” You can easily change this mantra to an equally positive statement at anytime and use that as your guide. Or, each and every day you can tell yourself, “I trade with success.” You will be amazed at how this becomes the new self-fulfilling prophesy.

Over the next few hours, the next few days, the next few weeks, and even in the years ahead, you can use these skills to manage stress, not only in relation to the activity of trading, but in any area of life. You can use these skills in your interpersonal relationships or in any area of life where control, concentration, and physical and mental serenity would benefit you. I am also going to suggest that each day, over the next ten days, you find time to experience the process of hypnosis. Each day you will be able to attain a higher level of learning, enhancing your trading strategies with hypnosis.

Before each day begins, take a simple minute or two and allow yourself to close your eyes and feel the sensation of performance that you have created here. Sense the calm and focus that will enable to you to be a success.

Before we reorient to the room and open the eyes, take another moment to allow your subconscious mind to integrate these lessons into the conscious patterns of the day. See yourself taking action on them and commit to a new level of success.


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