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Free Dr. R.D. Longacre’s Yardstick Hypnotic Deepening Script [PDF]

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Free Dr. R.D. Longacre’s Yardstick Hypnotic Deepening Script [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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Sean Longacre called this technique “the hypnodepthmeter.” But since it uses an imaginary yardstick, I just refer to it as Longacre’s yardstick. The beauty of this deepening is that it allows you to control precisely how deeply you relax and how quickly you get there. It works well with any of the inductions. I use it most with the shorter inductions. Like all deepenings it can also be used as a stand-alone induction, just by changing the first sentence to: “begin by closing your eyes and taking a deep breath and going into deep hypnosis so your inner mind can help you….” Read this more slowly, with short Pauses if you want more time to go deep. Read it more steadily if you don’t need as much time to relax deeply.

You have done a great job going into hypnosis… now let’s go deeper so your inner mind can really help you ________. (Fill in the blank with your specific goal) To help you relax super deeply, I want you to imagine a yardstick… just picture or imagine it in your mind.

Your yardstick is three feet long, and has markings from 0 to 36. Your yardstick can be any color you want, as long as you can see or imagine the numbers. Now imagine there is an indicator that slides along your yardstick. 36 on your yardstick represents your normal, outer state of mind, and 0 on your yardstick represents the deepest you can even imagine relaxing. Your indicator is pointing to a number that tells you where you are right now between 36 and 0. When you can see or sense where the indicator is right now, notice that you are already relaxing. Whatever number you see is perfect… the more you use this recording the faster you relax deeply…

This beautiful yardstick is a magical yardstick…. It doesn’t just show you how relaxed you are; it lets you control your level of relaxation. Every time you move the indicator down or up, your level of relaxation follows the indicator. Try it now… When you are ready to relax more deeply, you can imagine sliding your indicator from wherever it is down to 14. And you feel yourself moving deeper at you own pace. So when you are ready, move the indicator to 14, and watch and feel as your mind follows the indicator… Want yourself to relax to level 14, expect to relax to level 14 and feel yourself relaxing deeper at the perfect pace for you… Your body heavy and peaceful, your mind so totally calm and yet so inwardly alert… (Pause to allow yourself to reach 14)

Great work! Your yardstick is magic because it lets you relax just as fast and just as deeply as you want to go. And the deeper you go, the better the hypnosis works.  (Pause briefly)

Now move the indicator from 14 down to 10. And your mind responds to the indicator by relaxing you even more, at just the right pace for you, feel yourself sinking deeper into the chair, feeling so pleasant, calm and serene… as you float down at your perfect pace, expecting to relax to 10, wanting it, and feeling yourself relax so effortlessly…(Pause to give yourself a moment to reach 10)

You are so peaceful, and it feels so wonderful to know that you are in total control of how deeply you relax and how fast you get there. Let’s go deeper yet by moving the indicator down to 5. As you do, feel yourself automatically relaxing more and more, just deeply relaxing…. It feels so good… your eyes don’t want to open, your body doesn’t want to move… Sleep now. A gentle, alert sleep of the nervous system… The more you relax, the more worries, stress and discomforts just fade away…. Let yourself continue relaxing at your own perfect pace… deeply asleep now… (Pause to let yourself get to 5)

Perfect. It is so wonderful that you can relax yourself and take total control of how deep you go and how fast you get there! Remember that zero on your yardstick is the deepest you could even imagine relaxing when we started, but now that you are at 5, down near the bottom; you can see that there is plenty of room to relax below zero. In fact there is a whole second yardstick. 36 on the old yardstick connects to zero on the first one. And zero on the new yardstick is any, many times deeper than you ever dreamed you could relax and still be alert and aware.

So if you like, you can just pull the indicator down to zero on the first yardstick because that is plenty deep enough for good hypnosis. But if you would like to experiment with going even deeper than you dreamed possible, you can slide the indicator right off the first yardstick, onto the second one, and keep right on relaxing even deeper than you dreamed you could go. So go ahead and slide the indicator down to the level you want. And let your mind automatically take you to those wonderful deep levels of relaxation where all stress, pain and discomfort automatically fade away and you feel totally great. Just let yourself relax deeper and deeper down, as deeply as you want to go, and Sleep now. (

 Pause before continuing with the rest of the recording to let yourself achieve your desired depth.)

Every breath you breathe, for the rest of this recording, causes you to relax more deeply. And every breath you breathe causes your amazing subconscious mind to accept, and integrate every positive suggestion on this recording into you inner mind so that you effortlessly _________. (Fill in the blank with your specific goal)

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