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Free Elevator Hypnotic Deepening Script [PDF]

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Elevator Hypnotic Deepening Script
Free Elevator Hypnotic Deepening Script [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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Now that you are good and relaxed, let’s go really deep. Imagine an elevator that goes a long way down into the basement of relaxation… in fact imagine that there are three levels of basement… The A level of relaxation basement is 10 times more relaxed than you are right now… the B level of the basement of relaxation is ten times deeper than that, and the C level of relaxation is the deepest level of relaxation and it is even 10 times deeper than the B level.

We are going to take that elevator all the way down to the C level, the incredibly deep level of relaxation where healing is so easy…

As you look at the elevator, you realize it is under your control… you decide how deep you go and how fast you get there…

So when you are ready to get totally relaxed, you can push the down button on the outside of the elevator. You wait for the door to open, relaxing more deeply with every breath you breathe. (Pause to give yourself time to follow the instruction)

The elevator door opens and you see that there are numbered buttons for all the floors going up, and buttons with letters for the deep basements of relaxation marked A, B, and C. When you are ready, push the button for the C basement, the deepest basement of relaxation. Push the C button now. (Pause 2-3 seconds)

That’s good… The door closes, and your elevator starts to move slowly down… You can feel the slight lightness you feel on an elevator going down. And you sense your elevator very gently rocking and vibrating as it descends so deeply at just the perfect speed for you. And you feel yourself relaxing deeper and deeper the more the elevator gently and slowly carries you down.  The elevator won’t stop at the A basement of relaxation, but as it goes by the A will light up…. The A basement of relaxation is ten times deeper than when you got on. Just feel yourself gently relaxing as the elevator slides gently down, and as you relax, notice when the light for A goes on, letting you know that you are passing the A level of relaxation… (Pause 5-10 seconds to let yourself go by A)

Wonderful! You are letting your elevator carry you deeper at the perfect pace for you… just feel the elevator carrying you down, rocking gently as it descends to B, and you are relaxing so deeply so quickly… B is ten times deeper than A, and the light comes on as you go past the B basement of relaxation… just relaxing even more deeply at the perfect pace for you, and watching as the light goes on for the B level of relaxation. (Pause 10 seconds to let yourself go by B.)

(Reading slowly) Gently rocking, you relax more deeply with every gentle exhale… totally in control of your relaxation, just like your inner mind is totally in control of helping you heal (or change or achieve your specific goal) at the perfect pace for you…. Just riding past the B level of relaxation and going all the way down to the C level of relaxation at your own perfect pace… hearing, sensing, feeling and imagining your elevator moving down, and every movement causes your body and mind to relax deeper and deeper… the deeper you go, the more effortlessly you _________ (fill in the blank with your specific goal)

(Reading slowly) And when your elevator reaches the C level, and takes you all the way to the deep basement of relaxation, the C light comes on and you feel your elevator gently come to a stop… As the door opens on the deepest relaxation you have ever felt or imagined, step off your elevator into the depths of your incredible inner mind, knowing that the deeper you relax, the more powerfully you ______.  (Fill in the blank with your specific goal)

Every breath you breathe for the rest of the recording causes your mind to follow the elevator deeper.

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