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Free Active Progressive Relaxation Self-Hypnosis Induction Script [PDF]

Original price was: $5.94.Current price is: $2.97.

Free Active Progressive Relaxation Self-Hypnosis Induction Script [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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“I hypnotize myself with my eyes open as I read this script and follow the instructions it contains.

“I speak slowly and softly with a relaxed tone of voice … and the sound of my own voice soothes my mind and body. With every word I speak I feel more deeply relaxed. And the more relaxed I feel, the more receptive I am to all life-changing suggestions I read during this session.

“To help me relax as deeply as possible, I choose to release all unnecessary tension from my body and my mind. Because when my body is relaxed, my thoughts relax. And when my thoughts relax, my body relaxes. And when they are both relaxed, it is easy for me to absorb life-changing suggestions.

“I will concentrate on relaxing one body part at a time, starting with my feet and  progressing to my head. By tensing and releasing these parts, I automatically relax my body and my mind deeper. At the same time, I relax all mental tensions.

“I place my attention on my feet and tensing all of the muscles there for the count of three.

(Tense both feet while counting)

“One … two … three.

“Now I relax all of the muscles of my feet completely. (relax feet muscles).  I let my feet just rest comfortably … and as I do, I feel safe and secure.

“Next, I place my awareness on my lower leg muscles, the calf muscles.  To the best of my ability, I isolate and gently contract the calf muscles for the count of three.

(Tense the calves while counting.)

“One … two … three. 

(Now relax the calf muscles)

“I now release all tension in my lower legs. I let them rest deeper and deeper as now move my focus to my upper legs.

“I contract the muscles of my upper legs for the slow count of three. 

(Tense the upper legs.)

“One … two … three. 

(Release the upper leg muscles)

“I release all stress now from my upper legs. They are completely at ease and I let life carry me as I shift my thoughts to my buttocks. 

“Right where I am sitting, I tighten my butt firmly as I count…

(Tense the buttocks)

“One … two … three.

“And with the number three I relax the muscles of the buttocks as I feel that all  is well.

“Now I move my concentration to my stomach muscles and tense them as I count.

(Tense stomach muscles.)

“One … two … three.

(Relax the stomach)

“I effortlessly release my stomach muscles and process life with ease. 

“And as I count, I gently tighten my chest muscles…

“One … two … three.

(Relax the chest.)

“As I fully relax my chest, I also relax any thoughts that were weighing on me. I let them go now and feel lighter.

“I now tense my shoulders as I count by lifting them in a shrug.

(Tense the shoulders, lifting them toward the ears in a shrug.)

“One … two … three.

(Release the shoulders by letting them drop.)

“I release my shoulders as I also relax all thoughts about my responsibilities and handle all things with joy. 

“And finally, I focus my awareness on my face and head and hold a tight expression as I count…

(Tense the mouth and brow and tighten the jaw, as if scowling.)

“One … two … three. 

(Relax the face and brow.)

“And now I relax and loosen all of the muscles of my face … my jaw … my brow … and express relaxed thoughts and emotions.

“I draw and release three slow deep breaths as I count them… 

(Draw a breath and release it.)

“One … twice as deeply relaxed with each out-breath…

(Draw a breath and exhale.)

“Two … more relaxed than ever before …

(Draw a breath and release it.)

“Three … I feel in synch with the rhythms of my body and mind. 

“I am now hypnotized with my eyes open. I am ready to read and receive the positive suggestions for my goal. I embrace the hypnotic suggestions and absorb them into my mind and body so that they will bestow immediate and lasting benefits for my life.

“And I remain hypnotize now as I continue to read….”

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