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Free Self-Hypnosis Script to Overcome Fear of Heights [PDF]

Original price was: $5.94.Current price is: $2.97.

Free Self-Hypnosis Script to Overcome Fear of Heights [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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Eliminate your fear of high places with this script.

“I overcome fear of heights.

“Through the power of self hypnosis I am able to reprogram my mind and body to feel comfortable with high places. It doesn’t matter when or why the trouble began. What matters is that I choose to feel and think differently about heights from now on, and this session empowers me to do that.

“By the time I have completed this self hypnosis session, I will feel much more relaxed about heights. Any worries will have diminished tremendously and will continue to do so until they are completely gone and forgotten. And all that will be left is a normal healthy response to high places.

“Having a healthy respect for heights is a natural and good thing. It’s hardwired in human beings to protect us and there’s nothing wrong with that. So I can feel comfortable knowing that my mind protects me from potential danger.

“But for some people, that healthy respect for high places goes too far and tricks the mind and body into feeling drawn to the edge and like they can’t move forward or back. This is like a mouse that freezes in place when it thinks a cat is nearby. That is a wise response if there is a real cat. But when there is no significant danger, there is no need for the mouse to feel that way. It can relax and keep moving while it looks out for the real cat. In the meantime, it is reasonably safe.

“In the same way, I have been afraid of a danger that is not real because even while in high places I am reasonably safe. There are usually safeguards in place to keep me secure. However, somewhere along the way, I imagined a threat to my well-being and that triggered an unpleasant response to heights.

“The good news is that I can use my imagination now with self hypnosis to have a relaxed response to high places. Since my imagination got me into this trouble with how I deal with heights, I can use my imagination to get me out of it.

“Right now I am going to think about a high place where I felt the worst, because I’m going to change my response to it.

(Think about when you were in a high place that made you uncomfortable. Allow yourself to feel the discomfort associated with it. Spend 30 seconds to do this.)

“As I think about that high place, I feel fearful and I may notice tension in my body. That is okay because I’m going to alter the way my mind responds. I am going to remove all emotion from that experience so my subconscious starts to feel differently about that memory and all other memories like it.

“When my subconscious feels calm and relaxed about those memories, I will feel comfortable too, and I’ll forget all about the problems I had with high places.

“To do that, I think about a relaxing place I have visited to get away from everything. It might be the beach or the forest or anywhere I remember where I felt the freedom to relax.

(Think about a specific place where you have felt super relaxed.)

“I remember the relaxing place like I’m there now. I will know I have done this correctly when I start truly feeling at peace in my mind and body.

(Take ten seconds to recall it fully.)

“As calm, relaxed and good as I feel, I’m going to count backwards from three to one. And with each number I use my imagination to double the good feelings … to feel twice as calm and comfortable with each number.

“Three … I feel twice as relaxed and comfortable. Two … doubling the calm and peaceful sensations. One… I imagine feeling as happy and relaxed as ever.

“I feel so utterly tranquil and good that it’s impossible to imagine feeling any other way now.

“Now I pretend I am sitting near a television. The television screen is a bit far from me and I am watching an outdated video of one of those high places from the past. As I watch from a distance, I continue to feel calm and comfortable.

“I pretend I am using a remote control and fast forwarding to other old videos of high places I’ve seen before. There might be high stairs, long escalators, or storied balconies involved; but now I feel calm and comfortable. In fact, I feel disinterested in these old videos because they have no value to me.

“I am a little surprised by my lack of reaction to high places on the television screen. As I fast forward through every high place I’ve ever visited, I have the same disinterest.

“So I just shrug my shoulders now and say, ‘I feel calm as I move forward.’

“I let the television screen fade from my thoughts, and I think once more of the high place where I used to feel the worst. However, I discover that I continue to feel calm and comfortable about that high place. I start to forget that it ever bothered me in the first place.

“And from now on, this is the way I will think and feel about all high places I encounter each day. As I approach them I will repeat to myself, ‘I feel calm as I move forward.’ When I do that, I remain calm and indifferent to the high place. I can choose to forget all about those old worn out memories because they no longer affect me.

“From this time forward, I feel fine about high places, because my response to them has changed.”

(The Wake-Up)

“I will emerge gently and easily from hypnosis now by counting from one to five. With each number, I emerge twenty percent. When I reach the number five, I will return to everyday awareness.

“One . . . emerging twenty percent, beginning to awaken from hypnosis now. (speak a little louder and stronger)

“Two . . . forty percent now, as I become fully aware of my body and environment. (speak louder and stronger)

“Three . . . sixty percent . . . I look forward to the positive results from this hypnosis session.  (speak louder and stronger)

“Four . . . eighty percent, emerging peaceful and happy. (strongly assert your intention to emerge)

“FIVE . . . FIVE . . . FIVE . . . One hundred percent now! Wide awake and fully alert!!!”

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