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Free Self-Hypnosis Induction Script: Magnificent Mansion [PDF]

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Self-Hypnosis Induction Script Magnificent Mansion
Free Self-Hypnosis Induction Script: Magnificent Mansion [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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“I hypnotize myself as I read. Right now … I find a quiet and comfortable space where I can easily concentrate on these words as I gently read them aloud.

“With the sound of my voice I can soothe my nervous system … calm my entire body and relax my thoughts. I speak slowly … with a gentle but resonant tone, as though reading a bedtime story to a young child who is getting ready to … go to sleep. The slower I read, the more relaxed the child becomes.

“I make believe everything moves in slow motion … (read slower) slow motion … (read even slower) slow motion. And moment by moment, my mind clears like the surface of a quiet mountain lake. Clear … calm … quiet.

“I picture myself relaxing in a small and sturdy wooden boat that gently drifts on a glassy lake. The lake is surrounded by tall, stately trees. The sun shines and warms my skin. I fully imagine feeling its golden rays on my body, gently soothing and relaxing me from the top of my head down to the tips of my toes (take a few seconds and imagine this).

“It feels so good that I imagine I close my eyes as I drift on the safe wooden vessel.  I listen to the leaves of the trees rustling (pause a moment and imagine you hear the rustling) and I feel a refreshing breeze pass over my body (take a few seconds to see this) … and I smell the sweet scent of wildflowers on the wind (imagine the scent of flowers).

“I am filled with an incredible sense of peace and wellbeing, as I just allow my mind and the boat to move and drift … carefree … along the mirror-like surface of the serene water. Just drifting now … into gentle pathways of peace and solace … easily … effortlessly … the way I might feel on the border of a sound… deep … sleep. (read very slowly)  A sound … deep … sleep.

“When I open my eyes I discover the boat has come to a stop upon a lush island.  Abundant green plant life looks well cared for as I notice a trail that leads to a magnificent mansion.  As I step out of the boat and slowly walk the trail toward the mansion, I feel mesmerized by the amazing architecture and grandeur of the great manor.

“I come to a closed iron gate where a formidable-looking guard is standing and looks at me with a steely glare. But that glare quickly turns to a smile because the guard recognizes me and opens the gate saying, ‘Welcome home.’  I now realize the mansion belongs to me and the guard knows me and works on my behalf.

“I walk through the gate and up to a grand, ornate door on which my own first name is embossed in pure gold.  As I speak my name aloud (say your first name aloud) the door opens all by itself, as if by some mysterious power.  As I step through the threshold of the door, I feel a deep sense of security and well-being.

“There are many hallways and rooms to this mansion representing the many aspects of my mind and my life. I make my way to a short stairway with five stairs that lead down to my favorite thinking place.  As I descend the stairs, I count backwards from five to one. As I do, I use my imagination to relax even deeper andto glide into a condition of self hypnosis … a condition of deep relaxation and heightened receptivity … with my eyes open.

“Five … I imagine walking down the stairs and that I feel twice as relaxed with each number.

“Four … the deeper I go the more open to positive change I now become.

“Three … effortlessly going deeper down the stairs … feeling safe and secure yet open and receptive.

“Two … down into a calm and comfortable place … where creating positive changes is effortless and uncomplicated.

“One … at the bottom of the stairs now, and I imagine what it might feel like be in a state of self hypnosis with my eyes open now.

“I enter into a familiar, welcoming reading room.  I approach the most comfortable looking chair and sit down to relax fully.  Feeling peaceful and supported, I pick up a small book on a table next to the chair.  I read the cover, with the title that says ‘Hypnotize Yourself as You Read.’  I open the book and begin to read. The words speak to me directly and seem to rise off the pages and into my mind. Here is what they say:

“‘You are successfully hypnotized. You are highly receptive to positive ideas and suggestions while you remain hypnotized. 

“You remain deeply hypnotized while you read suggestions corresponding to your purpose and goals. Your mind absorbs and retains desirable suggestions the way a sponge soaks in water.  You easily stay hypnotized with your eyes open until you finish reading the Wake-Up.”

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