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Free Downtown Hypnotist Induction Script [PDF]

Original price was: $5.94.Current price is: $2.97.

Free Downtown Hypnotist Induction Script [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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“To hypnotize myself as I read, I imagine I am on my way to an appointment with an expert hypnotist.

“A trusted friend accompanies me as we casually walk along a city sidewalk. I walk with purpose and notice the pavement pass beneath my feet. (Imagine the sensation of walking on cement.)

“I observe cars, buses, trucks and vans passing by on the street next to me. (Picture city traffic.)

“I hear the sounds of traffic and car horns. (Imagine the sound of car horns.)

 “I smell the city air. There’s a delicious scent from a nearby food truck, but also the slight scent of car exhaust. (Sniff the air and imagine smelling this.)

 “My friend asks me why I want to be hypnotized. I say it is because hypnosis will provide me a way to improve myself and get what I want. My friend can think of no objections and we continue on our way.

“In a short time we reach the right address and walk into a building with stunning architecture, decor and colors I love and appreciate. An attendant at the main desk informs me that the hypnotist’s office is located down the escalator. 

“My friend and I step onto a deep, long escalator which immediately begins to take us down toward the lower level. The ride of the escalator is so quiet, smooth and soothing that my friend looks very sleepy and yawns several times.

“The deeper we descend, the more relaxed we feel. Deeper down we glide toward the level below the surface. We consider with amusement whether the relaxing escalator ride might hypnotize us before we even reach the hypnotist.

“At last we reach the bottom of the escalator and step off of it. This lower level has a different look and feel than the level above, but I like it even more because it is makes me feel relaxed.

“The large door of the hypnotist’s office is just ahead. I knock three times.(Imagine hearing the sound of knocking on a door three times.)

“The hypnotist answers the door and appears exactly how I would imagine a hypnotist might look. (Pretend how the hypnotist looks.)

 “I am invited into the office, but the hypnotist politely says to my friend, ‘You will have to wait out here. Just relax and we will be finished in a short while.’ My friend agrees and sits down in a plush chair just outside the door.

“I step inside the office which is cozy and warmly decorated. The hypnotist closes the door and it feels like we are in a private world where deep things are discussed and solutions are found. I am asked why I have come for hypnosis and the reasons why it’s important that I succeed.

(Pause fifteen seconds as you think about why you want to succeed.)

“The hypnotist nods and says, ‘Those are excellent reasons, so I know you are going to do very well with hypnosis today.’

“We sit down in comfortable chairs facing one another and the hypnotist says, ‘If you do what I ask of you, then you will easily and automatically be hypnotized. Listen to the sound of my hypnotic voice.  I am going to count slowly backwards from ten to one and you will relax deeper with each number. Your body will relax deeper and your mind will relax deeper. Are you ready and willing to do that?’

“I agree and nod. 

(Read the following VERY slowly.)

“The hypnotist smiles and says, ‘Good. All you have to do is want it to happen and you can make it happen very easily.

“10…notice your feet and legs feeling heavy and relaxed now.

“9…feel your buttocks, abdomen and solar plexus becoming calm and comfortable.

“8… your chest…your back…and your shoulders loosen and relax. Loosen and relax.

“7… your upper arms and lower arms relax twice as deeply as before.

“6…and your hands and fingers relax so completely now that you might even feel a change in sensation, such as a tingling or a warmth.

“5…the back of your neck feels loose and flexible. 

“4…your jaw and the muscles of your cheeks and around your eyes become slack.

“3… and your brow and scalp relax.

“2…your whole body from the top of your head down to the soles of your feet are more relaxed than ever before.

“1…your mind is clear, relaxed and perfectly receptive to hypnotic suggestions that will change your life for the better. Do you feel relaxed and receptive now?

“Feeling as though I am in a very deep hypnotic trance, I reply, ‘Yes.’

“Good. You can return to this level of relaxation and receptivity quickly and easily anytime you wish whenever you listen to these words again.

“I’m now going to place before you a series of hypnotic suggestions so you can get exactly what you came to accomplish today. As you read each suggestion, you completely absorb the meaning into your mind and body. Think of how happy you feel as you consider the ways your life is about to change. When you have read the suggestions for your goal, you will then read The Wake Up to return yourself to the everyday state of mind.”

We offer a wide range of free hypnosis scripts. Each script has its own unique style, so there’s bound to be something that resonates with you. Our scripts are carefully crafted by professional hypnotherapists. They incorporate proven techniques and language patterns designed to facilitate deep subconscious change.

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You can use them to lead sessions for individuals or groups, record audio and video versions to share online or sell, or even create your own courses. And if you prefer to keep things private, they’re perfect for your personal practice too. Just remember: these PDF files are for your use only and cannot be resold or rebranded without permission.

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Our scripts can range in length from just 5 minutes to a maximum of 45-60 minutes, depending on the script you purchase and how much silence you’d like in between sections. We believe in giving you the freedom to choose what works best for you.

Our scripts are available in a beautifully designed and easy-to-read format as separate PDF files. They are hassle-free to follow and understand. You are absolutely free to record audio or videos using the scripts and monetize them. Let your creativity soar!

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