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Free Past Life Regression Hypnosis Script [PDF]

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Free Past Life Regression Hypnosis Script [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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    [Script begins]

    I’m going to count down from 10 to 1. Allow yourself to relax fully and completely.  Don’t concern yourself with the process, just trust that you will receive the benefits you desire.

    [Slowly 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1.]  And now you can just close your eyes, and you can keep them closed.  It was just to relax your eyelids.  And right now, in your eyelids there is probably a feeling of relaxation…and you find this a pleasant sensation.

    [If the client or yourself does not seem to be at the proper stage of relaxation- fidgety, or rapid respiration, or nervous eyelid blinking, go thru the 10-1 count-down again slowly, or you may vary it to going down a spiraling staircase as you count down the numbers.]

    I will count rapidly now—   10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1.  You are now at your own natural level of relaxation.  And from this level you may move to any of level with complete awareness, and you can function at will.  You are completely in control at every level of mind, and you can accept or reject anything that is given here to you today.

    You are in control.  There is something you long to discover, and so our journey begins.

    My voice is your guide, and as we progress, you discover that you can listen to my voice, and also deal with other things at the same time. You are a person of many abilities, so my voice does not distract you as we continue along our journey. You can relax…you don’t need to try to do anything…your subconscious is here and can hear every word that I am saying.

    As you take a deep breath, you feel yourself drifting; you feel less and less need to listen closely to my voice. In your own time, today, tomorrow, next week, your subconscious mind will reveal what it has uncovered to you in a dream, or at a moment of consciousness, but at the perfect moment in the perfect way. You will be given memories of other times and places, memories you thought were gone, only to be discovered again.  And with these newly found memories comes new insights, new growth, new understanding. And stored deep in your subconscious mind are wonderful memories.  Your subconscious mind can access and recall these memories and bring them back with you later.

    So, by looking deeply into your mind, you can see your soul’s vision and hear the voices of experiences captured far in the past.  Your subconscious mind can access these memories and bring them back to you later.

    Can you remember a time in your life when you really felt safe?


    And you may begin going back to around the time you were 18 years old – choosing a pleasant and happy memory of about the time you were 18 years old.  You will find that this is very easy for you to do – choosing one specific memory or event – and just simply focusing on it, looking at the people around you and then looking at yourself.

    I will be quiet and give you plenty of time to simply enjoy this event. You may hear voices or you may simply feel the presence of people.  You may see as clearly as in a movie, or the images may be vague.  You may see these things in your mind’s eye, you may hear voices and sounds from this time whispered in your ear.  You may only sense the memory.  It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t really matter in what way you perceive your memories.  You are about 18 years old now.  What is happening?


    Now you may continue going back to about the time you were 5 or 6 years old.  Again choosing a pleasant happy memory, an impression, or a specific experience from about the time you were 6 years old.  Focus on this experience; look at this memory clearly.  See what you were wearing, sense or feel the people around you.  Look and listen to the information.  Allow yourself to watch these experiences as if you were sitting in the seats of a movie theater.  You are not re-experiencing this; you are just observing the 6 year old you.  You are 6 years old now.


    Now continue going back to about the time you were 4, and then 3, and then 2, and now 1.  And keep going back to the time of your birth.  And going even beyond that to that warm and safe place from which we all come.  You are where nothing can harm you; you are perfectly safe, perfectly secure, perfectly protected, perfectly at peace. You feel loved and completely warm and protected.  This is the time of your beginning, of growing, a time of movement, and a time of preparation.  This is a very good time, and you can travel beyond this time and place as well.

    You are now going into the Rose Mist that feels so soft and safe.  And the Rose Mist surrounds you and protects you.  You are very safe and comfortable here; the Rose Mist is a time of inner peace, tranquility, quiet movement, gentle sounds, and gentle light.  You like it here very much because you can experience real peace and serenity, real joy here.  You are so comfortable here, and yet a part of you longs for more – movement, life; and this longing grows within you until it becomes stronger and stronger.  And this desire allows you to look outward, and as you look outward, you see a light, as if you were looking down a long tunnel.  The light is good.  You feel drawn toward the light and you feel yourself moving toward the light.  You are traveling along the pathway of the soul.  The light enters you thru the top of your head and fills you with light.  The light heals you… protects you… surrounds you… as you feel life energy flowing thru your being; you feel a quickening in you which is life. You realize that you now exist in separation from the Mist and other beings and that you are in incarnate form.  This realization comes over you and you want to understand it.  You allow yourself to look down towards your feet and you notice what you are wearing on your feet.  Plant your feet and your consciousness firmly on the ground and notice what you are wearing on your feet.  Don’t allow yourself to analyze the experience, but just glance down and mentally record what you are wearing on your feet, and what you sense or feel about this moment.  You may wish to say this aloud. What are you wearing on your feet?


    And now you can continue looking up your body, at what you may have on the bottom half of your body.  Feel the texture… determine whether it is fabric or metal or animal skin… see the colors of your garment.  Continue looking up the body now, and look at what you have on the top half of your body.  Now allow yourself to glimpse the entire body and I will be quiet for a moment. What are you wearing?  What is covering all or part of your body?  What sort of body do you have?


    Notice any jewelry you may be wearing, and allow yourself to observe whether you are wearing anything on your head and whether you have any jewelry on your hands.  Focus on allowing yourself to take in as much information as possible.  Allow yourself to see clearly as you peacefully and gently explore the scene around you.  Process this information and if possible, take a mental picture of it.  Look at your entire body, and I will be quiet for a moment. Are you wearing jewelry?  Are you wearing adornments of any sort?


    Now, with your mind’s eye, look around slowly to see where you are situated and make a note of it.  Are there trees, mountains, sand, the ocean, a lake, a stream, or buildings?  Look around and record what you see.  And again I will be quiet while you make a full turn around yourself, looking in all directions, and making a note of the important things you see.  Mentally record as much of this information as you can so that you can examine it later.  What do you see?  Is it a familiar scene or is it some place entirely new to you?


    And now, you may look for other people.  Who is around you… how are they dressed… are you in a group of men, or women, or are you alone?  If you are alone, you may look to another time when there are people around you.  Make a note of these people, and record the information mentally so you may access it at a later time. If there are people, do they look familiar?  Is there someone special nearby… someone with whom you have a special relationship or a special fondness? Look around you… perhaps there is a child or an adult who is dear to you.  Are you part of a community or are you one of only a few other people present?  Mentally record these feelings and impressions.  If you listen closely, you may even hear names being mentioned. Who is there with you?


    And now you may look for a vehicle of transportation… something you may have ridden on or in.  Are there carriages, or wagons, or beasts of burden?  Is there someone there who is currently using a means of transportation? Make a note of the means of transportation. Do you see any forms of conveyance?  Is this a place of commerce, activity and many forms of conveyance or it is a quiet, less active place?  Answer these questions either out loud or in your mind so that you can review this information later.


    And at this time, you may feel hungry.  What is it that you eat when you are hungry?  Can you smell the food cooking?  Are you able to taste it? Are there smells of food or cooking?  Is there a store or place to buy food items near you?  If so, what does it look like?  Record your impressions.  What do you see and smell?


    And now, if your listen quietly, you may hear friends call out your name to you.  What is it? What are you doing… what is your work or your job.  Do you seem to have an occupation or something that occupies your time?  If you don’t work, are you a student?  If so, what are you learning?


    And as you look around yourself for clues, do you get an impression of where you are?  What land is this?  What is this land called… what is the name of this place? Are you in a forest, a desert, a mountain top or valley?  Or are you in a city with public transportation, lots of people and lots of activity?  Perhaps you can sense what century or what year this is.  Do you know what year this is?  Ask someone who is close to you or look for a newspaper or printed calendar?


    And now you may move to a major event in your life, a time that has important meaning for you, and focus on what is happening.  This may be a big event or a small event; it doesn’t matter as long as it has significance for you.  Can you recollect or return to the moment of a major event in your life?


    And what is happening next?  What moments follow the event of importance to you?


    And what is happening now… what are you doing?


    And now in a detached way, as a bystander, look at the time of your death in this incarnation.  Death is simply the next stage of life.  What events have led up to your death?  How did you die?  Allow yourself to witness these events without feeling them in a painful way.  What do you experience after your death?  Look at the death experience and ask to assimilate its messages.


    What is the reason or purpose for this life? What are the lessons for your Soul? Was it a happy life? What made you the happiest in this life? Was anything left uncompleted in this life?  If so, you may return to complete it.  Take your time; I will wait for you.


    And now that you have received all this information, bring it all together into a vivid symbol or a series of symbols, and wrap it up in something familiar to you, so that you can bring all this information back with you.  Encode this information in your mind in a way that will make it easy to access.  Allow yourself to encapsulate this experience and trust that you will be able to access the information that has value for your present life and that you will release the information that has no value for your present life.

    Most important of all, mentally look into your own eyes and the eyes of those around you, and those you have loved, and that special person.  Look into the eyes of everyone you saw and send love from your eyes to their eyes.  And as you bless them, forgive them, and send them your love, they begin to fade.  And as they begin to fade, let them go.  Release them, bless them, forgive them, and let them go as they bless and forgive you.  Let the veil drop slowly.  Allow the curtain to slowly close, and allow a full healing of this life and of this time.


    And as you slowly begin coming back, traveling thru time and space, you can bring back with you all that was positive, interesting, and significant to you. Simply release and close the door on information or impressions that are not necessary for your soul growth at this time.  Bring back only that which has value for you. You will retain in you conscious mind only what is helpful and beneficial to you at this time.

    Now you are coming back to and thru the light, once again traveling on the avenue of the soul, where all things are known to you thru that warm and safe place where nothing can harm your returning thru the levels of the mind to the clear recall of your own mind, and bringing back the information that you have recorded. Slowly now, slowly now, coming back to the present life to ______________ (date) in ___________________ (city, state).  Plant your feet firmly in the present… step fully and happily into your present life.

    And in a little while, when you are fully awake, you will feel just wonderful.  You will feel better than before.  You will be wide awake, clear-headed, and happy and you will feel relaxed, refreshed, happy to be alive and happy to be you.  Your subconscious mind always protects you and knows what is best for you.

    [Slowly count back up.  Take your time.]

    I will count from 1 to 10. At the count of 10, you can open your eyes, be wide awake, feeling great, feeling fine, happy to be alive and happy to be awake. I will count now. 

#1 – coming back very slowly now; 

#2 – coming back very slowly now; 

#3 – coming up now; 

#4 – feel your energy returning to you; 

#5 – feeling totally normal and perfectly fine; 

#6 – feeling re-energized; 

#7 – coming up to your full potential; 

#8 – fully awake and fully aware of your surroundings; 

#9 – feeling revitalized; 

#10 – wide-awake-open your eyes now-wide-awake.

    [After you are out of your session, take notes about this past life regression.  Number and date the session notes in case you decide to do other past life regressions.]

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