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Free Hypnosis Script to Stop Drinking Alcohol [PDF]

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Free Hypnosis Script to Stop Drinking Alcohol [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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This session is designed to help you to stop drinking and start living. People ask me all the time if hypnosis can really help a person stop drinking alcohol. Hypnosis is used to break the craving for nicotine, a substance people often compare to heroin in its addictive characteristics. The research shows that hypnosis can help people to create new life patterns with success and ease. You can stop drinking and this session will help you to do it by changing your subconscious associations with alcohol and helping you love life so much that you won’t want to miss any of it by being buzzed, drunk, or high.

This hypnosis session is a tool. Its principles are highly effective and many have found that by following the instructions given, old patterns simply disappear. Although highly effective, hypnosis is not a substitute for medical treatment or professional detoxification. It is not designed to address complex psychiatric issues. If you are currently under the care of a physician, discuss your intention to use hypnosis as part of your treatment plan. If you are not under the care of a physician and have experienced physical or mental difficulty in abstaining, you are advised to seek medical treatment for detoxification.

There are those who will incorporate the principles of this session into a pathway of 12-Step fellowships. Others prefer to use these principles and suggestions apart from any organized recovery group. The choice is yours, but you are encouraged to integrate hypnosis into any other modality of alcohol abuse treatment you like.

Hypnosis may be associated with sleep, but during this time you will not be sleeping. You will simply be relaxed. At times you may be very alert, listening to each and every word. At other times, you may be in deep trance and only experience the process. Again, either way is okay. This is your chance to make a lasting change and it is your starting point for success.

How does hypnosis work? It works two ways. First, it changes your physical perceptions. For many drinkers, the craving for alcohol seems to come from within. Hypnosis is a powerful tool for bringing a sense of calm and serenity, even in the midst of internal cravings for alcohol. Second, it breaks the psychological obsession. Until now, you have associated drinking with many of life’s daily experiences and have probably done so for most of your life. Hypnosis is a teaching process and by re-learning your responses to old associations, you will experience success like many others who have put these principles into practice. I have seen the results of hypnosis in my own experiences and in the lives of countless clients. So, I want to begin by congratulating you. You have already made a decision to do something different, just by being here for this session. It is a step that many will think about and few will take. Congratulations and let’s get started with the next phase of this new and exciting chapter of life.


To begin, understand that you do not have to try to be hypnotized. Hypnosis is a natural process and each and every day we cycle between being alert and awake, to experiencing deep levels of relaxation and rest. As you experience the process of hypnosis, your mind may wander and think. Do not be alarmed by this as it is normal and what minds do. If at anytime you feel you have drifted and are no longer paying attention, you can bring your attention back to my words or simply continue to enjoy the experience created by your unconscious mind. Either way is fine.

Begin by getting comfortable and scanning your body for any obvious tension. Relax those muscles. Stretch you neck by rotating it in small circles and notice your breathing. Let each breath become deeper and slower. As you progress, you may notice your heart beating, perhaps slowly or perhaps fast. Either way is fine right now. Just take notice of the heartbeat and feel it. The heartbeat is the life force within us, bringing all that we need to each and every cell of the body. Hypnosis is one way to begin restoring your physical health, which will aid you in feeling strong and confident in this change.

Close your eyes for a moment and focus on your breath, smooth and rhythmic, in and out, deeply relaxed. Now open your eyes. Feels good, doesn’t it? You are doing well, setting aside some time for yourself and learning new ways to manage life. Hypnosis is not complicated. It is really just about setting aside time to create new experiences and learn new things. Close your eyes again. With your eyes closed, mentally scan your body and relax any muscles that remain tense. Let go and feel the sensation of warmth and relaxation throughout the body. Imagine a white light above you, radiating peaceful, calming warmth. Notice how your eyelids feel so heavy and relaxed.

Of course, you know you could open your eyes if you wanted to, but it feels so good to let them relax that you will find it easy to keep them closed for the next few moments. As you breathe, focus on the image of a radiant white light, comfortably warming you. Notice the sensation of relaxation it brings and the feeling of heaviness in your relaxed muscles.

Open your eyes again and remain still, relaxed, and aware. It is okay for your mind to think and even to question this process. Right now, we are simply focusing on physical relaxation. In a moment, we will focus on mental relaxation. You are doing perfect.

Close your eyes again. As you continue to breathe, double the sensation of relaxation in your body. Let your chin fall towards your chest, relaxing the muscles of the shoulders and arms. Envision the radiant warmth of white light that comforts you and allows you to go into an even deeper state of relaxation. Notice your hands, warm and heavy, as they rest in your lap or at your side. Say to yourself, “My hands are warm and heavy” and relax deeper with each breath. You are not asleep, only deeply relaxed. Relax the tiny muscles of the face, brow, shoulders, and arms. Even relax the little muscles of the fingers.

As you relax, it becomes harder and harder to feel distracted. You begin to only feel a sense of calm, in both body and mind. This sense of calm and relaxation extends into the muscles of the back, buttocks, and into the muscles of the calves and feet. You can feel a sense of heaviness and warmth, even in the little muscles of the feet. Now, imagine the white light radiating though the top of your head, through all of your muscles, the neck, the arms, and your entire body. It brings with it a peaceful wave of deep and penetrating relaxation and a sense of calm. This is a calm that is so easy to feel that it becomes easy to feel nothing but this sense of calm in both mind and body.

This state of serenity is one that you have created and is the first lesson in the process of hypnosis. The lesson is that you have control over your physical and mental feelings. You are able to create warmth, heaviness, or calmness at will. You are easily able to push aside old feelings of craving, agitation, or discontentment as easily as you can create these sensations and experiences here.

As you continue to relax your body and let go of any remaining tension, relax the mind. Let it open to developing a new relationship with your thoughts, realizing that as easily as one can control the body, one can control the mind. Become aware of your inner ability to create, conceive, and give birth to new ideas and new awareness.

I am going to count backwards from ten to one. With each number, let yourself drift into a deep sense of awareness and serenity, realizing that this is the moment of inception of new ideas and new ways of living. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one…

Suggestive Script

Although you can hear my words, you can allow one part of your mind to focus on these suggestions and allow the other part of your mind to simply experience the change that has occurred deep within you. This change has already occurred deep within you because you have brought yourself to action and taken steps to begin shedding old ideas about alcohol, replacing them with new ideas. This is the point that marks change and allows you to put aside old patterns and step into a new you; one that is empowered to be a success in every aspect of life and one that is emboldened by sobriety. You now prefer the clarity of mind to the haze of former patterns.

As some realize that they have begun to step into a new manner of living, strong emotions can arise. It is okay for you to take a moment to experience a variety of feelings. Some of these feelings may be comfortable and familiar and some may be new and intense. These are your emotions and you are entitled to have them. In fact, this is the beginning of self-forgiveness. Realize that as the old passes away, shame remains behind and you can step into a brighter and bolder future by letting go of all that held you back. Use this experience as a time to release anything, both known and unknown, that has held you back in the past. (Pause a moment to give the client a chance to have this experience.)

Take some time to experience all of the positive feelings that come with success and change. Allow that warm, comfortable feeling to create a sensation of security, calm, and peace. Anytime over the next day, week, or even in the coming years when you need to bring yourself back to this state, you may do so with or without hypnosis. Even in times of crisis, you can center yourself and refocus your energy back to your commitment to success. In hypnosis, we call this anchoring. You can create a signal to yourself, right and here now, that will allow you to anchor yourself to this state. This will give you the ability to experience it again whenever you need to.

Listen to my instructions, becoming even more attentive to my words if necessary. With your right hand, touch your thumb and your index finger together. While the rest of your muscles relax, pinch those fingers together while you experience all of your feelings of success. Now, press those fingers together and relax.

The simple action of pressing your fingers together, at any time, can be used to bring instant calm, overcome any craving, and make healthy choices before engaging in any old patterns. Do it again. Press those fingers together and feel all of the positive intentions of this action and this moment. Now, relax.

Go twice as deep and let go completely. Drift, dream, and let your thoughts and body relax further. Five, four, three, two, one. Each one of us has a higher self. This is the intuitive and resourceful part of our being that some might call the soul. This higher self has your best interest in mind.

Bring yourself into this higher self, attaching positive action to a new behavior. Specifically, focus on the behavior of having a drink that is healthy, such as water, juice, or milk. You see, you are not actually quitting anything. It is simple. From this point forward, your higher self will guide you to healthy choices. Each day, you will begin to flush the body of toxins, feeling better and better, by increasing your water intake. You drink eight to twelve glasses of water daily and prefer a healthy drink, as opposed to the poor choices of the past.

We know this higher self exists because it is what brought you to this point of change. You could have chosen to avoid addressing this issue, but you have decided to listen and internalize these ideas. It is that same higher self that will follow through each of the actions easily and effectively, beginning now. It is not later that these choices become easy, but now, because your higher self has already guided you into this process of change.

Because the mind is creative, you realize that in any situation where you find temptation or difficulty, you can access this creative higher self to help you to make choices that are healthy. It helps you to remove yourself from old situations that use to be associated with drinking. Instead, you replace these old experiences with new actions. It could be something as simple as taking a daily walk or something more complex like involving yourself in organizations and activities that direct your path to new goals and provide support.

Access this creative part of your mind and recall a time in life long before you ever had your first drink. Perhaps this was a time as a young teen or even as a child. Maybe you were a child of twelve before your first drink. Or maybe you had your first drink at a very young age. You may even need to go back further than this, even to the day of your birth. That is okay because there was a time when the only affinity you had was for water or milk.

As strange as it may seem, go forward in time to imagine life as if you never had a drink. It may be odd to remember life differently than it was. However, it is amazing how the mind can create the images of high school, vocational training, and even young adulthood, doing the things that you did and being in the places you were, but seeing yourself as if you never drank.

Now see yourself today, as one who never made the choice to drink. Take a moment to experience the feelings of health and strength that brings. Project yourself out as you know you will be three days from now, three months from now, three years from now, and three decades from now. You see yourself in the future as if you have never even had a drink in the first place, forgetting that alcohol has been a part of your life and seeing yourself as one who makes healthy choices.

It is amazing how the mind works. Everything that exists today first existed as a thought. A chair, a computer, and a phone all had to be conceived as a thought before they became a reality. Now that your mind has created the image of yourself as one who has simply never taken an alcoholic drink in the first place, you can easily act as if this choice is no longer before you. Automatically and without conscious effort, you choose water, juice, tea, or milk, in every situation in life.

Because you respond to life now as one who has simply never chosen to drink alcohol, when others make this choice it will not be a cue for you to drink what they are drinking. Rather, it is something you will respond to with ambivalence, making your own choices and realizing that others may make a different choice. When asked for a drink order or when handed a drink, your automatic response will be to say that you would like a drink of water, juice, tea, or milk.

Posthypnotic Suggestions

Each and every day, in every way, you will find yourself as you are now. You are healthy, determined, strong, confident, and happy about your choices. Every time you hear a phone ring, it will be a simple reminder to your subconscious mind of the decision you have acted upon. It will be a cue to remain healthy, in control, and able to be guided by your higher self. It may seem strange that such a simple cue in the environment, like a phone ringing, can have such a dramatic effect. However, this sound is just like the action you have already taken, a part of this new chapter of life. It is one that you have embraced, going forward from here.

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