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Free Hypnosis Script for Overcoming Lost Love and Heartbreak [PDF]

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Free Hypnosis Script for Overcoming Lost Love and Heartbreak [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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Many people ask me how hypnosis can be helpful for overcoming a lost love or a broken heart. Hypnosis can be a useful tool because it is a quiet state of reflection that can help us to treasure the experiences we have had in the past and allow us to have a period of focused concentration to make healthy decisions about the future. A time of lost love can be a time of physical fatigue and emotional unease. It is also a process time of stillness of the mind and body, as both are mentally and physically healing.


Hypnosis is not a magical state. It is a natural state of mind that everyone enters into, roughly seven times a day. In life, you are either awake, asleep, or somewhere in between. In a theta level of brain functioning, one is relaxed and open to new lessons and to using the creative part of the mind to move forward. You may hear every word that I say, or you may drift, dream, and float. Either way is okay. Hypnosis is a learning process where the subconscious mind experiences the lessons that are important and it doesn’t matter if you pay close attention to each word, or let the conscious mind relax and experience its own direction. Inside of yourself, you intuitively have the answers that will be the most helpful. Hypnosis is a process that simply draws upon these truths.



Suggestive Script

Up to this point, your conscious mind has focused on your past experience of loss and your feelings of a heavy heart. However, your subconscious mind has also stored the many experiences that you have enjoyed or learned from. This is a wonderful truth. The past is gone and cannot be changed. You are now entering a positive and powerful new chapter of life.

You are now able to move forward in your life, drawing strength and happiness from the wonderful, positive memories that you have experienced. You are able to move away from your conscious mind’s thoughts of despair and experience wonderful feelings of new hope. One might ask how this is possible. In this state of relaxation, your mind is open to new ideas and creativity and you can enjoy the feelings of healing and serenity that come from experiencing hypnosis.

In this state of relaxation, you are not merely sitting in a chair. You have already taken positive action to move forward by doing something different. It is perfectly normal to feel intense feelings following a break-up, separation, or tragic loss. These are not bad feelings or wrong emotions. What is of primary importance is learning how to turn down the voices of depression or despair and turn up the positive volume of hope that exists inside you.

Imagine that there are two different radio knobs in your mind. One knob controls negative emotions and the other knob controls positive feelings. Since you have the ability to imagine this in your mind, you also have the ability to adjust the volume of depression by turning it down, while turning up the volume of hope and progress. In fact as you relax, imagine that you are turning down the volume of despair. Turn it down so low that it’s barely even a whisper.

Notice that as the negative volume decreases, you experience the positive sensation of drifting into a deeper relaxing trance. Wonderful. Notice your awareness of the natural ability you have to turn up the volume of hope and acceptance in your mind and in your life. Acceptance does not imply that we like something. It simply means that we accept that things are the way they are, at this moment. Acceptance means being able to see the present as it is and to simply move forward from this point. You are doing very well.

It is amazing how we have a natural resiliency that allows us to accept today as it is and move forward. We don’t have to give up our past experiences, but simply move forward into a new chapter of life. Imagine that as you turn up the volume of hope and acceptance, you are also automatically turning a page in your progress as a healthy, happy person. And although you do not have a crystal ball or the ability to see what life will bring, you do have the capacity to see what is good inside of you now and in these next chapters of life.

Your subconscious mind knows your strengths and the goodness that you carry towards other people. So, you can project yourself out into the future, later today, tomorrow, one month from now, six months from now, one year from now, and even five years in the future. You are healing your heart with new experiences and engaging in life in a way that draws on your strengths. You are drawing on your ability to build affectionate relationships with friends and others who will become important to you.

You are doing wonderful. It is amazing how, in just a few short minutes, you have already learned to still the mind and body and move towards acceptance. Even if you are not certain of exactly what this new chapter of life holds, you are certain that it will be an exciting, interesting adventure.

As you reflect on what you have accomplished in just the past few moments, let your mind drift, dream, and float. Continue to experience deep relaxation in both mind and body. I am now going to speak to both your conscious and subconscious mind and provide you with positive affirmations that are important to you. These words are not important because I have suggested they are, but rather because you know the intrinsic, natural truth in the words of these affirmations.

At this very moment, you can begin to feel a sense of hope that grows into a positive feeling of wellness and wholeness in your heart. Some may notice a tear in their eye, while some may take a moment to weep before moving forward. Others may simply reflect quietly with a smile. Excellent.

There is no right or wrong way to experience what is important to you here. It is only important that you allow yourself to continue this process of healing by internalizing these affirmations and suggestions and moving forward. Deep inside, you know that you have worth and value. From this point forward, you will strongly be able to display your value and worth by feeling your best, emotionally and physically. In fact, you may even feel a twinge of energy at this point. That is your internal worth and value, moving to the surface. It is just waiting to be shared with others in new experiences. Perfect.

You have a new desire to move forward in life without forgetting the past, but instead seeing how your experiences can benefit others. You will seek out people to build shared experiences with, whether friendships or romances, and you will embrace your ability to share with others in the future. You recognize that life is inherently risky and that is okay because risk does not need to bring fear. Rather, it can bring a sense of adventure. When you are ready today, tomorrow, or at some point in the future, you will prepare yourself to take risks by being open and sharing with others the things that are an important part of you.

You recognize the internal strengths that you possess in your character and personality. Perhaps you are loyal, kind, courteous, generous, helpful, resourceful, or passionate. Maybe you are thoughtful, genuine, caring, encouraging, motivating, uplifting, cheerful, or organized. You may be thrifty, creative, sensitive, courageous, or punctual. You may even have other internal character strengths that I did not mention. Everyone has positive strengths and you will remind yourself of these strengths that you possess each day, when you wake up.

In fact, you will take action on this by finding and using a dry erase marker to write a message to yourself on your bathroom mirror. Write down three positive, healthy strengths you possess on the mirror and you will have a reminder, each day, of all of the things that are right with you. Define yourself with your strengths rather than by deficits that others may have pointed out or that you may have felt in the past.

As you let your mind and body continue to relax, you can congratulate yourself for taking a profound step toward healing by entering the next important chapter of your life. You can do this by forgiving yourself or forgiving others for mistakes of the past. Now, turn the page towards the future by practicing the principles of this hypnosis session. You are doing perfect. Take a moment to allow your inner-most thoughts to cement the decision to move forward and enjoy the stillness of the mind. You know that from this point forward, hope, cheer, and happiness will be the norm. Continue to turn the knob of depression and despair down to the lowest volume and increase the natural volume of happiness, acceptance, and hope with the other positive knob in your mind.


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