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Free Hypnosis Script for Procrastination [PDF]

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Free Hypnosis Script for Procrastination [PDF]
Free Hypnosis Script for Procrastination [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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Induction: Progressive Muscle Relaxation with Mindfulness

You find yourself standing at the top of a flight of stairs. As you look behind yourself, you notice there is a mirror. In the mirror, you can see the part of yourself that procrastinates. You can leave that part behind for a while, so it can watch as you learn. You also notice that the top step has a white line on it, just like the starting line of a race. As you cross that starting line, you begin to leave your unwanted behaviors behind. Each and every time you place your hand on the rail and descend further, you can feel less and less tied to the part of you that procrastinates. As you arrive at the bottom of the stairs, more and more deeply relaxed, you find it easier to choose to put off procrastination to a later time and date.

Life is often like a race that people choose to run. We can decide to practice because sooner or later, the enjoyable feeling of picking up momentum and speed arrives. At first, you might start out slowly. However, the more you practice, the faster and easier it becomes to complete all of the necessary steps along the way. As you practice for the race, you choose to gain speed at just the time that is right for you. Perhaps you make a mental note of this right time. You gain competence and speed, until you arrive at the big day of the race, ready to go.

At just the time that is right for you, perhaps you can make a mental note of the goals you achieve, the projects you complete, the appointments you easily keep, and the time lines you choose to surpass with success, comfort, and ease. You continue to choose to put off that procrastination to a later time and date. Note the feelings you have, the pictures in your mind, or the words you say to yourself. Hear yourself as you write this note in your mind. Hear yourself now, moving towards the process of doing and achieving your goals, your projects, and your appointments. Hear the delayed procrastination.

Each and every time you look into a mirror, more and more, each and every day, you note that you can imagine seeing these things ahead. You can see the part of you that schedules yourself with plenty of advanced notice and feel your completely successful end point as you arrive on time. You can see yourself allowing to put off putting off, even sooner.


As you run down the clock…Ten…Nine, deeper into the time and space of your mind…Eight…Seven, closer and closer to your destination of even deeper relaxation…Six…Five…Four…Three, more and more deeply relaxed, calm, and confident…Two…One, as you approach the beginning of the end…Zero…

That’s right. Let yourself become more deeply relaxed than ever before. As you see, hear, and feel the joy of completion, double the exhilaration of reaching the end. You choose to jump on the finish line of the race, as you reach your ultimate goal. That’s right. You are completely and deeply relaxed more than ever before as you see, hear, and feel the joy of doing and moving towards completion. Double the exhilaration of doing and double the exhilaration of reaching the end.

As you choose to jump on the finish line of the race, just in time or earlier, you win. You will note the big smile on your face from the satisfaction you feel. You can hear yourself shout, “I did it!” You can hear the congratulations you give yourself for a race well run. I wonder if you can tell the difference now, or next time? You admire your own strengths as you reach the finish line on time or before, from all of your practice, doing, and competency that you chose to create from your inner resources. These are resources that you already knew you had inside, waiting to speed you along to run your chosen race, but not finishing too soon. You choose to complete, so much more easily. All the while, you feel so much more at ease and comfortable as you choose to arrive, with time to spare. Because, maybe you can forget to remember or remember to forget how to be late or put things off to the last moment.

You know, more and more, each and every time you begin preparing yourself, you can tap into this feeling of complete accomplishment. You tap into your inner success with each and every breath you take. You notice the increasing ease and confidence with each finger you tap, as you move along well. You breathe and feel you can tap into your readiness to begin a new race in life, each time.

With each pen or pencil that you tap or touch, you can easily choose to see the finish line, even more approachable with each breath. Arriving in this time makes this more and more real to you, as you hear your approach. It is as if your feet are hitting the ground, picking up more and more speed. The quicker you go, the more and more easily this becomes your choice. This feeling of winning your personal race is liberating. Perhaps you even notice that you are able to choose quickly, easily, and successfully, to flick off putting off, just like flicking off beads of sweat as you run your race.

You can complete so much more, making excellent time and moving forward to continue on to the finish line. You choose to continue putting off putting off, until you jump on the finish line. You are once again on time and you tap it with your hand. You realize that your other hand has already crossed and met your goal earlier. You suddenly note that it is as easy as changing from your slippers, to your dress shoes, to your work shoes, to your running shoes, and to your tap shoes. Because, you know this is an important choice between you and your own inner self, isn’t it?

As you complete the doing and the finishing of the race, you are ready to reunite with the procrastination part of yourself that you left behind in the mirror. You now know that the other part of you can relax and allow you to work when you want to work. In fact, that part of you can procrastinate procrastinating and allow the running, the tapping, the doing, and the completion to happen. Procrastination can procrastinate later, when it forgets to remember or remembers to forget.

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