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Free Hypnosis Script for Managing Anxiety and Stress [PDF]

Original price was: $5.94.Current price is: $2.97.

Free Hypnosis Script for Managing Anxiety and Stress [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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I am glad you have decided to take this step and learn a new skill that will alleviate anxiety, stress, and panic. Hypnosis is the opposite of anxiety. By practicing these methods of relaxation, you can easily achieve your goal of becoming more calm, comfortable, and relaxed.

It is not something you need to try to do. Just follow my directions and you will find that at the conclusion of this session, you will have experienced something wonderful.


Progressive Muscle Relaxation is recommended.

All hypnosis is really self-hypnosis, so I am simply going to give you some instructions that can help bring you to a point of both physical and mental relaxation. What I’d like you to do is simply make yourself as comfortable as you possibly can. It’s okay to adjust yourself for comfort at any time. This is really your time to experience what it is that you’d like to experience, while we demonstrate some techniques of hypnosis.

I’m going to give you some suggestions in regards to relaxation that I believe can help you to experience total serenity and total peace. This is called a Progressive Muscle Relaxation Experience. It is fairly simple. I’m going to ask you to start by simply making yourself comfortable and closing your eyes. If you notice any spots in your body where you are carrying the tension of the day, make the decision to let go of that tension. You want to allow all the muscles in your body to become more relaxed. Notice that your breathing has become a bit slower already. That is good. Take a deep breath. Breathe in and exhale. Deep, slow breaths help bring us to a point of hypnosis and trance easily. Very good.

As you relax, imagine the muscles in the top of your head, the muscles in your brow, the muscles along your eyes and cheeks, and the muscles in your lips, are simply letting go of any tension. As you allow your body to experience a state of relaxation physically, it’s okay to let the mind wander and think of anything that brings you pleasant thoughts. Continue relaxing the muscles in your body along your shoulders, in the arms, and in your upper back. Allow the tension to simply begin to disappear. In fact, it’s as if you can feel tension or stress from the muscles in your upper back, in your shoulders, and in your arms begin to move to your forearm, through the hands, and out the fingertips.

You can picture all of the stress of the day leaving your body, as you relax. Pay attention to the muscles in your chest, stomach, and in your lower back. If any of these muscles are tense, simply let go of that tension. Your muscles become limp and loose, like a big pile of rubber bands. You experience serenity and peace. This brings you into an even deeper state of relaxation.

Relaxing the mind is also an easy thing to do. As your body becomes relaxed, your mind also becomes more relaxed. Our legs do a lot of work for us. Sometimes, the tension of the day can be stored in the muscles along the hip, buttocks, or in your upper leg. If you notice any tension in these places, let that tension simply flow from the top of your leg, though your calves, through the muscles of the feet and ankles, and out of your toes.

At this point, you appear to be very relaxed. In this state of relaxation, we can experience tranquility and peace. If you need to swallow, that’s okay. If you adjust for comfort, that’s okay as well. From your head to your toes, you have allowed yourself to become completely and totally relaxed. Your mind also has the capacity to relax. These are skills that you will be able to apply to problem solving in a number of different areas in life.

This feeling of relaxation is exactly what hypnosis is. Perhaps you feel like you could open your eyes if you wanted to, but relaxation feels so good that you simply continue to choose to keep them closed. Enjoy this experience for a moment.


As you allow your entire body to become limp, loose, and feel relaxed, this time will become meaningful to you. It becomes meaningful because you have acquired a new skill of taking physical control over your own body and emotions.


In this state of mental and physical relaxation which you have created, you can choose to allow yourself to simply drift, float, and dream, not paying specific attention to the words I choose. Or, you can carefully hear each word. Either way is fine and either way will produce a sensation that is the opposite of anxiety. As you relax, pay attention to your left thumb and index finger. Be aware of these two fingers resting, with your hand at your side. As you relax, it is perfectly okay to both relax and pay attention as I ask you to touch the tips of those two fingers together. Do it now. Press the tip of the thumb to the tip of the index finger on the left hand and for a second, press those fingers tightly together. Perfect.

Now, let your hand and fingers relax as you continue to let every muscle in your body become loose and limp. Take a moment to enjoy this state of calm serenity you have created. Touch those fingers together again, at this precise moment of relaxation. Relax, going into a deeper state of mental and physical calm. Perfect.

What we have accomplished here is the first lesson that can help guide you by creating an anchor to that state of calm. In the future, when you want to return instantly to this state of calm, simply touch your fingers together for a moment and you will return to this state of physical and mental relaxation.

This is a skill you can take into every situation in life. You can even use it at this moment to go deeper into a state of hypnosis. Try it. Touch those two fingers together for a moment. As you relax them, you will notice that your experience of relaxation doubles. You will notice changes in the way you feel as you begin to experience a sense of hope. Your body becomes even more relaxed. The next lesson bridges that hope you feel with an exercise in visualization.

Until now, you have visualized yourself reacting to situations with a learned pattern of fear or anxiety. That cycle can be broken by learning how to view yourself as confident, safe, and secure in any situation that used to bring discomfort. As you relax, see yourself from the outside. Imagine you are floating out of yourself and looking down at yourself. It may seem strange to create such a visualization or experience, but it can be a powerful tool for change.

In doing this, you can see yourself from a new vantage point. See yourself as you are now… relaxed, serene, contemplative, and focused. It feels good, doesn’t it? By floating outside of yourself to see yourself, you know that the feeling you have created is real. You know this because you can see yourself as calm, serene, and confident. Allow yourself to float back into yourself and continue to feel the sensations of serenity you have created.

You have the ability to approach every situation in life from this state of calm, even in those situations that previously baffled or confused you. Moving outside of yourself is a wonderful way to see any situation from a new perspective. By seeing yourself as you are now, you can easily take this inner confidence, sense of safety, and sense of security into any new situation. As you relax, let yourself continue to enjoy this learning experience, using the power of your mind to create new experiences. Perfect. Allow yourself to go ten times deeper, letting the mind continue to drift, dream, and float.

I am going to give you some suggestions that will speak to your subconscious mind. These are not suggestions that I think you must hear. Rather, they are suggestions you have asked me to make based on your desire to decrease stress, anxiety, and panic. In fact, as you hear the suggestions I make, you can imagine that they are coming from within you.

They are suggestions that you know are true because you are engaged in this process, letting yourself glide into a deeper state of tranquility.

In any situation in life, you know that you have the ability to use the creative part of the mind to create your own responses. As easily as you can create a distressing state, you can create a state of calm and relaxation. You know this because in the time that we have spent together, you have relaxed both the mind and body. At anytime that you need to create a state of physical and mental calm, you will simply touch your left index finger and thumb together, instantly returning to this state of serenity. Perfect.

Situations in the past in which you have experienced distress are now easily handled by your ability to create a growing comfort in your mind and body. You find that instead of reacting, you are controlling each and every situation, entering a new chapter of life that is filled with hope and feelings of safety and security. Using these skills of self-hypnosis, you can easily adjust your comfort level in any situation by turning up the volume of comfort and calm and turning down the voice of fear or anxiety. You recognize that inside of you is a creative, empowering feeling of success. You know that in each situation that life brings, it will be easy for you to respond with a sense of serenity and centeredness, recalling this experience and your ability to use the creative part of the mind to control your emotions.


We offer a wide range of free hypnosis scripts. Each script has its own unique style, so there’s bound to be something that resonates with you. Our scripts are carefully crafted by professional hypnotherapists. They incorporate proven techniques and language patterns designed to facilitate deep subconscious change.

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